“Right to Peaceably Assemble” is granted. “Right to Vandalize, Destroy Public & Private Property, Assault, Injure, Kill, Inflict Fear, Public Nuisance & Hide – These & Other Criminal Behaviors Under Cover of Angry Mobs” is not.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” -H.L. Mencken

AN OPEN LETTER TO DEMOCRATS: I didn’t write this but I think whoever did raises some good questions. Ask a Democrat to explain how they can support today’s Democratic party…this is NOT your parent’s Democratic party…the loony progressive left is in control.


LET ME PREFACE this by stating that my entire family USED to be democrats…..

I just have a few questions for you….Let me start with, I already know you don’t like President Trump…that’s a given.

SO let’s move on from that…

How about the division of America…

Do you really blame Trump for that?

How about when NONE of the DEMOCRATS showed up for his inauguration? Don’t you think that started the division? He hadn’t even been president yet, and EXCEPT for Clinton and Obama, not one democrat showed up….Is that when Trump divided America? Can you imagine if the REPUBLICANS didn’t show up for Obama’s inauguration because they lost??? Can you even start to imagine what would have happened?

How about when 19 minutes after Trump was inaugurated, the Washington Post declared the IMPEACHMENT CAMPAIGN has STARTED? Was that when Trump divided America?

How about when Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s state of the union speech right in front of the world, showing complete disrespect for the President of the United States? Did that bring the country together and is THAT when Trump divided America?

How about when America had to endure 3 years and over 30 million dollars spent on trying to PROVE that Trump only won because of RUSSIAN COLLUSION and NOT because America voted him in and 17 democrats did EVERYTHING in their power to PROVE that there was Russian Collusion…and came up with ZERO?

Was THAT when Trump divided America?

I can’t even start to go over the NEGATIVE PRESS he’s received since his surprise win.

Remember the DONORS like Bloomberg who gave 27 million, Tom Steyer who gave 17 million, George Soros who gave 9 million and MANY MORE that gave MULTI-MILLIONS to Hillary, wanted a return on their investment…

Do you really think that donors give MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS just because they love Hillary?

NO, these weren’t campaign donations, they were INVESTMENTS into what HILLARY had promised them when she became president….

They were so sure she would win and they would be SHOWERED with HUGE RETURNS, and when it didn’t happen and they LOST all those millions, they went all out to TAKE TRUMP out of OFFICE by any means possible…

DID YOU KNOW that 90% of the Mainstream media, and the corporations that own them, are owned by or run by BIG DEMOCRAT DONORS? You can verify all of that for yourselves…I did… 

Since the moment Trump won, even before he was inaugurated, the mainstream media’s reporting was 92% negative on Trump, do you know why?

It was those big donors that lost their dream of MILLIONS of dollars, on their returns that they were going to receive when Hillary was president and they weren’t going to take that loss lightly…They needed to PUNISH TRUMP and those that VOTED HIM IN…

I’ve said this since the night he was elected..


There is NOTHING the left won’t do to take down our President, our country and us, no low they won’t go to, to get their power back, and sadly, we have seen this every single day since his election.

Let me ask you this…Have you ever listened to Trump or appreciated any accomplishment or campaign promises he’s kept? Have you ever gone to one of his rallies or have you just closed your mind to ANYTHING he does? 

Please ask yourselves the following questions, if you dare…

What has Joe Biden done for America for the last 47 years that he’s held an office?

What did Joe Biden ever do for BLACKS when HE and Obama were in office?

What has Joe Biden ever done in his entire life to create a private-sector job?

What has Joe Biden done to help the American middle class worker?

Let me also ask you this…Why do you think there are so many people tearing down statues, or burning the American flag, beating up police officers, disrespecting our founders and hating our country? It comes straight from our SCHOOLS that have slowly been tearing down our history…

If there is a teacher out there, please tell me the following…

Do you teach the truth that it was the DEMOCRATS who formed the KKK?

Do you teach them that the EXALTED CYCLOPS of the KKK was Robert Byrd, who was elected to congress and served for decades, and that it was Hillary, Bill, and Obama that gave his EULOGY praising him?

That the DEMOCRATS fought the Civil war to KEEP SLAVERY?

That the inner-city ghettos were created by DEMOCRATS to keep control of slaves after they were freed?

