60 Plus Urges Voters to Defend their Freedoms

Seniors group launches $4.1 million ad campaign in five battleground states

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The 60 Plus Association, nationally recognized as the conservative alternative to the liberal AARP, today launched a new $4.1 million ad campaign in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan.  As part of the buy that begins on November 1, 60 Plus will run a new ad “Defend,” which features Philip Storer, a veteran who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day.  Storer explains our freedoms are now threatened by a different force:  Washington’s crushing debt.

“Throughout their lives, the Greatest Generation fought to preserve freedom and protect America’s great promise of opportunity,” said Amy Noone Frederick, President of 60 Plus and Storer’s granddaughter.  “I am so proud that my grandfather – like so many seniors – volunteered to defend our nation and ensure his children were left an America that was stronger even than the one he inherited.  I now worry about my own children’s future, as the greatest threat to their freedoms comes not from a foreign foe, but from President Obama’s wasteful spending and crushing debt.  On behalf of the 60 Plus Association, I urge all Americans to fight for our constitutional freedoms at the ballot box and by doing so, preserve the American Dream for our children and future generations.”

In addition to “Defend,” 60 Plus will run the ad “Strengthen,” which features music legend and 60 Plus National Spokesperson Pat Boone discussing Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s different visions for Medicare.  To view a copy of “Defend,” please click here.  To view a copy of “Strengthen,” please click here.

State-By-State Breakdown

  • In Minnesota, 60 Plus will run the ads “Defend” and “Strengthen”  (Ad Buy:  $1.1 million)
  • In Wisconsin, 60 Plus will run the ad “Defend” (Ad Buy:  $871,000)
  • In Pennsylvania, 60 Plus will run the ads “Defend” and “Strengthen” (Ad Buy:  $750,000)
  • In Florida, 60 Plus will run the ad “Strengthen” (Ad Buy:  $900,000)
  • In Michigan, 60 Plus will run the ad “Defend” (Ad Buy:  $451,000)



D-Day, 1944.  Allied troops saved the world from oppression.

Philip Storer landed at Omaha Beach and helped change history.

We fought to protect our freedoms.  Today, our freedoms are threatened again – this time by wasteful spending and crushing debt.

This is your fight.  Will you leave your children a country as strong as the America you inherited?

November 6:  Defend your freedoms again.