Seniors Were Right: “Democrats Are Taking Away Our Doctors”

Jim Martin: “Obamacare asks, ‘Will the last doctor to leave please turn off the lights on the way out?'”

(Alexandria, Virginia) — Seniors’ concerns that Obamacare would take away their Medicare, steal their doctors and close their hospitals has been confirmed in recent weeks by news that thousands of doctors are having their Medicare Advantage contracts terminated, and as reported in U.S. News and World Report, many hospitals and healthcare centers are planning to vastly scale back insurance providers they accept, a further blow to seniors.

Last week in Boston at Faneuil Hall, Obama said, “For the vast majority of people who have health insurance that works, you can keep it,” and said claims by Obamacare critics regarding losing coverage is “grossly misleading.”  This brought a response from 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization with 7.2 million senior supporters, and the acknowledged alternative to the liberal AARP:

“President Obama called critics of Obamacare ‘grossly misleading,’ even though all of their fears are already coming true, and every promise Obama made has already been broken.  Within just one month of Obamacare’s launch, millions have been sent letters saying their insurance has been canceled, and millions of seniors are at risk of losing their doctors.  Seniors were right years ago when they feared that the Democrat-led healthcare law would rob them of their doctors

“Mr. President, it is not grossly misleading when a senior gets a letter in the mail saying the doctor who has been treating their cancer is no longer available to them, as has already been reported numerous times.  It is not grossly misleading when a doctor is shocked to receive a letter saying he is no longer able to care for his patients. Sadly you are the one who continues to mislead seniors by discredited claims that all is well in the land of Obamacare. ”

One Obamacare critics, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, warned back in August, “The chances are that soon [seniors] will open up the mail to the bad news that your Medicare Advantage . . . has been changed in a negative way for you because of Obamacare.”

Continued Martin, “Seniors always feared that Obamacare would rob them of their healthcare and the safety and security they counted on in their golden years, and now their worst fears are confirmed.  Come November of next year, seniors will not forget that President Obama and the Democrats stole their healthcare.”