60 Plus Supports the Death Tax Repeal Act Led by Rep Cammack and Rep Feenstra

Today, 60 Plus – The American Association of Senior Citizens applauds and fully supports the effort led by Rep. Kat Cammack and Rep. Randy Feenstra to repeal the Estate Tax, or more commonly known as The Death Tax. We have has been fighting to eliminate this tax for over 32 years and we strongly urge Congress to pass this legislation.

Over 99% of our nation’s two million farms and ranches and over 95% of our nation’s small businesses are owned and operated by individuals and families. This means that nearly every farmer and small business owner – from Iowa to Florida – is impacted by this onerous tax.

Regarding the Death Tax Repeal Act, Chairman Jim Martin said, “We are going to end the crushing, horrible, and unfair estate tax, or, as it is often referred to, the death tax. What that means, especially for small businesses that are tremendously important, is that they will be able to pass on the legacy to their family. The family will no longer have to run out and do a fire sale to try and get the money to pay this burdensome tax.”

President Saul Anuzis supports the effort adding, “We urge Congress to act swiftly on abolishing a tax that punishes grieving family members following the death of a loved one. It is vitally important that the Death Tax be formally and finally abolished, eradicating a tax that hurts family farms, ranches, and small businesses.”

The last thing a family needs is to receive a tax bill that threatens thier future and forces them to sell off their assets for Uncle Sam. This double tax must be eliminated immediately, and we will see to it that it is.

Read more about the Death Tax Repeal Act here: