New Online Entertainment Guide Gives U.S. Seniors Peace of Mind is a virtual GPS for finding TV and movie programs across more than 100 legitimate internet viewing platforms.

(Alexandria, VA) – Jim Martin, Chairman of the non-partisan 60 Plus Association, which boasts more than 7.2 million supporters nationally, today issued a statement lauding the launch of a new website that helps consumers find legal movies and TV programs available online. is seen as an important voluntary initiative by the film and television industry that provides internet users with legitimate, legal viewing options available on a variety of platforms.

Said Martin, “This wonderful new website is an important development for seniors. Given the preponderance of choices online, WhereToWatch provides seniors a one stop shop for finding safe, convenient options to view online content. WhereToWatch is a welcome and needed relief in this area, and a tremendous time saver. Second, seniors have a financial stake in the economic success of our entertainment industry, which generates billions of dollars for our economy, protecting the assets and investments of seniors living on retirement income. WhereToWatch also helps consumers avoid supporting internet pirates and scammers who steal from us all by chilling creativity, innovation and investment.

“Also of tremendous importance, seniors are the most susceptible group to internet predators and scam artists who hide their true intent behind counterfeit web pages. Knowing where entertainment can be viewed on safe, legitimate viewing platforms is essential to giving seniors the peace of mind that will lead to expanded viewing options and enhance their online experiences. Seniors are a little behind other age groups in utilizing the many benefits of the internet, but they are catching up with a vengeance. WhereToWatch will only accelerate seniors’ embrace of the internet and its nearly unlimited life-enhancing qualities.”