That planned parenthood was founded in inner cities to CONTROL the BLACK POPULATION?

Is any of this in your history books?

Let me ask you this as well…

Can a student speak up when he/she disagrees with a teacher when they say that Trump is a horrible president or the electoral college has to be eliminated? Don’t think so?

Well, I know a student that actually happened to…When the teacher said it had to be eliminated because Hillary lost, and he stated the reason it should stay, she ripped him apart, gave the entire class a 5 hour test, and stated it was because he DARED to disagree with her. Is that happening in your schools?

I’m only asking questions….I’d like your answers..

President Trump and his entire family has been vilified, demeaned and disrespected, for one reason and one reason only… HE WON

Have you noticed the DEMOCRATS only throw tantrums and OBJECT to everything he does and have NEVER ONCE gotten behind him to make America the best it can be?

WHY? They can’t afford to get behind him…he would WIN AGAIN, and they can’t let that happen….if he wins again, the Democrat party will be destroyed and they know it…

Did you notice that the “CAGES” the left claimed that Trump built to put Illegal children in, WERE BUILT BY OBAMA for the very purpose of PUTTING ILLEGAL CHILDREN IN?

Was THAT all over the news when Obama did it? The very same “CAGES”…but the media was silent!!

How about when Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence and was DEMONIZED 24/7 but NOT A WORD when Obama commuted 1715 inmates, which included 330 that he granted on his last day in office…

DID WE EVEN HEAR one WORD about it? Were there reporters even reporting it… NO! Just look at the difference in the reporting. By the way, since Trump’s been in office he’s commuted 11 people… compare that to Obama…Is that reporting fair?

How about when Biden and Obama allowed the H1N1, the SWINE FLU, to INFECT MILLIONS of Americans before declaring it a health emergency….

Was the press losing it’s minds and calling it the OBAMA FLU AND BLAMING OBAMA and BIDEN for the spread?


Compare this to the NEGATIVE COVERAGE that Trump got when he immediately halted travel from China when, in February, Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown and said come on down, or when de Blasio, in March, said ride the subways and go to Broadway… BUT those same people are blaming Trump for the spread of Coronavirus..


What have the DEMOCRATS done to help make America the best, to get behind a president that works tirelessly to care about WE THE PEOPLE instead of using us as political pawns..

What have the democrats done for people of color EXCEPT for GIVING ILLEGALS more rights than citizens and having us pay for it…

JUST imagine what this country could accomplish if the Democrats worked with him on the economy, the Coronavirus, the inner cities where he’s created opportunity zones, job training etc.

When Trump tried to get school choice for inner-city students they ran Betsy DeVos out!! The democrats running those inner city schools wanted no part of school choice.

Have you ever wondered why it’s cities that have been run, for decades, that have the MOST HOMELESS, the MOST CRIME, the most MURDERS, the worst INNER CITY schools, ARE ALL RUN BY DEMOCRATS???

If you haven’t started asking yourselves those questions, maybe you should..

As I said, my entire family used to be democrats, but NOT ONE will ever vote for a democrat again…. They asked themselves the same questions and the answers were clear….

 Signed…A Concerned American.

Obamagate: The weaponization of both domestic and foreign intelligence against a presidential campaign from a sitting administration solely for political purposes to prevent the smooth transition of power and weaken his presidency to limit his legislative successes.

That’s what Obamagate is all about…they spied, they lied and tried to cover it up.

This should NEVER happen to ANY American…there should be bipartisan outrage!!!

-Saul Anuzis

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The Silent Majority has a Chance?!?

Poll: Nearly Two-thirds of Americans Fear Sharing Their Political View

A new poll commissioned by the libertarian Cato Institute and released on Wednesday suggests that nearly two-thirds of Americans are afraid to share their political views.

According to the poll, 62% of Americans — and 77% of Republicans — are afraid to share their views. Even a majority of Democrats (52%) report that they are afraid to share their views.

The only group that feels they are free to share their views are “staunch liberals,” 58% of whom say they can do so.

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Portland protests have no goal except violence and anarchy

At the end of May, rioting and looting broke out in Portland, Ore., as it did in dozens of other American cities in response to the police-involved death of George Floyd. In one night, hundreds of rioters ravaged downtown, breaking into jewelry stores, the mall and banks. They left a trail of broken windows and fires in their wake. That was seven weeks ago. And while violent protests have ebbed or stopped everywhere else, it has continued and grown stronger in Portland.

