Biden’s Follies Fool America’s Voters???

Biden… Again?: This man’s policies, or more accurately his willingness to let the progressive left set his policies, are a disaster for America!

Illegal immigration is out of control, open borders, crime is skyrocketing, fentanyl flowing over our borders is killing our children, spending is out of control and he wants more, brainwashing our children and shunning parental rights, and that’s just to start.

Biden’s pitch that he would work in a bipartisan fashion was just that…a pitch. He has done virtually NOTHING to reach across the aisle and work in a bipartisan fashion. With a Republican House and a closely divided Senate you would think he would strive for consensus.

Instead, this White House and the progressive left are pushing every crazy, left-wing proposal some “activists” can come up with. It truly is a threat to the way of life as we know it.

We need new leadership at the top…please consider your options.

Conservatives Must Win to Govern: Let’s keep things in perspective. If those of us who share conservative values can’t win elections, we can’t govern.  The left has been very effective and more than willing to change America…and in some cases attempt to destroy the fundamental values this country was founded on.

We can’t afford to “make a statement.” We need to recruit, support, and work for good candidates who can win…so we can govern.

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 –Saul Anuzis

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This Week: Speaker McCarthy passes a bill to raise the debt ceiling – putting the ball in the Democrat’s court, a majority of Seniors now rely on 401k plans instead of pensions for retirement, and new chatbot invokes Ronald Reagan!

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Biden’s Toughest Republican Challenger

The president’s polling is poor — but beating him will not be easy.

As President Joe Biden kicks off his reelection bid, he begins from a position of weakness: The president has been underwater in the polls for close to two years. His approval ratings dropped under 50 percent around the time of the chaotic Afghanistan pullout in August 2021, and never truly recovered.

Only three post-war presidents — Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump — were in a worse polling spot at this point in their reelection campaigns. And two of those three lost.

Yet Biden won’t be easy pickings for the GOP. Over the past 75 years, only two Democrats won a higher percentage of the popular vote than Biden — Barack Obama in 2008 and Lyndon Johnson in 1964. And Biden carries the formidable advantages of incumbency, along with a largely united party behind him. As the 2024 campaign begins in earnest, the pandemic is effectively over, the economy is showing resilience and the GOP faces the prospect of a demolition-derby primary.

Perhaps most importantly, Biden proved in 2020 that not only could he rebuild the so-called Blue Wall (Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), he could snag increasingly purple Arizona and Georgia.

So which Republican contender is best positioned to take on Biden and win back those swing states? Here’s a clear-eyed look at their strengths and weaknesses.

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Biden’s vow to ‘finish the job’ should terrify every American

President Biden wants your vote for a second term despite bringing us one crisis after another.

On Tuesday morning, Joe Biden announced his fourth campaign for president. He claims he’s campaigning to “finish the job.” 

That sentence should terrify every American: by any objective measure, Biden’s failed policies and absent leadership have made life worse for Americans since he took office. He’s spent nearly fifty years living on the taxpayers’ dime as a career politician. Joe hasn’t earned the right to “finish the job” – and it’s laughable for him to claim he’s protecting “freedom” in his campaign launch video. 

How can the failed president who wants 87,000 new IRS agents targeting middle-class Americans claim to be for freedom? How can Americans feel free when they don’t feel safe in their own cities, or when they’re being told that their children don’t even belong to them, as Biden claimed on Monday?

Every president has to deal with crises on their watch. However, Biden stands apart in that he has directly caused crisis after crisis. For example, our southern border has become an internationally-recognized humanitarian disaster. Cartels are making billions of dollars trafficking human beings and deadly drugs: fentanyl is the number-one killer of Americans age 18-45 and story after heartbreaking story illustrates that people are dying in droves. All told, over 6.3 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since Biden took office – and those are just the ones we know about.

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The Democrats’ Comeback Tour

Democrats in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have been on a comeback tour since their slap-down in 2016, boosting their chances against a fractured GOP in the key swing states in ‘24.

In 2017, Michigan was a Republican’s paradise and political trophy. The party had just delivered the state to Donald Trump in the 2016 elections, securing his victory as president. Republicans had a trifecta in state government, controlling the governorship as well as both chambers of the state legislature, and held the state attorney general and secretary of state posts as well. The political skids were greased for a socially and fiscally conservative agenda.

Now, the state party is divided and struggling, and in-charge Democrats, who now hold the trifecta, are flipping things around with stunning speed. In the past five weeks alone, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed legislation undoing a 1931 abortion ban, expanding gun safety regulations, reversing a GOP-enacted “right to work” law and making union organizing easier, requiring a “prevailing wage” standard for all state projects and expanding a state civil right law to ban discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Whitmer is expected to soon sign a “red flag” law to keep guns out of the hands of people who represent a danger to themselves or others, even if they have not committed a crime.

