Obama, EPA Still Wrong on Energy, Still Hurting America’s Elderly

The CPP remains the ‘Cruel Power Plan’ for fixed-income seniors struggling to pay their monthly expenses.

(Alexandria, Virginia) — America’s largest center-right seniors group today renewed their call on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to abandon its ‘Clean Power Plan’ (CPP). The plan, the most costly regulation ever promulgated by the agency, will put extreme limits on U.S. power plant emissions, leading to higher electric bills for Americans. With frigid temperatures, snow and freezing winds battering the nation this Winter, the importance of stopping this harmful and fraudulent regulation is coming more into focus.  Said 60 Plus Chairman and Founder Jim Martin:

“It is very disappointing to hear the President take credit for lower gas prices during the State of the Union address, when in reality, in both word and deed, he and his Administration have deliberately fostered policies which lead to higher energy prices. The CPP is another prime example aimed to fulfill his promise to make electricity prices skyrocket.

“More than 70% of America’s seniors live on a fixed income, which is not keeping pace with inflation.  The CPP amounts to nothing more than a ‘cruel power plan’ that will force millions of seniors to make devastating choices on whether they will spend their meager income on food, medicine or keeping their homes warm this winter. 60 Plus released a comprehensive energy study in October of last year that confirms these findings.

“Seniors already pay a disproportionate amount of their monthly income for energy, so raising their energy bill by up to 20% when so many already live on the edge of economic catastrophe is absolutely unconscionable and just one of many reasons these senseless, punitive regulations must be stopped.

“Seniors, like nearly all Americans, need economic and financial relief. Mr. Obama acknowledged at the State of the Union that lower energy prices put more money in our pockets. That he would praise lower energy prices on stage while working to raise them in the back rooms of Washington is a disgrace, and a truly cruel policy to peddle to seniors on fixed incomes, and Americans struggling paycheck to paycheck.”