For 58 days, mass protests and riots have taken over parts of the city. Some streets and areas are literal “no-go zones” at night — either blocked by fires or teams of “guards.”

Day after day, hundreds and even thousands take to the streets and claim the territory as theirs. They cycle through a number of chants like “All cops are bastards” and “F- -k the police.” A large number of them participate in violent criminal acts such as arson and assault. They’ve made it a game to lure law-enforcement officers out of buildings so they can assault them with blinding lasers, paint, rocks and other weapons.

Link to Full Article…

No, it’s not ‘fascism’ to protect federal property from riots, revolutionaries

Are the images of lawlessness and disorder pouring out of Portland, Ore., and the gun violence and crime waves overtaking New York and Chicago going to have a negative impact on the rising political fortunes of the left?

They might. Hence the effort to frame the deployment of federal law enforcement to Portland and elsewhere as the emergence of American “fascism.”

Let’s be clear here: There are federal law-enforcement agents “deployed” in every city in the United States, and feds tasked with the protection of federal buildings in those cities. Local and federal officers work together on task forces on a daily basis on matters that cross jurisdictional lines.

Only the most radical among us, from the far left to the far right, see a fundamental problem with this — and generally speaking, that’s because they believe law enforcement is itself inherently unjust.

Given that fact — and the fact that it’s usually liberals and leftists who demand federal intervention in local law-enforcement issues (especially those having to do with race) — we have every right to wonder at the good will of those who are suddenly embracing the glories of states’ rights.

Link to Full Article…

Joe Biden’s disastrous plans for America’s suburbs

If you live in the suburbs or you’re a city dweller eyeing a move to a quiet cul-de-sac where your kids can play outside, you need to know about Joe Biden’s plan for a federal takeover of local zoning laws.

The ex-veep wants to ramp up an Obama-era social engineering scheme called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing that mercifully barely got underway before President Trump took office, vowing to stop it.

Biden’s plan is to force suburban towns with single-family homes and minimum lot sizes to build high-density affordable housing smack in the middle of their leafy neighborhoods — local preferences and local control be damned.

Starting in 2015, President Barack Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development floated a cookie-cutter requirement for “balanced housing” in every suburb. “Balanced” meant affordable even for people who need federal vouchers. Towns were obligated to “do more than simply not discriminate,” as a 2013 HUD proposal explained. Rather, towns had to make it possible for low-income minorities to choose suburban living and provide “adequate support to make their choices possible.”

Link to Full Article…

FBI Notes Refute NYT Story, Highlight Media Collusion In Russia Hoax

The New York Times in 2017 falsely reported that the Trump campaign had ‘repeated’ contacts with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 campaign, and instead of being held accountable for publishing lies, the story’s authors received Pulitzer prizes.

he FBI’s public posture and leaks at the time supported the now-discredited conspiracy theory that led to the formation of a special counsel probe to investigate the Trump campaign and undermine his administration.

“We have not seen evidence of any individuals affiliated with the Trump team in contact with [Russian Intelligence Officials]. . . . We are unaware of ANY Trump advisors engaging in conversations with Russian intelligence officials,” former FBI counterespionage official Peter Strzok wrote of the Feb. 14, 2017 New York Times story “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.” That story, which was based on the unsubstantiated claims of four anonymous intelligence officials, was echoed by a similarly sourced CNN story published a day later and headlined “Trump aides were in constant touch with senior Russian officials during campaign.”

Strzok’s notes are the latest factual debunking of these stories, which were previously shown to be false with the release of Robert Mueller’s special counsel report finding no evidence whatsoever in support of the Hillary Clinton campaign assertion that Trump affiliates colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. A report from the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General on just one aspect of the investigation into Russia collusion — FBI spying on Trump campaign affiliates — also debunked these news reports.

Link to Full Article…

The FBI’s Dossier Deceit

The Justice Department’s release of documents from the Obama Administration’s 2016-17 Trump-Russia investigation is beginning to paint a picture, and the more we learn the worse the FBI looks.

