60 Plus Expresses Concern Over Mississippi’s Recent Medicaid Contracts

Saul Anuzis

ALEXANDRIA, VA (February 13, 2023) — 60 Plus Association, American Association for Senior Citizens, wrote a letter to Brittney Thompson, Director of Mississippi’s Public Procurement Review Board, Mississippi’s Governor, Senate Pro Tempore, and Speaker of the House expressing grave concern over Mississippi’s recent Medicaid contracts awarded through the state’s blind procurement process. 

President of 60 Plus Saul Anuzis writes, “With inflation and cost of living rising substantially over the last two years, it’s as important now as ever that policymakers have the interests of Senior Citizens and those living on fixed incomes in mind. Policymakers must take every necessary step to build trust and help the neediest among us. 

A recent decision by your office shakes that trust and once again puts into question whose interests the Government has in mind, that of MS Seniors and their families or those of special interests. Despite poor performance, major ethical concerns, and a year-long investigation ending with a $55.5 million settlement, Magnolia Health Plan, the subsidiary of healthcare giant Centene Corporation, was awarded one of Mississippi’s Medicaid contracts – again. Mississippians are the latest victims of the blind procurement process and poor governance.”

The blind procurement process lacks transparency, public accountability, and worst of all – allows for bad actors to be rewarded rather than punished for their poor performance

The time is now for Mississippi’s leaders to stop these games when it comes to state contracts, and re-evaluate the entire blind procurement process.

You can download the letter sent here.