60 Plus Calls on Congress to Roll Back 2018 Health Insurance Tax

Action Could Put Millions of Rebate Checks in the Hands of Seniors This Year

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (January 8, 2018) – 60 Plus Association Chairman and Founder Jim Martin Monday unveiled the next phase of the group’s seven-figure advertising and grassroots campaign aimed at rolling back the 2018 Health Insurance Tax.

“The 2018 Health Insurance Tax is driving up health care costs for seniors and it’s unacceptable,” said Martin. “Congress needs to act now, roll back this tax, and get those rebate checks into the hands of seniors.”

The Health Insurance Tax took effect on January 1 but Congress could reverse its impact by voting for Medicare Advantage enrollees to receive full rebates for the tax, which averages $500 per couple. The 60 Plus campaign includes television, digital, and grassroots activation and features a new ad scheduled to air on the Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC beginning today, January 8, 2018.

“It’s time to stop punishing seniors,” said Martin. “Congress needs to immediately halt this Obamacare remnant and provide Medicare Advantage enrollees with some much needed tax relief.”

The script of the television ad reads as follows:

“With the volume of news we hear today, sometimes important messages don’t get through.”

“If you’re a senior on Medicare Advantage, you’re going to pay even more for healthcare than you thought – because of the new 2018 health insurance tax on your Medicare.”

“The good news is – you can get your money back.”

“If Congress acts now, seniors with Medicare Advantage can get a $500 per couple rebate.”

“But first, Congress must roll back the 2018 health insurance tax.”

“Call Congress. Make sure they get the message that you want your Medicare health insurance tax rebate – now.”