The latest evidence comes from Friday’s declassification via the Senate Judiciary Committee of the FBI’s interviews, over three days in January 2017, with the primary source for the infamous Steele dossier. The bureau used the dossier’s accusations as the basis for four warrants to surveil Trump aide Carter Page during the 2016 campaign and early months of the Trump Presidency. The 57 pages of notes from the source interviews make clear that the FBI knew the dossier was junk as early as January 2017.

ustice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz disclosed some of this in his December report on the FBI’s surveillance warrants, but the interview transcript adds more color—as in red for embarrassment.

Former British spy Christopher Steele, whose dirt-digging was financed by the Hillary Clinton campaign, based nearly all of his dossier allegations on information from one unidentified “primary subsource.” The FBI didn’t corroborate the Steele dossier’s claims prior to its first application to surveil Mr. Page in October 2016, and it didn’t get around to interviewing the source until nearly four months later.

Link to Full Article…

FBI knew ‘collusion’ was a nothing-burger, but kept fake scandal alive anyway

‘We have not seen evidence of any individuals affiliated with the Trump team in contact with [Russian intelligence officers].”

How much wasted time on pointless investigations could have been prevented had Peter Strzok, then one of the FBI’s top counterintelligence officials who was spearheading the Bureau’s Trump-Russia investigation, said this publicly one month into President Trump’s term?

But no, it was a private note by Strzok, for consumption within the FBI, to debunk a Feb. 14, 2017, New York Times article. The news story, a compilation by five of the Times’s top reporters, working four unnamed sources (the usual “current and former American officials”), claimed that members of the Trump campaign had “repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials” before the 2016 election.

This was false. Just as important, the FBI knew it was false.

Link to Full Article…

Portland’s Pottery Barn Rule

When it comes to committing American troops abroad, Donald Trump adheres to the Pottery Barn rule: You break it, you own it. The rule, according to Bob Woodward, was invoked in 2002 by Secretary of State Colin Powell to warn George W. Bush about the consequences of invading Iraq.

“You are going to be the proud owner of 25 million people,” Mr. Powell told the president. “You will own all their hopes, aspirations and problems. You’ll own it all.”

Because President Trump believes such concerns aren’t America’s business, he has been reluctant to involve U.S. troops abroad. So it’s surprising that he now appears eager to intervene in the mostly Democratic-run American cities that have been wracked by chaos, shootings and destruction in the weeks since George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police.

“Take back your city now. If you don’t do it, I will,” the president tweeted about Seattle back in June. The other day he likened cities plagued by unrest to “war zones,” and promised that Attorney General William Barr would be announcing something this week. The danger is that, even with clear legal justification, if he sends federal officers to do a job local law enforcement should be doing, and does it against the wishes of local mayors and governors, under the Pottery Barn rule he will quickly be blamed for problems he did not create even as he relieves those who did create them of any responsibility.

Link to Full Article…

Barr Drops a Reality Check About Black Homicide, Violent Crime

Speaking during an event at the White House Wednesday afternoon, Attorney General Bill Barr explained in detail the important role federal law enforcement has played in significantly reducing violent crime around the country. 

“The first duty of government is to protect the safety of our citizens. And we’re here to explain the initiative to combat rising violent crime in a number of our cities. Our goal is to help save lives. The principle danger to the lives of our inner city communities is violent crime. The leading cause of death for young black males is homicide. Each year approximately 7500 black Americans are the victims of homicide. Every one of those lives matter,” Barr said. 

“In 1992 violent crime, nationwide, was double what it is today and it was at that time that federal law enforcement turned its attention to this kind of violent crime. Before that, the federal government didn’t really play that much of a role in it,” he continued. “But we started to attack violent crime in conjunction with state and local government. It was at that time, for example, that the FBI set up its gang, anti-gang task forces throughout the United States and we started using our strong federal laws that permit us to target those that use guns to kill others and those that are involved in gang activity. Our approach was to set up anti-violent crime task forces in the cities to enforce federal law and take the shooters and the chronic violent criminals off the streets. We helped pay for state and local officers to join these task forces so we could leverage our strength and this approach was extremely successful in the intervening decades in driving crime down.” 

Link to Full Article…

Federal Agents ‘Do Not’ Need Permission To Go Into Cities To Enforce Federal Laws – Here’s Why

Donald Trump made a statement yesterday that he was sending federal forces into Chicago. He didn’t take the easy way, he took the right way. Many people around him have been giving him advice to stay out of local jurisdictions and just let the American people see the chaos and slaughter of innocents.

