60 Plus Files Amicus Brief to Stop Disastrous EPA Regulation

(Alexandria, Virginia) — The non-partisan 60 Plus Association, America’s largest free-market seniors organization with over 7.2 million supporters, this week signed onto an Amicus Brief filed with the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit in the ongoing litigation over the EPA’s extreme Clean Power Plan (CPP).

60 Plus was joined by several other groups, including the Hispanic Leadership Fund, Independent Women’s Forum, National Taxpayers Union, Taxpayers Protection Alliance and Federalism in Action, groups who represent women, minorities, seniors and those who advocate for free-market solutions to help vulnerable individuals and families of various demographic backgrounds.

Said 60 Plus Vice President Matthew Kandrach, “While the Supreme Court’s recent decision to Stay the CPP is certainly a step in the right direction, we cannot be complacent with temporary victories. President Obama’s extreme environmental regulations ignores the interests of senior citizens, minority communities, and others among our most vulnerable populations. It presents an unprecedented challenge to those living on fixed incomes and on the margins of society.  By submitting this brief our goal is to ensure that the Court understands the economic devastation this rule will cause.”

With a hefty price tag of nearly $300 billion the (CPP) is the most expensive regulation ever imposed on the electricity sector in the U.S.. According to a study by economic consulting firm NERA, electricity rates in most states will rise by 10% if the plan is fully implemented, and 28 states could see peak-year electricity prices increase by 20%. These figures spell bad news for the nation as a whole, but minority groups and senior citizens will bear a disproportionate share of the burden.

Added Kandrach, “More than 70% of America’s seniors live on a fixed income, which is not keeping pace with inflation.  If allowed to stand the CPP will force millions of seniors to make devastating choices on whether they will spend their meager income on food, medicine or keeping their homes warm this winter.”

60 Plus released a comprehensive energy study in October of 2014 that PRESAGED these findings.

Concluded Kandrach, “The CPP is a massive overreach of federal authority and without a doubt will cause tremendous financial hardship for seniors and others who live on fixed incomes.  We are hopeful that the Court will agree with the conclusion reached in our amicus brief filing, vacate the Rule and end the threat to seniors’ health and well-being represented by this oppressive regulatory regime.”

Click here to read Amicus Brief to Stop Disastrous EPA Regulation.