ANTIFA Hijacks Legitimate Demonstration

ANTIFA is Dangerous: The goal of ANTIFA is nothing less than fomenting revolution, civil war and silencing anyone who disagrees with their agenda. Leftist Democrats have orchestrated the hijacking of their party. Don’t underestimate the damage they can (and will) do to our country.

Mainstream Democrats who just “go along” for the sake of “building” their coalition will only embolden these radicals that are destroying our urban centers, pushing to defund the police and destroying our culture as we know it.

ANTIFA and their allies hijacked the legitimate concerns of most in America and turned peaceful, legitimate demonstrations into illegal, destructive riots that threaten civil society.

This is NOT your father’s Democratic party….voters beware!

Obamagate: The weaponization of both domestic and foreign intelligence against a presidential campaign from a sitting administration solely for political purposes to prevent the smooth transition of power and weaken his presidency to limit his legislative successes.

That’s what Obamagate is all about…they spied, they lied and tried to cover it up.

This should NEVER happen to ANY American…there should be bipartisan outrage!!!

Coronavirus: The new normal for the liberal mainstream media and Democratic leaders in riot torn cities…what Coronavirus?

Use common sense, keep your distance, touch less, clean everything and say a little prayer, it can’t hurt!

-Saul Anuzis

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60 Plus Weekly TV Newsreel Report

Links to the articles discussed in the video:

Senior citizens will be the ‘deciding factor’ in 2020 election

The ad shows a drive-by of rural post-industrial unnamed town in this western Pennsylvania county. The woman in the ad explains her name is Janie. She is a fisher who caught two legal Northern Pike the day her daughter was born, voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and now believes the choice was wrong because of his attempt to try to cut Medicaid.

The most important bit of information in the ad is her age; she is 82 years old, and strategists and experts agree she and her peers may be the most important voting bloc in November’s election.

Not the suburban soccer mom, not the suburban security mom, not the NASCAR dad, and not the people showing up to protest in the streets.

“Senior citizens will decide the next president of the United States,” asserts Jeff Brauer, political science professor at Keystone College in Factoryville, Pennsylvania.

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NBC anchor asks Tim Scott to say whether he’s a ‘token’

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina is the only black Republican senator.

He is also the only member of Congress’s upper chamber who is subjected regularly to the racist allegation that he is a “token.” It even happened this week during Scott’s appearance on NBC’s 3rd Hour of TODAY.

The moment occurred during an interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin, who pressed Scott to respond to a number of questions about the senator’s efforts toward criminal justice reform and the White House’s response to the national debate surrounding the wrongful death of George Floyd.

“Senator, you have faced a fair amount of criticism,” Melvin said, “especially over the past few days, because you are the only black Republican senator.“

The NBC anchor, who is black, added, “Some have said that your party is using you, they’ve even thrown around the word ‘token,’ as well. Your response to that criticism?”

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This sadness has a long history. Let’s work for change

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd and nationwide protests, both peaceful and violent, President Donald Trump got it right — sort of. Though it’s not clear if he realized it or not.

I am referring to the president’s display of the Bible the other day when he walked from the White House to St. John’s Church. Because whether the president knew it or not, the Bible informed and energized all the leaders of the civil rights movement from the 1960s, when America began to make progress in the fight for racial justice. Indeed, God’s words of Holy Scripture are part of the tapestry of American history.

The story of Exodus has always had pride of place for African Americans suffering injustice in America. In both the Jewish and Christian Bibles, Exodus tells the story of the Israelites’ journey from bondage to freedom. Even though the Jewish people escaped the cruel slavery of the Egyptians, theirs was still a rocky road. For 40 years they wandered in the desert before finally obtaining the Promised Land.  

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ANTIFA planned anti-government insurgency for months, law enforcement official says

Activists of the far-left Antifa movement began planning to foment a nationwide anti-government insurgency as early as November as the U.S. presidential campaign season kicked off in earnest, according to a law enforcement official with access to intelligence behind the shadowy group.

The radical movement has emerged as a key focus for investigators in the wake of violent protests and looting across the country after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, according to U.S. law enforcement officials and private security experts.

The law enforcement official would not speak on the record about Antifa’s plans as the election season heats up, but longtime analysts of the group say such a move would be entirely in character.