“The Democrats are just basically on a roll,” laments former GOP Michigan state legislator Bill Ballenger, who now pens a political newsletter, The Ballenger Report. Meanwhile, “the Republicans are just continually shooting themselves in the foot, making outlandish statements on policy issues” that alienate independent voters who swing elections, he says.

“I do think they’re moving far more aggressively than anyone anticipated. The Democrats got the majority and they wasted very little time in ramming things through,” adds Jason Roe, former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party. “Everybody has whiplash.”

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Republicans Wide-Open Door to Win in 2024

Republicans can defeat the extremism of Democrats by appealing to middle-class voters. But it will take disciplined hardball from strong candidates in take-no-prisoners campaigning.

Democrats have left the back door off the hinges with working-class, middle-class, and even suburban voters as they have morphed into the party of the front-door rich and elite. Their policies increasingly reflect this new dynamic and, media tropes aside, Republicans can pounce on this wide-open opportunity with aggressive, disciplined messaging encompassing plenty of strategic punching back.

The media is working overtime to bury this truth about the Democratic Party, but with every election, the Republican Party is becoming the de facto party of the middle class, working class, and working minorities, while the Democratic Party is increasingly the party of wealthy white elites. 

Axios reported this obvious shift just last week under the headline: “Dramatic realignment swings working-class districts toward GOP.” And Democrats now represent nine of the 10 wealthiest congressional districts. It’s clear in fundraising and policies from mandatory electric vehicles that are financially out of reach for middle-class Americans to siccing the IRS on the gig economy of side hustles by requiring the reporting of $600 and above through Venmo, Paypal, and others.

It’s simple: Build a platform around the economy, inflation, crime, uncertainty about future jobs, and parental rights. These are bread and butter issues already part of the GOP that connect with a broad swath of Americans in ways that some of the culture-war battles and presidential political dramas just do not.

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What House Republicans are considering for their go-it-alone debt limit bill

Despite recent stumbles, the potential Trump challenger sits on a mountain of money.

It’s been a tough stretch for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ putative presidential campaign, as chief rival Donald Trump racks up endorsements in the governor’s backyard and hammers him on the airwaves.

But DeSantis has one big advantage heading into his likely White House bid: A heap of donor cash.

As he prepares to enter the presidential race in the coming weeks, DeSantis sits atop accounts poised to support his candidacy that total more than $110 million, according to public filings and people who represent the entities.

And that’s all without him opening an official campaign committee account.

DeSantis’ financial advantage looms over the Republican field: Most contenders have cash balances on orders of magnitude lower than his. It far outpaces lower-polling contenders like the pair of South Carolinians, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott. Even the super PAC backing Trump, MAGA Inc., reported $55 million on hand as of the end of 2022 — a hefty sum, but far short of what’s in the bank for DeSantis. The former president has also raised $18 million through his campaign since launching in November.

What’s more, DeSantis has the advantage of his platform as governor of Florida. Just this week, he sought to burnish his foreign policy chops on a trip to Japan, South Korea, Israel and the United Kingdom funded by the state’s economic development arm, which relies on both public and private money. The governor’s team said taxpayers did not foot the bill.

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Nikki Haley gives the abortion speech every Republican must hear

A politician does not have to be a woman in order to opine on the abortion issue, but it’s probably not a coincidence that it was the first woman to enter the Republican presidential primary who gave the most profound pro-life speech since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Nikki Haley delivered the speech that ought to be the defining one for the entire right aisle of the issue, and every pro-life politician wishing to actually do something other than fundraise off of the matter ought to take note.

The speech by the former ambassador to the United Nations, delivered to the Susan B. Anthony List, ought to be read or listened to in its entirety, but the crux of her argument goes as follows:

“You don’t save any lives if you can’t enact your position into law. And you can’t do that unless you find consensus. Reaching consensus starts with humanizing, not demonizing. Just like I have my story, I respect everyone who has their story. I don’t judge someone who is pro-choice any more than I want them to judge me for being pro-life.

Nationally, however, the task is much harder. As a practical matter, you only achieve consensus when you have a House majority, a 60-vote Senate majority, and a president who are all in alignment.

We are nowhere close to reaching that point. Today, there are around 45 pro-life senators, depending on how you count them. There haven’t been 60 Republican senators since 1910. It could happen one day. But it hasn’t happened in over a hundred years, and it’s unlikely to happen soon….

But that does not mean we can’t save as many lives as possible.”

