Are Democrats Overplaying Their Hand?!?

Debt Ceiling Debate: It’s a problem. The Republicans are willing go along with an increase in the debt ceiling with some cuts in discretionary spending. Biden and the Democrats want NO cuts… just more spending.

The Biden/Progressive wing of the party has gone all in on the concept that if you rob Peter (you the taxpayer) to pay Paul (some voters) you can normally count on Paul’s support.

We are over $31 Trillion dollars in debt…that’s some $90,000 for every American. This is a problem just waiting to blow up. Not to mention how unfair this is to our children and grandchildren just because we are NOT willing to live within our means.

Bidengate Exposed: It just keeps getting worse. Facts, emails, testimony, whistleblowers, and more keep coming to light that make it clear that there is a serious problem with how President Biden and the Biden family play/use/abuse government.

Russiagate was a political hoax.

The Biden family received foreign money to influence/affect policy.

Biden’s laptop was NOT a Russian false flag operation.

…and it goes on.

If these allegations are proven, we have a crisis that is far greater than Watergate and a deep state willing to abuse their power to manipulate the process.

Stay vigilant. Voting matters. Voting has consequences and today’s Democratic Party is NOT the party of John F. Kennedy or my parents. The Progressive Liberals have successfully highjacked the party and are pushing an agenda on multiple fronts that is changing the fabric of our country.

Please stay engaged!

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This week: Debt Ceiling deadline comes down to the wire, Bernie endorses Biden for president, and Matt Gaetz teams up with AOC?! Yes!

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Biden demands clean lipstick for his spending pig

In arguing with Republicans over raising Washington’s legal debt limit, President Joe Biden tries to make a virtue of intransigence.

House Republicans passed a bill 217-215 last week to raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion and cut deficit spending by $4.8 trillion over 10 years. It’s the only legislation that exists to avoid default, which Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned Monday could come as early as June 1. Yet, while declining even to consider it, the Biden Democrats say it is Republicans who are leading the nation off a cliff.

But consider the facts. Deficit spending adds to debt — sorry to state the obvious — and since we’re already $31.4 trillion in hock, it’s logical and balanced to deal with them together. Republicans have done their part by agreeing to raise the ceiling so the U.S. doesn’t default on what it owes lenders. Simultaneously, they ask reasonably for parallel bipartisan efforts to reduce spending so the nation will live more nearly within its means over the next decade.

But Biden and his party refuse point-blank, feign outrage at the very suggestion, and demand a blank check. They say Republicans must accept the full faith and credit of the Democratic Party (of all improbable things), lift the debt limit with no strings attached, and accept on trust the Biden gang’s assertion that it will go along with spending restraint in separate budget talks.

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Biden’s green tax breaks for the rich driving nation deeper into red

The massive pile of green tax breaks Joe Biden jammed into the Inflation Reduction Act will cost multiples of the original sticker price — further imperiling America’s fiscal future. 

The list price for IRA’s green tax breaks was $271 billion over the next decade.

Horrible enough, but the reality is far worse.

New analyses show the cost to be far higher.

Goldman Sachs pegs the true number at north of $1 trillion (yes, you read that right), while bean-counters at the Brookings Institution — hardly a friend of the GOP — peg it at $780 billion.

What’s driving the vast difference between the stated cost and the true number?

In large part, tax credits around electric vehicles and advanced manufacturing — two industries beloved by wealthy Dems, and rife with politically connected executives. 

Goldmans Sachs sees the EV credit exploding from a projected cost of $14 billion to almost $393 billion, an increase of 2,700%. The Brookings figure is almost identical. 

What’s driving the vast difference between the stated cost and the true number?

In large part, tax credits around electric vehicles and advanced manufacturing — two industries beloved by wealthy Dems, and rife with politically connected executives. 

Goldmans Sachs sees the EV credit exploding from a projected cost of $14 billion to almost $393 billion, an increase of 2,700%. The Brookings figure is almost identical. 

In advanced manufacturing, it skyrockets from $31 billion to $193 billion, a jump of 522%.

This absolutely blows up the absurd claim that the IRA will have a net negative impact on our federal deficit over the next 10 years — even with the law’s massive new tax hikes.

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Did FBI’s Censorship Liaison Hide Colleagues’ Connection To The Hunter Biden Scandal?

A close analysis of the Missouri v. Biden court filings suggests the FBI is not being forthright in identifying the players involved.

vidence is mounting that both the Biden campaign and the federal government interfered in the 2020 election by running an info op to convince voters the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Missouri and Louisiana have unearthed some of the most damning evidence in their First Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration, but a close analysis of the court filings suggests the FBI is not being forthright in identifying the players involved.

As part of the lawsuit Missouri and Louisiana’s attorneys general initiated, the states obtained limited initial discovery. Among other things, the plaintiffs obtained a list of government officials who communicated with Twitter about so-called content moderation and the deposition testimony of Elvis Chan, the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Francisco Cyber Branch.

In his deposition, Chan testified that he is one of the “primary” FBI agents who communicates with social media companies about so-called disinformation. During the 2020 election cycle, Chan coordinated meetings between the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) and at least seven of the major tech giants, including Meta/Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube, Yahoo!/Verizon Media, and Microsoft/LinkedIn. Those meetings occurred at first quarterly and then monthly and weekly as the election neared. 

