60 Plus Launches New Ad Targeting Kind’s Record

EAU CLAIRE, WISC. – The 60 Plus Association, nationally recognized as the conservative alternative to the liberal AARP, today launched a new television ad that target’s Rep. Ron Kind’s record.

“Wisconsin seniors are being ignored by liberals in Washington like Rep. Ron Kind,” said Jim Martin, Chairman of 60 Plus.  “As a result of ObamaCare, one Medicare Advantage program has already been canceled and 22,000 seniors will be forced to find another form of coverage.  Unfortunately, I fear this is only the first of many.  Seniors don’t know why Rep. Kind supported a bill that cut $500 billion from Medicare, but they do know why they will be voting against him this election.”

This is the second in a series of ads in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District that 60 Plus has released.  A full transcript of the television ad can be found below or a video of the ad can be found by clicking here .



We warned Ron Kind not to do it… Not to vote for a big government health care bill… One that costs a trillion dollars… Raises taxes… And cuts $500 billion from Medicare… But Ron Kind sided with Nancy Pelosi – and did it anyway.  We may never know why Kind supported Pelosi over our seniors… But this November, when you vote against Ron Kind – he’ll know exactly the reason why.

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