Joe Biden will Govern America the Way He’s Campaigning

“Envy was once considered to be one of the seven deadly sins before it became one of the most admired virtues under its new name, ‘social justice.’” -Thomas Sowell

1984…Classic:  Truer now as it was then…worth watching and remembering.

How Biden Will Govern: We are seeing it first-hand. Joe Biden isn’t crisscrossing the country on the stump for votes, he’s not holding daily press briefings or conferences, he’s not running from morning until night talking to the American people while doing his job as President…but Donald Trump is.

Joe Biden will govern America the same way he is campaigning. He’ll delegate more than we would like to Kamala Harris and other left-wing allies who are trying to carry him into office.

Be wary of what you ask (vote) for…you just might get a surprise that  you didn’t expect.

P.S. Mainstream media spent more time investigating Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook than Hunter Biden’s laptop and questionable business dealings. The “big guy” has some questions he needs to answer!

VOTE: Last chance…election day is Tuesday!

Every vote makes a difference because the race is much closer than the media and Biden campaign would like to have us think it is. There are NOT a lot of swing or undecided voters, this race will be decided based on turn out. So please, turn out and vote to re-elect President Trump.

P.S. if you’re a Biden supporter, don’t worry about voting, your candidate is up double digits and has a lock on this campaign…you can relax!

Justice Amy Coney Barrett: Arguably the most important accomplish for President Trump!This appointment saves the American Dream and the Idea of America for another several decades…assuming we don’t give up!

5-1-3 conservative majority…at best…depending how Roberts votes going forward.

Protests vs Riots – But Mostly Peaceful: “Right to Peaceably Assemble” is granted. “Right to Vandalize, Destroy Public & Private Property, Assault, Injure, Kill, Inflict Fear, Public Nuisance & Hide – These & Other Criminal Behaviors Under the Cover of Angry Mobs” is not.

The problem is innocent people, families and private businesses, who had NOTHING to do with police shootings or excessive force are being targeted and terrorized by arsonists, vandals, looters and rioters.

ONLY Trump is willing to back up our law enforcement across this country and bring law and order back to our neighborhoods where we can once again shop and take our kids to school without fear!

Russian Hoax turns into Obamagate: It was a hoax and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lied. They dragged our country through some of the worst of times…purely in hopes to score a political point.

The proof is finally out… in black & white. Hillary lied and set up Trump.   What a waste of 3 years?!?

I hope Americans revolt against the Democrats at the voting booth! We didn’t deserve this…no one did.

Obamagate Exposed: The weaponization of both domestic and foreign intelligence against a presidential campaign from a sitting administration solely for political purposes to prevent the smooth transition of power and weaken his presidency to limit his legislative successes.

“Since the investigations by the Crossfire Hurricane team became public, every Democrat, media figure, and anti-Trump personality threw out every allegation they could get their hands on, all of which stemmed from the implications of the Steele dossier – that Trump himself was being used by Russia and that the foreign power was trying to undermine our national security for their own purposes through him. Without the initial allegations that Russia was behind Trump’s campaign/victory/agenda, none of the follow-up allegations and whistleblower complaints would have been filed, and the media would not have latched on to every single one of them and given them wall-to-wall coverage.”

That’s what Obamagate is all about…they spied, they lied and tried to cover it up.

This should NEVER happen to ANY American…there should be bipartisan outrage!!!

-Saul Anuzis

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Newt Gingrich: Elections are never predictable — every vote matters

It is vitally important that you vote — and that you encourage and help your friends and family to vote.

The most consequential election in our lifetimes is less than a week away.

By now, I expect many of you who are reading this have made up your minds about who you want to be president of the United States in 2021 and to serve you in the U.S. House and Senate. However, I suspect some of you still need to be convinced of something: To go and cast your ballots.

It is a cruel twist of fate that the most important election we have seen in modern American history is happening during the worst pandemic we have seen in modern American history. The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has challenged every aspect of our lives— social, private, business and civic.

Nevertheless, it is vitally important that you vote — and that you encourage and help your friends and family to vote.

It is especially important for you if you want to see President Trump in a second term. If all of President Trump’s supporters turn out — and all their friends and family members turn out — he will win in a landslide so large that no amount of ballot fudging will be able to overcome it. It could also help mitigate post-election resistance by Democrats in Congress (notice I said mitigate, not eliminate).

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Here’s How Trump Could Still Pull Off A Historic Upset On Election Day

I believe the president is poised to pull yet another upset to stun the elites who so despise him and his pledge to put America first. As we approach Election Day, President Trump has the odds stacked against him, but victory may in fact be at hand.

Unsurprisingly, Trump has lagged behind establishment nominee Joe Biden in the rigged polls throughout the campaign, but a strong performance in the final debate in Nashville gave the president some considerable forward momentum.

The combination of internet censorship, flagrant corporate-owned media bias and evidence of potential voter fraud, however, remain serious obstacles.

Yet I would like to point to several factors that I believe will give the country another shock like the upset victory over Crooked Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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Conservative Women Have a New Champion in Amy Coney Barrett

When a figure like Amy Coney Barrett walks in the door and earns a seat at the table, she establishes a new vision for feminism and reminds conservative women who—and what—we’re fighting for.

The significance of her example cannot be overstated. Whether we’re single, stay-at-home moms, career women, or a mix, Barrett shows what’s possible for us to achieve. Her story rejects the tired notion of traditional feminism and replaces it with a bold version that embraces womanhood for all its glories: marriage, motherhood, faith and a fulfilling career.

And in a year of political burnout, Barrett’s story reminds us of another important thing: Nice guys don’t always finish last. Sometimes, she even finishes first.

