A Sad Day for Seniors with Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling

Jim Martin, “Seniors will set this right in November, another ‘senior citizen tsunami’ will come ashore this November, just as it did in 2010.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – America’s seniors will once again be the critical voting bloc this November in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that the individual mandate requirement of President Obama’s ‘Affordable Care Act’ legislation does not violate the U.S. Constitution, a devastating decision to America’s seniors, who still overwhelmingly oppose the law.

“This law remains bad medicine, a Frankenstein monster stitched together by policy witch doctors and set on the American people against their will.  With his healthcare overhaul, the President in one fell swoop managed to eviscerate both America’s medical system and our treasured liberty.  But none of this would have been possible without the complicit help of the AARP, who ignored their own members and instead worked with the White House to pass this law, and in turn increase their profits by hundreds of millions of dollars.

“When people look back and ask ‘who was responsible?’ for this whole healthcare mess, they can start with the AARP, who could have helped change the bill or stop it.  Instead they gave political cover to the White House so they could line their own pockets.  This is absolutely disgraceful, bordering on the criminal, and should be investigated.

“In 2010 we saw a ‘senior citizen tsunami’ which came ashore and swept over 60 members of Congress out of office.  Well I have news for the White House, the AARP and the liberals in Congress who helped make all this possible; the senior tsunami is coming ashore again in 2012, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“Seniors will not tolerate having their futures betrayed by the AARP and their quest for the almighty dollar.  They will not sit idly by as Obamacare installs unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats to decide what life-saving procedures they can and can’t receive.  This healthcare bill was created in large part by slashing half a trillion dollars from Medicare, and is unflinching menace to the health and well being of every senior and every person who will be a senior one day.  Every day this law lives on is a day that threatens the health and well-being of every senior.

“From the word ‘go’ this law has been a towering monument to the failure of government that knows no limit.  The Supreme Court today disappointed millions.  The 2012 November elections will be a defining moment for our nation, mark my words this issue is far from over.”

– 30-