Here We Go Again…

Lying about cuts to Medicare and Social Security is “In the DNA of Democrats”

60 Plus Association and American Association of Senior Citizens Founder and Chairman James Martin today issued the following statement in response to reports of Democrat efforts to woo older voters:

“If you need further evidence of how devoid of ideas liberals are, look no further than recent reports of how Democrats are seeking to “woo seniors in 2020.” It’s like the movie Groundhog Day – if it’s an even-numbered year, Democrats are lying about efforts to hurt seniors by cutting Medicare and Social Security. 

Liberals simply cannot help themselves when it comes to making fake claims about cuts to seniors programs. It’s in the DNA of Democrats. Just as the fake claims of climate catastrophe have been proved false every single time for the last 50 years, so have the lies about cutting Medicare and Social Security. 

Seniors are the most savvy group of voters in America because they have seen all this before. They know it for what it is; fear mongering lies. They also know that the socialist Medicare For All proposals floated by Democrats vying for their party’s presidential nomination means Medicare For No One. 

Older Americans look at President Trump and see that his administration has been marked by promises made and promises kept. While Democrats are hatching socialist proposals to wreck Medicare and gouge families with higher Death Taxes to pay for all the free stuff they want to give away, President Trump is keeping his word and improving the health and lives of seniors. 

60 Plus has been educating seniors to the facts for more than 25 years and that’s what we’ll continue to do this year. Working with my friend and colleague Pat Boone, I and the entire network of 60 Plus members are rolling up our sleeves to fight the lies about the successes of the Trump administration. Democrats are not “wooing” seniors, they’re trying to scare them and it will fail again in 2020.”