60 Plus Calls on Congress to Stop the Obamacare Health Insurance Tax on Seniors

Top Voice For Seniors Alerts Florida Seniors on Tax Hike

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (October 20, 2017) – 60 Plus Founder and Chairman James Martin Friday issued the following statement in reference to a planned tax increase on senior citizens who are Medicare and Medicare Advantage enrollees, and the group’s actions to inform seniors in Florida:

“Seniors are facing an enormous tax hike unless Congress acts to stop the Obamacare health insurance tax on seniors.

“The Obamacare health insurance tax on seniors will add an estimated $500 dollars to Medicare Advantage costs for a married couple. This is a staggering premium hike for someone on a fixed income. This scheme preys on the most vulnerable of America’s citizens and we have to block it.

“Everyone at 60 Plus is working to protect seniors from this Obamacare health care tax that targets seniors. Because of the large retired population in Florida, we are calling people in the Sunshine State to alert them to this cruel tax hike and plan to branch out to other states with large populations of vulnerable seniors.

“Congress has not yet been able to repeal Obamacare but we can stop the Obamacare health insurance tax on seniors. We need to protect the millions of families who live on a fixed income and cannot afford this massive bite from their monthly budget,” Martin concluded.