Vital Speeches

Reflecting on 60 Years in Entertainment – Pat Boone to Address Heritage Foundation

1:00 PM on Wednesday, June 17 Singer, actor, television host, producer, songwriter, author, motivational speaker, advertising pitchman, radio personality, record company head, TV station owner, sports team owner, family man and humanitarian …

50 Years Later, 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin Reflects on JFK’s assassination

As a 27 year old political reporter at the time, Jim shares his remembrance of that tragic day in history. “America knew our nation had changed that day, yet nobody was exactly …

JFK 50 Years Later: Reflections from 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin

The eyes of Washington’s power brokers, once so confident and assured now seemed lost, aware that the world they knew would never return. The feeling inside the Capitol Rotunda could only be …

Comments of Jim Martin: Southern Christian Leadership Conference Legacy and Leadership Gala

CAPITAL HILTON, WASHINGTON, D.C. 8 PM, AUGUST 26, 2013 Thank you for having me here… My name is Jim Martin, Chairman and Founder of the 60 Plus Association based in Alexandria, Virginia …

Seniors And Global Warming

The Kyoto Treaty By James L. Martin “Good afternoon. I am president of a national, non-partisan senior citizens’ advocacy group, the 60 Plus Association. Our role is to look at public policy from the perspective of how it would assist seniors to better enjoy their golden years, and be free of the burden of government and higher taxes. Thus, we approach senior issues in expanding freedom for seniors, with less government and less taxes.”

Dying Should Not Be A Taxable Event

Eliminating The Federal Estate And Inheritance Taxes Testimony Of James L. Martin, President, 60 Plus Association, Delivered To The Senate Finance Committee, Senate Of Pennsylvania, Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Personalizing Social Security

Unplugging The Third Rail Address By James L. Martin, President, 60 Plus Association Delivered At A Seminar Sponsored By The 60 Plus Association On The 62nd Anniversary Of The Signing Of The Social Security Act