60 Plus Puts YouTube on Notice

Anuzis Warns Tech Giant is Spreading False Information

Washington, DC (May 27, 2021) – Today, on behalf of senior citizens, 60 Plus Association President Saul Anuzis sent a letter to Google/YouTube highlighting what are being called “deceptive ads” involving seniors in the Democratic Mayoral race.

A political action committee named NY4KIDS Inc. is currently hosting deceptive political content on YouTube in violation of YouTube’s terms of service.  Rather than branding their content using their actual name, the political action committee is distributing faux news reports under the name “NY21 News.”  The use of “NY21 News” is obviously intended to deceive viewers familiar with PBS affiliate WLIW21, which appears on channel 21 in New York City

60 Plus President Saul Anuzis said, “This deceptive advertising from ‘NY21 News’ is especially concerning to the 60 Plus Association given that PBS viewers typically reflect an older demographic.”

Consistent with YouTube’s own policies, we request that YouTube immediately remove the “NY21 News” content that appears at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm4FbQpkQz0zW81dPGf1OAg.  The “NY21 News” channel is not a legitimate news site and it has no connection to the PBS affiliate it impersonates.  The sponsors are engaged in a shameful effort to deceive older viewers familiar with WLIW21.

Over the past year, YouTube has engaged in well-publicized efforts to remove “fake news” from its platform.  “NY21 News” is an egregious example of “fake news” that is intended to confuse and deceive, and we urge its immediate removal.

You can read the letter submitted to Google/YouTube here