The Chairman’s Blog

(Alexandria, VA January 8, 2018) Members of Congress have returned to Washington, DC and as they resume work, we have a message for them: Stop punishing seniors with the 2018 Obamacare Health Insurance tax.

This is a serious issue for seniors, costing couples enrolled in Medicare Advantage an average of $500 a year. That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is and today, we announced a new phase in our campaign to bring seniors the tax relief they deserve.

Our seven-figure, multi-media effort involves a new flight of television commercials, an aggressive social media campaign and comprehensive grassroots outreach encouraging seniors to contact their congressional representatives.

Although this Health Insurance Tax took effect on January 1, there’s a plan by which seniors can receive rebates on this Obamacare tax for 2018 and we aim to make that happen. But we need your voice to bring about this change.

The first step is to contact your Member of Congress. Here’s a link to help find your representative:

We’ll also be contacting tens of thousands of seniors by telephone, helping them make direct contact with Capitol Hill and add their voice to those of others who also want to receive a tax rebate while raising awareness of this Obamacare remnant through TV ads on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. Here’s a link to watch our new television spot:

60 Plus Calls on Congress to Roll Back 2018 Health Insurance Tax

Now, it’s time for Congress to act and return seniors the hard-earned money that the 2018 Health Insurance Tax has taken from them. Millions of seniors will receive rebate checks this year for hundreds of dollars each – $500 per couple – if Congress acts now.