“Antifa’s actions represent a hard break with the long tradition of a peaceful political process in the United States,” said former National Security Council staff member Rich Higgins. “Their Marxist ideology seeks not only to influence elections in the short term but to destroy the use of elections as the determining factor in political legitimacy.”

Added Joe Myers, a former Defense Intelligence Agency official and counterinsurgency expert, “President Trump’s election and revitalization of America are a threat to Antifa’s nihilist goals. They are fomenting this violence to create havoc, despair and to target the Trump campaign for defeat in 2020.”

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The pretext for this entire nationwide riot is that America is a racist country. That is not true.

America is not a racist country. America is a country that has strived, imperfectly but passionately, to live up to its founding promise that all men are created equal. There is not—and will never be—a greater barrier to racism, or to tyranny in any form, than this American idea. 

The reckless charge that American law enforcement is “systemically racist” is also not true. As with any large organization of men wielding power, some will abuse that power. But police do not systematically target innocents—either by race or any other criteria. Any fair-minded review of the available data demonstrates that. Why is it that so many of our citizens believe that America is racist to its core? Because this lie has been preached by our universities and media like the Gospel for a generation. From there it has traveled throughout society, particularly among the elite. Even most leaders on the Right are unwilling to refute this destructive untruth. 

In failing to do so, they promote the falsehood, the riots that it has engendered, and ultimately America’s destruction. This is to say, the riots are the handiwork of the elite. A country that has been taught it is ignoble will not defend itself against its enemies, domestic or foreign. As we see written in flames in these riots and hear in all the commentary on them, the great divide in America is between those who believe that America is evil and needs to be destroyed, and those who believe that America is good and needs to be preserved. A version of that question is what the 2016 elections were about, and what the elections in 2020 will be about. The nation has a party devoted to transforming the American way of life; it needs a party devoted to preserving the American way of life.

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Don’t let protesters overrun America’s institutions

The whole problem with the notion of institutional racism (a concept born of the post-Marxist ideology of critical race theory) is that it assumes that institutions have feelings and are sentient. An institution has no emotions — nor does it think. It is an entity. A thing. It has no heart, no will, no focus, no brain. It is merely infrastructure. A tool for people.

It is people who act, not institutions. If one observes racism, one would never condemn the building in which the person lives or works as being racist because that would be nonsensical. Rather, one would condemn the person’s ideas, words, or acts as being unjust and racist.

To the extent that a tool, such as a governmental, educational, or religious institution, is used with malevolent intentions, it is either the people who formed the entity or the people who are working in the institution who may be faulted.

If proper use or work within the institution is consistent with the stated purposes of the entity and it produces a malignant result, then the people who created it were either purposefully malign in their intentions or careless in how they created their institution.

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The social distancing double standard is real and absurd

People of faith in the United States have been told since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that they cannot congregate in their churches, mosques, or synagogues until the threat of the virus has passed.

It is simply too dangerous, our leaders say, for people of faith to meet as a body for worship and praise. Yet many of these same leaders also support the massive, crowded protests that have sprung up in response to the wrongful death of George Floyd.

It is impossible to miss the double standard, especially because these elected officials told us specifically that it is a matter of life and death that we socially distance ourselves.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, for example, joined a recent Floyd protest in his city, participating proudly in a demonstration that saw attendees doing very little to adhere to those social distancing guidelines we were told would save lives. But it was not so long ago that Garcetti, whose public appearance last week saw him forgo the all-important face mask, said that it was essential that churches, synagogues, and mosques remain closed. For public health reasons.

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The ‘Institutional Racism’ Canard

It bears no resemblance to reality — not in police forces, and not in America.                                                                                            

About twice as many white people as black people are killed by police. In fact, in about 75 percent of police shootings, the decedent is not black. Of course, that is not what you would grasp from consuming media.

Take the website, specifically its breathless focus on “Hate crime in the United States” — counterfactually insinuating that any shooting involving a black victim must be a “hate crime.” Here’s their big headline from Tuesday: “Black Americans 2.5X More Likely Than Whites to Be Killed By Police.”