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The American Experiment Is on Life Support

‘Death to America!” is a common refrain from antifa rioters from Portland, Ore., to Kenosha, Wis. Children are in the streets calling for the country’s destruction while mobs of college kids trash public spaces, filming themselves as though part of a performance-art spectacle. Neither political party has been willing or able to end this anarchy. Extremism becomes more entrenched in American politics with each passing day.

These acts of violence encapsulate five decades of neo-Marxist indoctrination in American schools, colleges and universities. The left’s “long march” through the institutions is all but complete. Extreme intolerance has now replaced the liberal notion of negotiated compromise that is the sine qua non of democracy. America’s young, especially those raised in middle-class or affluent homes, have been so brainwashed that they no longer notice how absurd it is to call for the eradication of their own nation-state, and to do so in the lingo of Iran’s mullahs.

Their ignorance of history is the hallmark of the current crisis. Few seem able to grasp the complex, often painful, but on balance grand story of America—one that is an example of what a people committed to individual freedom can achieve. Instead, they have been indoctrinated to reduce American life to a racial binary of whites vs. “people of color.” It’s much like the communist binary of the bourgeoisie vs. the proletariat that the Bolsheviks used to seize power in 1917, with millions perishing in the totalitarian Soviet experiment that followed.

The violence suggests that tribalism based on group identity is poised to succeed the larger national community that for more than two centuries has protected and expanded freedom around the world. The American nation-state is a unique experiment, unparalleled in history: a political project that grew from an established Anglo colonial settler culture, and that forged a distinct national identity strong enough to acculturate the many ethnic groups that have immigrated, while preserving a strong sense of its unitary creed.

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Former Social Security Senior Officials Beg Biden: Please Stop Lying About Social Security

Tens of millions of Americans rely on Social Security for retirement security and peace of mind. And we are always on guard to counter slanderous attempts to scare seniors. So, we were more than pleased to see others step forward to counter these election eve lies that Democrats always turn to, trying to garner votes by scaring seniors into the voting booth when all else fails.

We dedicated part of our careers helping the agency fulfill its mission of supporting retirees, surviving spouses and children, and workers with disabilities. We know that Social Security touches the life of every single American and every American family.

That’s why we’re begging Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to stop lying to seniors about their benefits. Here’s the deal. President Trump signed an Executive Order that allows employers to defer the collection of payroll taxes for workers earning less than $104,000 annually. The deferral allows these middle-class workers to keep more of their earnings this year, to help tide them over until, we hope, a vaccine becomes widely available early next year.

Nothing in the president’s order affects Social Security’s solvency. The order simply allows employers to defer a portion of payroll taxes for a few months, until next year. Those taxes will have to be repaid unless Congress decides to forgive the deferrals through general revenues. That’s it, nothing more.

Link to Full Article…

Why It’s A Baseless Smear For Biden To Call Trump A Racist

During Thursday’s presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden made the rather audacious claim that President Trump is “one of the most racist presidents in modern history.” Debate moderator Kristen Welker also weighed in, asserting that the president’s racially charged rhetoric is often viewed as inciting racial strife.

These claims appear to be, as the former vice president would say, “malarkey.” When examining both the president’s personal record and the record of his administration, it is difficult to find any substantial evidence of racism or racial bias. On the contrary, minority populations in the country seem to have largely benefited from a Trump presidency.

Before COVID-19 utterly devastated the U.S. economy, both black and Hispanic unemployment rates hit record lows. In September of 2019, the jobless rates for African Americans and Hispanics were 5.5 percent and 3.9 percent, respectively, the lowest they’ve ever been.

Trump also announced plans to classify the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist organization, to designate Juneteenth as a national holiday, and to make lynching a hate crime. He has also repeatedly pledged to fight for historically black schools and universities and has signed legislation to provide funding for black colleges and other minority-serving institutions.

The president has also enacted historic criminal justice reform by signing the First Step Act, legislation he actively championed. The First Step Act reforms sentencing laws that disproportionally harm the African American community, allows thousands of offenders to earn earlier releases, and eases punitive prison sentences.

Link to Full Article…

Progressives sharpening knives for Dem ‘bloodbath’ if Biden loses

Progressives, socialists and Bernie Bros are gearing up for war should Joe Biden fall short of his quest to unseat President Trump in Tuesday’s election.

“You would see a complete repudiation of the Democratic establishment as we know it,” said Jabari Brisport, 33, a Democratic Socialist-backed candidate for state Senate expected to easily win a Brooklyn seat next week. “The Democratic establishment is not working for everyday people.”

Brisport said a Biden loss would completely discredit the moderate wing of the party, paving the way for more successful insurgents like himself.

“It’s going to be the mirror image of what happened to the Republican party in the Obama years. You had the tea party, just like progressive insurgents, and then when Obama won a second term the Republican party went haywire on the inside and ate its own,” he said.

Unlike the tea party, a progressive revolution would be “a force for good,” said the true-believer Brisport.

One senior official at a Democratic Political Action Committee was blunter.

“If Biden loses it’s going to be a f–king bloodbath. There’s no other way to put it,” he said. “Heads will roll. It’s going to be ugly.”

Link to Full Article…

3 Strategies For Dismantling Digital Totalitarianism In America

In our divided nation, there is a rare consensus from both the left and the right: some of our technology companies have become too powerful. They know too much about us, and we know too little of their inner workings.

They know where we are, where we are going, what we are doing, and some can even listen to what we are talking about. They control what information to distribute, how fast, and to whom. They dictate that we see, read, and think in the ways they deem suitable.

The more we use their services, the more control they have over us, and the less likely we are to escape their manipulation. In other words: big tech companies are imposing digital totalitarianism on us, and we must take action to dismantle this tyranny and set ourselves free.

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