A 3-year-old girl was shot in the face on Wednesday in South Shore Chicago while riding in the family car. The politicians in Chicago have allowed this to happen. That 3-year-old girl had rights. What if, God forbid, she doesn’t make it? That’s a lifetime stolen from us. Yes, us, society.

Life means very little to the animals who would recklessly shoot in the direction of a car driving by and hitting a little girl in the face. If she died, by normal standards that 3-year-old girl would have lived to at least 70. If she doesn’t make it, that’s 67 years stolen from her. That means no cherished memories for her parents. No birthday parties, no Christmas mornings, never knowing the fun of Halloween, of her first dance, wearing a prom dress. It means no going to college. No getting married and having children of her own. No grandchildren. No memories of a life well lived, because some Democrats refuse to do their jobs and protect the people of their cities.

Link to Full Article…

‘Cold War’ Beautifully Depicts The Personal Costs Of Communism

Every so often, a film shows the depth of communism’s personal costs in a poignant and beautiful way. So it is with ‘Cold War,’ a masterpiece from Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski, nominated for three Academy Awards.

Conservatives often struggle to portray the true cost of socialism in terms of freedom and wasted opportunity. For a generation that doesn’t remember the Cold War or the joyful celebrations when the Berlin Wall collapsed, communism’s tremendous personal cost to millions of lives is no longer obvious.

Every so often, a film comes along that shows the depth of those costs in a poignant and beautiful way. So it is with the movie “Cold War,” a masterpiece from Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski, nominated for three Academy Awards and now available to stream on Amazon (free for Prime members). The movie tells the story of a couple caught between the iron grip of Communism on their home country and their artistic ambitions, deprived of the chance to be both authentic and free.

If we forget about the setting of “Cold War”—Poland in the early 1950s, under imposed Communist rule—the movie could be merely a beautifully shot film about two artists who share a tumultuous love story. Wiktor (Tomasz Kot) is an older composer and pianist, and the director of the Mazowsze (called Mazurka in the movie), the real-life famous Polish song-and-dance ensemble that popularized folk songs in the region. Zula (Joanna Kulig) is a younger singer, a talented upstart with a troubled and abusive family past that made the Mazurka her unlikely route to artistic success.

Link to Full Article…

Science And Data Say School Reopening Is Safe, So Why Do Democrats Oppose It?

Although the majority of parents in America are concerned about their children falling behind due to the closure of schools over COVID-19, the split over whether or not to open schools is purely a partisan choice. According to market research and public opinion group Ipsos, 78 percent of Democrats oppose re-opening schools while 79 percent of Republicans support the decision.

Schools have been closed nationwide since the coronavirus outbreak began in the United States in early to mid-March. Since then, scientific research has largely reached a consensus regarding the safety for school-aged children, encompassing all parts of the COVID-19 threat including their risks of development and rates of transmission.

According to the Foundation for Research of Equal Opportunity, maintaining the closure of schools poses expansive threats to the mental, emotional, and physical health of children and their family than the reopening schools could.

Link to Full Article…

Fauci Responds; Busted: People Aren’t Happy With Dr. Fauci’s Mask Hypocrisy

Dr. Fauci says he was dehydrated and therefore, pulled his mask down. 

“I had my mask around my chin. I had taken it down. I was totally dehydrated and I was drinking water trying to rehydrate myself. And, by the way, I was negative COVID literally the day before,” Fauci told Fox News Friday morning. 

Link to Full Article…

The New York Times’ Dark History of Slave Ownership

Now, there has been a startling revelation that the family that owns The New York Times were slave owners. Bertha Levy Ochs, mother of Adolph Ochs, the former publisher and owner of The New York Times, supported slavery and the Confederacy during the Civil War. She was caught while smuggling medicine in a baby carriage for the South.

In total, at least three members of the Ochs family fought for slavery.

According to Michael Goodwin, Adolph Och’s support of the pro-slavery South was evident in an editorial in 1990 for the Chattanooga Times, which described the Democratic Party, which he supported, as “may justly insist that the evils of negro suffrage were wantonly inflicted on them.”

Link to Full Article…