Trump Delivers on Promise to Seniors With Rx Blueprint

Seniors rally to President Trump’s promised plan to lower drug costs

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (May 11, 2018) – 60 Plus Association Founder and Chairman James Martin Friday issued the following statement in support of President Trump’s Blueprint for helping seniors by lowering prescription drug costs.

“President Trump is really putting patients first. Friday’s announcement is a quantum leap forward in helping seniors better manage their health care and the cost of prescription drugs.

“President Trump’s free market reforms strike the right balance between keeping drug prices low while ensuring that drug makers are able to continue their innovative research and development of the next generation of life enhancing drugs.

“Seniors can rely on President Trump to get tough with foreign countries with socialized medicine and use that system to pay unfairly low prices for American drugs. These bad trade deals mean US drugmakers make up the difference by charging Americans more for drugs. That’s just wrong and it’s time to end this international freeloading,

“The Trump administration’s reforms have streamlined the FDA process for bringing more, lower-cost generic drugs to market, and saving patients $8.8 billion in the process. This is extremely important for millions of seniors who are trying to stretch their budgets to cover health care costs.

“Seniors will rally to President Trump and his drug plan for good reason. He’s keeping his promises to the American people.

“Donald Trump is once again changing the way Washington does business.”