60 Plus Announces Sponsorship Program with “FREDD”

Alexandria VA – Senior advocacy group, the 60 Plus Association, announces sponsorship support by FREDD “First Responder Emergency Data Download,” the life-saving medical, contact, and personal information program that is accessible by any first responder or family member on any smart-phone, computer, or smart device.

American songwriting and entertainment icon Pat Boone applauds the contribution and efforts of FREDD to support 60 Plus in its continuing senior advocacy. 60 Plus Founder and Chairman Jim Martin added, “We are pleased that these entrepreneurs reached out to 60 Plus. Literally this is a product that can be a life-saver, not only for seniors, but for all generations.”

“We are very excited to partner with 60 Plus in its tireless effort to keep seniors and veterans healthy and safe,” says FREDD co-developer, Larry Lemelson. FREDD’s goal is to further support the 60 Plus mission by giving seniors, veterans and all citizens access to this life-saving technology.