In questioning Chan, attorneys representing Missouri and Louisiana pushed him on several points related to the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop. The lawyers succeeded in eliciting testimony from Chan that the FBI regularly raised the possibility of “hack and dump” operations with senior officials at the various tech companies. Those discussions included the FBI warning the companies of a potential hack-and-leak occurring shortly before the 2020 election, like the Democratic National Committee hack and WikiLeaks that occurred in 2016.

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Yes, Trump Can Win Again

The persistent naysayers need to take a lesson from Reagan.

As Ronald Reagan might say — there they go again.

The “they” this time around is the Never Trump chorus insisting that not only can’t former President Donald Trump win the 2024 election, but he shouldn’t even be trying.

Whether it’s Bush-cheerleader Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal, or, in the same place, Ruth R. Wisse, a professor emerita at Harvard University, or the esteemed Andrew C. McCarthy over at National Review, or more scattered over the political landscape, the Trump naysayers are out in force, predicting, of course, that the former president’s reelection bid is dead in the water — or should be, if it isn’t already.

And they would be wrong. As this CBS News/YouGov poll of a Trump–DeSantis battle shows, Trump is rolling along in the polls, with a 36-point lead over the Florida governor.

It is important here to note the hard reality of American politics. When anyone — say again, anyone — gets the Republican nomination for president, the media and its Democratic Party allies will absolutely pillory that GOP nominee, whether it’s Trump or anyone else.

Curiously, in setting up his anti-Trump case, Rove unintentionally makes this point exactly. His column is titled “Will Trump Prove to Be Another Romney?” Describing what happened when Mitt Romney began to gain traction to win the 2012 GOP nomination, he writes:

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National Rifle Association alive and thriving, 5 million members strong

Those who have been busily predicting the demise of the National Rifle Association must have been shocked earlier this month as more than 77,000 NRA members flocked to Indianapolis for the group’s annual meeting.

It was the largest turnout in years and, according to virtually everyone present, one of the most successful ever. The NRA signed up more new members this year than in previous years, vendors sold more guns, gear and hunting trips than most could remember, and even many of the reporters covering it noted the upbeat feeling that prevailed through the three-day gathering.

Anyone who has followed the reporting on the NRA’s troubles over the last couple of years could be forgiven for believing that the gun rights group is at death’s door. Media reports have focused on New York Attorney General Letitia James‘ efforts to deliver on her campaign promise to destroy the NRA. To accomplish this, she has weaponized her office and launched a legal jihad against the group and Wayne LaPierre, its longtime executive vice president. It’s been going on since she took office as anti-Second Amendment activists in Congress and the media have cheered her on.

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Heritage scholar flips script on Sen. Whitehouse with reference to all-White private beach club

A Heritage Foundation scholar who makes frequent appearances as a Republican witness in congressional testimony called out Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., for his reported membership in an all-White beach club in response to the senator’s criticism of the Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, director of the Center for Energy, Climate, and Environment at The Heritage Foundation, also noted that Whitehouse’s personal wealth has ties to the fossil fuel industry after Whitehouse attacked her employer for taking money from oil and gas companies. 

“I don’t have the benefit of being able to rely on a family fortune made in the Minnesota gas business, or having my spouse’s family fortune come from United Gas,” Furchtgott-Roth told Whitehouse on Wednesday at a Senate Budget Committee hearing titled, “Who Pays the Price: The Real Cost of Fossil Fuels.”

“And The Heritage Foundation is a club that anyone can join, not just White people,” she added. “During 2021, it had hundreds of thousands of individual, foundation and corporate supporters representing every state in the United States.”

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NATO Spending by Country

NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a military alliance between countries in Europe and North America. It was formed in 1949 after the end of World War Two with the purpose of mutual defense and security. NATO seeks to promote peace through diplomacy and with the knowledge that an attack against one of the thirty NATO countries is considered an attack against all. The organization held a crucial role during the Cold War, and after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, was involved in military operations in the Balkans, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  

The organization is financed by its members’ contributions. During NATO’s 2014 summit in Wales, NATO countries met to agree on what financial commitment member countries could spend toward NATO. While the agreement is not binding and lacks the weight of law, the summit members agreed to contribute at least 2% of their gross domestic product (“GDP”); however, not all countries are meeting their contribution goal.

Learn more about NATO spending by country by exploring the data in the map and charts.

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‘Premeditated and admitted lie’: Intel pros slam Biden laptop letter after bombshell revelation

In a rare and candid email exchange between two former CIA bosses, Michael Morell told John Brennan in October 2020 that he was organizing a letter of 51 intel experts claiming the emergence of the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian influence operation because he wanted to give Joe Biden’s campaign a “talking point to push back on” Donald Trump during the last presidential debate of the 2020 election, according to documents obtained by Just the News.

Brennan, who served as CIA director under President Barack Obama, willingly agreed to sign the letter after being told of its political intentions. “Ok, Michael, add my name to the list,” Brennan wrote Morell on Oct. 19. 2020. “Good initiative. Thanks for asking me to sign on.”

The email exchange provides damning new proof supporting House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan’s explosive revelation last week that the now-infamous intelligence letter — which was portrayed by news media, fact checkers and Big Tech as an independent and organic initiative by security experts — was in fact a political effort by U.S. spies instigated and assisted by Biden’s campaign in an effort to influence the 2020 election.

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