Democrat Deceptions on Full Display with Paul Ryan Joining GOP Ticket

Jim Martin: “A party bankrupt of ideas is well-equipped to bankrupt our nation.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – The naming by Mitt Romney of Paul Ryan to the GOP ticket has brought predictable responses from their Democrat opponents, with President Obama and liberal leaders in Congress universally attacking Ryan with false and recycled charges that he will lead to the demise of programs for seniors.  The Democrats’ media grandstanding brought a reaction from Jim Martin, Chairman of the 7.2 million-strong 60 Plus Association, who issued the following comment:

“The Democrats have sadly used the event of Paul Ryan joining the GOP ticket to recycle their tired and despicable falsehoods, to once again attempt to scare seniors into believing that Republicans will take away their Social Security and Medicare.  This charge has been false for the past 48 years since they first used it against Barry Goldwater, and it is even more reprehensible today.

“The President and his liberal pals have once again taken demagoguery to new lows.  Paul Ryan is a bold, articulate leader who is fighting against the odds to bring our nation’s fiscal house in order, and save programs for seniors and future generations that everyone agrees are on the brink of insolvency.

“The President’s attacks are nothing more than a desperate attempt to hide the fact that he and his party cut over $700 billion from Medicare.  They don’t want seniors to know that they are the party speeding Medicare to bankruptcy, and have yet to offer ANY plan to keep Medicare solvent, and preserve the promise made to seniors decades to go.  Where is your plan, Mr. President. Where is your plan?

“Democrats have achieved a new low, in fact they have brought Medi-scare to a fine art form, but they’ve had lots of practice, robbing Jeb Bush of Florida’s Governorship in 1994 by falsely claiming  he and his running mate would do away with it. How a state official can take away a federal program is beyond me.  It seems to be in their DNA, using seniors as political fodder in order to get re-elected, but seniors know better.  While Rome burns, Democrats fiddle. 60 Plus may just be forming a traveling truth squad to counter these  malicious charges.

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the only ones offering a substantive solution to our nation’s financial mess, acting like leaders to preserve the great nation America’s seniors helped create.  Mr. Obama, if you think you can win this election by ducking your responsibility and offering more of the same discredited attacks to win the votes of seniors, I’m here to tell you, that you are SORELY mistaken.”