Frederick Takes Seniors Helm

Alexandria, Virginia — Executive Vice President Amy Noone Frederick, a 10-year veteran of the 60 Plus Association, has been promoted to President of the 17-year-old 5.5 million strong senior citizen organization.

Mrs. Frederick received the unanimous endorsement of the Association’s Board of Directors to replace 60 Plus founder Jim Martin, who will remain Chairman.

Martin said he was pleased the Board agreed to the change. “While it’s well known that I’ve been the face of this organization since its inception in 1992, it’s equally well known, both within 60 Plus and by Washington observers that Amy Frederick has been a major force in the rapid growth 60 Plus has enjoyed and the person driving this operation,” Martin emphasized, pointing out that the Association’s senior citizen base was in the 300,000 to 400,000 range when Amy came aboard and is now well over 5 million supporters all over the country.

“This organization will move forward with Amy at the helm,” Martin said, adding “Amy has long had a heart for seniors, chief among them being her beloved grandmother, who is struggling with Alzheimers.”

60 Plus has been called the conservative alternative to the liberal AARP. In fact, AARP’s liberalism was the motivating reason to organize an alternative, Martin said, adding that the change allows him more time to travel into states to mobilize seniors.

60 Plus prides itself on the longevity of its key executives, Martin noted, “from Amy’s 10 years, to West Coast Vice President Hank Hough’s combined nine years full and part-time, to Honorary Chairman Roger Zion’s 18- year tenure and legendary entertainer Pat Boone’s more than seven years as National Spokesman, as well as Legislative Vice President Mary Mahoney’s four years of service.

60 Plus calls on a dozen other employees, full and part-time, to advance its agenda, with its newest addition, Matthew Kandrach, serving as National Coalitions Director.

Boone hailed Frederick’s “well-earned promotion” and the movie, TV and recording artist predicted that Amy would move 60 Plus forward dramatically in the years ahead.

Miami Florida resident Prather McKinnon, the longest serving Board member since 1992, said she has always been “impressed with Amy’s dedication and professionalism.”

Roger Zion, the 88-year-old honorary Chairman and former Republican Member of Congress from Evansville, Indiana, 1967-75, similarly praised Amy’s work ethic and dedication to seniors. “I remember years ago when Jim Martin asked me to help out. He said he wanted someone who will be around for the long haul. Here we are 18 years later. I’ve enjoyed working with Jim, with Hank, with Pat Boone, with Mary and especially with Amy who has been a blessing for the organization.”

Zion noted that both he and Jim Martin have testified before a half dozen House and Senate Committees urging repeal of the estate, or ‘death’ tax, and repeal of the earnings limit imposed on seniors between 65 and 69 years old, a repeal achieved in 2000 with 60 Plus testifying for its abolishment.

First and foremost, seniors struggling on fixed incomes are impacted more severely than any other segment of society when government raises taxes. Keeping taxes low for seniors is one of the primary missions of 60 Plus, as well as protecting Social Security and Medicare for the elderly who have paid into both programs over their lifetimes.

60 Plus has been in the forefront for several months of the health care reform battle, urging reform but speaking out frequently and forcefully against the proposed $500 billion in cuts to Medicare in the Senate bill and $400 billion in the House version. 60 Plus spent more than $10 million on targeted TV ads chastising Senators and House members for not opposing the cuts. In a bipartisan approach 60 Plus thanked members from both political parties for opposing the reductions.

Outgoing President Martin has visited more than 90 Congressional Districts to present pro-senior awards to incumbents and challengers from both political parties. He has also made presentations in about two dozen U. S. Senate campaigns.

With Frederick taking the reins at 60 Plus headquarters, Martin is expected to continue visiting more House and Senate events. Frederick is also slated to do as many awards as time permits.

She has already traveled extensively into key states to speak out to legislative bodies and the public on issues affecting seniors, including press conferences in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida as well as the Nation’s Capital at the National Press Club.

In accepting her new role Mrs. Frederick said: “It has been incredible to work and learn under one of Washington’s best political gurus, Jim Martin, over the last decade — and it is an honor to now be able to lead 60 Plus into the next decade and to continue Jim’s great work. We will continue our aggressive efforts to build an organization that truly represents America’s seniors and to expose to them who in Washington is working for them and who is working against them.”

She is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, with a degree in Government. Amy and her husband, Jeff, reside in Montclair, Virginia with daughters Grace Amira, 3 and Isabel Mary, 1.

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