Senate Budget Proposal Protects America’s Seniors and Restores Opportunity for Future Generations

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The 60 Plus Association, America’s largest center-right seniors group with over 7.2 million supporters, today issued a statement in support of the budget proposal of Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY), issued with the backing of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) which will balance the budget in 10 years, avoids tax hikes, protects current federal obligations and responsibilities, while setting the stage for full Death Tax repeal and the mechanism to replace Obamacare with a healthcare reform alternative.

Said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, “I don’t have one reason to support the Senate budget proposal, I have 18 trillion reasons to support it, represented by 18 trillion dollars in debt that we are leaving to future generations, a figure which compounds every second of every day.”

The Senate recently took  up a vote on President Obama’s $4 trillion dollar budget, and voted it down by 98-1 across party lines.

Added Martin, “Along with Sen. Thune’s (R-SD) Death Tax repeal proposal, and the reconciliation instructions included in this budget that allow for the repeal of Obamacare — which has been nothing short of a disaster for seniors with more pain to come — Sen. Enzi has set the right course for our nation. All Americans, young and old alike, have to live within their means, and it is high time the government, that should stand as a representative of the people and the values we have to live by, did the same.

“This Senate budget prioritizes our nation’s obligations to the poor and elderly, avoids taxes which kill jobs and cripple our economy, and sets our nation on a course to financial solvency. It is a responsible, well-conceived and long-overdue financial prescription that will benefit all Americans, and we are extremely thankful to the lawmakers who crafted it, and stand behind it.

“Seniors did not work their entire lives to have the federal government drown their children and grandchildren in debt, or to have their safety net cut out from under them. The Senate budget proposal protects America now and strengthens us for the future.”