It is fiction. It is sheer demagoguery, peddled as American cities are besieged by rioters in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police. The falsity of the claim is demonstrated even by itself. Just three days ago, the site posted another series of bar graphs, showing that, in fact, whites are nearly twice as likely as blacks to be shot to death by police. 

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12 Police Officers Have Been Shot During the George Floyd Protests—Here Are Their Names

At least twelve police officers have been shot in the line of duty as riots and protests raged throughout the country following the death of George Floyd.

Floyd was a black man who died May 25 after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, video of the incident showed. Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck, has been fired and arrested on second-degree murder and manslaughter charges.

News of Floyd’s death has prompted many to peacefully protest police brutality and violence, but spurred others to commit acts of looting, rioting and violence against police officers themselves.

A number of these police officers have been killed in the line of duty, including retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, Santa Cruz County Deputy Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, and contract security officer Dave Patrick Underwood.

Others, like Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Shay Mikalonis, may be forced to reckon with injuries received during the riots for the rest of their lives.

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Abolitionist Monuments Defaced By ‘Anti-Racism’ Rioters Is What Teaching Fake History Gets America

The anti-American group of recent graduates is not a fringe element. It is a substantial and ominously growing group of voting-age adults.

The recent riots have given us many more indications that America’s education institutions do not merely keep kids ignorant, but actively teach them to hate their country. Just refer to any of the emails and website banners you’ve been subjected to from every company you’ve ever purchased from online, detailing about how they’re all “fighting racism” by frantically donating to people and organizations that make a living off heightened racial tensions.

These messages reveal that the nation’s leadership class has all been re-educated extremely successfully to believe a pack of things that just aren’t true about American history and ideals. They are well-catechized in what is billed as anti-racist attitudes and activities that are rooted in false information and more likely to instead increase racial tensions.

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Senator Graham granted significant subpoena power for investigation into 2016 Russia probe

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham on Thursday was grant broad subpoena power in his probe into the federal government’s 2016 Russia-Trump campaign probe, allow him call more than 50 people for interviews, including high-profile Obama administration officials.  

Graham received the authorization in a party-line vote in the GOP-controlled committee. 

“I find myself in a position where I think we need to look long and hard about how the Mueller investigation got off the rails. This committee is not going to sit on the sidelines and move on,” said Graham, a South Carolina Republican.

The committee is currently conducting a broad investigation into the 2016 Russia probe, including “Crossfire Hurricane,” which was the FBI’s name for their investigation into Russian election interference by way of the Trump campaign. The FBI’s actions during that operation gave way to what is broadly referred to as the (now mostly debunked) Russia-collusion narrative.

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Seattle Mayor’s Characterization of the Anarchist Autonomous Zone Is One for the Books

So what are Seattle officials planning to do about the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ where anarchists have seized several blocks and declared their own country?

You would think this would be something of a concern to anyone, right?

That there just might be concerned about reports of assaults by armed people in the zone and business owners allegedly being shaken down for money to be able to operate, not to mention the safety of all the other regular people who live there. You can check out more here from my colleague Bonchie.

The reaction of the mayor and the governor has been lacking and crazy, as we reported, to say the least. They attacked the president instead.

But the reaction of Mayor Jenny Durkan on Thursday night was incredible.

Not only didn’t she think it was wrong, but she actually called it “patriotic” in a series of tweets in which she also attacked President Donald Trump saying he might have to help the citizens if she wouldn’t.

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Amazing! Trump Just Got Democrats to Defend a Criminal, Anarchist Mob

I’m not one of those “Trump plays 4D chess while everyone else plays checkers” kind of political observer. 

I think Donald Trump has great political instincts, and I also think his political adversaries make stupid, unforced errors because he either brings out the worst in them (see Marco Rubio in the 2016 Vegas debate) or he gets them to show their true colors.

I believe what we are witnessing transpire this week is a perfect case of the latter phenomenon.

In Seattle, a group of armed anarchists have cordoned off a portion of the downtown area and declared it an “Autonomous Zone.” Autonomous from Seattle laws and law enforcement. Autonomous from the State of Washington and autonomous from the jurisdiction of the United States federal government.

President Trump saw this coverage and the stories on Fox News (because CNN and MSNBC are virtually ignoring the story) and he took to Twitter to condemn the lawlessness and the Democrats in charge for allowing it to happen.

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