60 Plus Applauds New Social Security Proposals

Statement By 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin

Arlington, VA — The President’s leadership for Social Security reform is beginning to pay dividends.

In recent days, legislative proposals put forward by Senators’ Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Robert Bennett (R-UT) as well as Congressmen Sam Johnson (R-TX), Jim McCrery (R-LA), Clay Shaw (R-FL) and Paul Ryan (R-WI) all suggest reform is beginning to take root.

While the 60 Plus Association continues to be a strong proponent for personal retirement accounts (PRAs) within the reformed system, any movement towards real reform is a welcome one.

60 Plus knows that Social Security will always be there for today’s seniors. But with reform, we will continue to support legislation that gives younger workers the option of PRAs which we believe, like the President, will put the program on a path to long-term financial stability, so that we may avoid having to raise taxes on employers or employees.

Since everything being proposed for the long-term viability of Social Security continues to come from members of the Republican Party, we encourage the other side of the aisle to stop all the negativity and get on with the process of long-overdue and meaningful reform.

It’s the wave of the future. Look around the globe, if you will. More than two dozen countries are already on the path to permanently saving Social Security for future retirees.”