America Crack Open Your Piggy Banks – Obamacare Costs Revealed

60 Plus’s Jim Martin: “Can the FTC investigate a President for serial false advertising?”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – Another promise from Obamacare bites the dust with the release of a new report that finds that the President’s health care law will add $340 billion to our nation’s deficit, which currently run at over $1 trillion per year. Authored by Charles Blahous, a former Bush Administration official appointed by President Obama to serve as a trustee for Medicare and Social Security, the 52-page report outlines how actual costs of Obamacare will add to our national debt, despite Obama’s promise that his health care law would lower deficits.

Says Blahous in his report, “Taken as a whole, the enactment of the (health care law) has substantially worsened a dire federal fiscal outlook,” prompting a response from 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization with over 7.1 million senior supporters.

“America grab your wallets and hold on tight, we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg in the exorbitant and budget-busting government expenditure that is Obamacare. There have been so many false claims regarding Obamacare, the Federal Trade Commission’s ‘truth in advertising’ division should investigate,” said Martin. “Seriously — any drug maker, insurance company, nursing home or hospital that made so many false claims would have more government agents on them than ants at a picnic.

“Yes the White House is going to cast doubt on these new numbers, but given their track record on telling us the truth, it is not difficult to figure out who to believe.  We were told by the President that Obamacare would lower monthly insurance premiums, when in fact it has raised them. We were told that people would not lose their insurance or choice of doctor and that is already happening.

“America’s seniors were told it would strengthen Medicare, but we’ve already seen $500 billion in cuts to Medicare along with a proposed rationing board. The President also promised not to raise taxes on working people, but Obamacare hikes over 20 taxes.  If Obamacare survives, all Americans will be exercising more, by digging deep into our pockets to pay for this phony, bloated government take-over of our every health care decision.”