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We’re the right alternative to AARP, protecting and serving seniors.
When it comes to navigating the tough issues like health care, Social Security and taxes, 60 Plus stands with you.

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    Founded in 1992, 60 Plus Association, the American Association of Senior Citizens is a 501c4 non-partisan, non-profit organization that advocates for seniors who believe in market-based solutions and are dedicated to protecting your right to freedom of speech and limited but effective government. We are committed to educating and advancing issues that matter most to seniors and their families such as protecting Social Security and Medicare, ensuring access to quality medical care, expanded educational options, lower taxes, retirement security, energy independence and permanently repealing the death tax.

    The 60 Plus Foundation is a 501c3 that engages in educating, outreach and assisting seniors across the country to understand and take advantage of the vital resources available to them at various levels.

    60 Plus has spent the past 30 years building our network of seniors nationwide with particular focus on educating them on issues that affect them, their children and grandchildren

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