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What is a Democrat?

I am a Democrat, and I think you, as an average American, are an idiot. You let me get away with everything. I can tell you I’m going to do something unethical, criminal, unconstitutional, or unprecedent6ed, and you seldom try to stop me, or call me out on it. I control the news cycle and my loyal press puppets repeat whatever I say without question. Every time you get any attention complaining about me, I just do something else to distract and reset the news again.

I write most of the news by feeding the talking points to my puppets. Haven’t you seen the video proof? I also rewrite history by simple repetition. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” That’s what I do. I lie big, loud, often and repeatedly to accuse you of any variety of unspeakable things, most of which I’m doing myself. If you challenge me, I’ll ruin you. I’ll make up a lie, then release the puppets. Maybe I’ll make a call to your employer, or your local prosecutor’s office. Either way, you’ll be too busy to bother me again. Just ask Michael Flynn how it works.

Whenever I screw up, I just blame someone else, distribute the talking points, and let the puppets do the work. I also take credit for great historical moments by claiming the follow-on accomplishments as my own, and I milk the good will your ignorance provides me. Your ignorance is why I get credit for standing up for you, and protecting you from those who truly care, because I really don’t. I opposed those great moments, and like Joe Biden, I’ve been wrong on everything that mattered. I supported slavery, opposed civil rights, started the KKK, and administered Jim Crow’s segregation for 100 years. And to this day, the majority of Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters will still vote for me. Proof positive of two things — I’m good at what I do, and you’re stupid to keep letting me do it.

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OPINION The Detroit News – Saul Anuzis: The Lincoln Project is helping Democrats

As politicians go, calling former President Donald Trump unconventional is an understatement. He punches down as well as up. His behavior is often times unpresidential. His desire to be the center of attention is off-putting. Yet, many people find him irresistible just as others find him irritating.

His exploits have created a chasm within the GOP electoral coalition that the Democrats are exploiting, aided and abetted by people who claim they’re the real conscience of the Republican party.

A recent Lincoln Project release announcing a new ad buy referred to Trump, Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson as “authoritarian bullies intimidating people in order to seize power for themselves,” Anuzis writes.

Some are well-meaning individuals genuinely worried about the party’s future. Trump is not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s not a sin to worry about his electability. Elections are a competitive process that should be won by the best man or woman.

Others are malcontents who see Trump’s movement as a threat, not to the party, but to their place within it. The worst of them is probably the collection of McCain and Romney campaign survivors who organized The Lincoln Project to bring Trump down.

Rick Wilson, the alleged Republican consultant who’s the public face of The Lincoln Project these days, brags on social media about the damage the group has done and plans to do in the future through its Contract Against Extremism that’s put a bullseye on the backs of the 18 Republican House members representing districts that voted for Joe Biden in 2020.

As a longtime political operative who chaired the Michigan GOP and served as a member of the Republican National Committee, I can tell you that’s madness. The Democrats only need to flip five seats to take back the majority in 2024. What Republican in their right mind thinks New York’s Hakeem Jefferies would be a better Speaker than McCarthy?

It doesn’t stop there. A recent Lincoln Project release announcing a new ad buy referred to Trump, Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, and (now former) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson as “authoritarian bullies intimidating people in order to seize power for themselves.”

It’s Wilson who’s the bully here, shoving his elbows into the guts of good Republicans with all the force of a New York mobster trying to collect a debt. The so-called “totalitarians” against whom he claims to be crusading aren’t in the GOP. They’re in the other party, as several state legislators in West Virginia, Louisiana and North Carolina, who recently crossed the aisle leaving the Democrats and reregistering as Republicans, attested.

It’s one thing to oppose Trump and to worry, for example, that his legal difficulties might explode mid-campaign into a disastrous mess that takes down the ticket from top to bottom. It’s another to be actively working against the interests of GOP candidates who are not named Trump under the cover of beating back his influence.

By doing these things, The Lincoln Project is doing the work of the Democrats, and probably with their money. They don’t disclose their donors so it’s hard to tell, but it would explain why they’ve done things to help New York’s Chuck Schumer remain Senate majority leader and retained Nancy Pelosi as House speaker.

Why? Republicans are supposed to favor lower taxes, limits on the power of government, a muscular national defense and bringing the country back together under the umbrella composed of traditional values like respect, tolerance and virtue.

The Democrats don’t, and those who help them, like Rick Wilson and The Lincoln Project, are giving aid and comfort to the people trying to bring America down. Their vision isn’t ours, meaning that anyone who embraces it is blind to the truth of what is going on.

Saul Anuzis is former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and a former member of the RNC.

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