60 Plus Tells EPA to Abandon CPP, AKA “Cruel Power Plan” for America’s Elderly

EPA endangering seniors’ lives with deliberate plan to cause their electricity and heating bills to skyrocket.

(Alexandria, Virginia) — America’s largest center-right seniors group today called on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to abandon it’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ (CPP) which will put extreme limits on energy plants’ carbon dioxide emissions leading to higher energy prices and reliance on more expensive forms of energy to heat homes this winter.

Supported by 7.2 million seniors nationally, the 60 Plus Association today urged the EPA to again abandon their harsh emissions proposals as the comment period for their implementation came to a close this week.  60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin issued the following statement:

Study after study has proven that the EPA’s CPP will drastically increase the cost of electricity, with brutal consequences for millions of America’s seniors, more than 70% of whom live on a fixed income that is not keeping pace with inflation.  The CPP amounts to nothing more than a ‘cruel power plan’ that will force millions of seniors to make devastating choices on whether they will spend their meager income on food, medicine or keeping their homes warm this winter.

“Research has proven that America’s more than 70% of seniors living on fixed incomes often have to choose between food, medicine and keeping the heat on during freezing winters such as the one right before us.  Seniors already pay a disproportionate amount of their monthly income for energy, so raising their energy bill by up to 20% in some states when so many already live on the edge of economic catastrophe is absolutely unconscionable and just one of many reasons these senseless, punitive regulations must be stopped.

“The Obama Administration, through the EPA, is attempting to do by regulation what it could not do by legislation.  This is clearly a “war on seniors,” for the reasons I have just enunciated.  Somebody has rightfully called these regulations a political power grab of America’s power grid for no environmental benefit whatsoever.  I agree and we will work to stop this costly war!”