Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied!

Seniors’ Demand Senate Carries Out Constitutional Duty

Statement By James L. Martin

Washington, DC – “Justice delayed is justice denied. Our Federal Judiciary continues to face a crisis — too many vacancies. And who suffers? Senators, you ask? No, not Senators who, unfortunately, are playing politics, present company excluded. Thank you, Senator Specter, for your outstanding leadership.

Instead, it’s the people of America who suffer. For an efficient system of justice, nominees for judicial appointments deserve to be voted on, up or down, but voted on.

So specifically, on behalf of millions of seniors, I urge the Senate to vote to confirm Judge Leslie Southwick, President Bush’s nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, that is the states of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Judge Southwick has earned the American Bar Association’s highest possible rating, normally considered the gold standard by Democrats. Ironic that the ABA, which often treats conservative judicial nominees unfairly, gave Judge Southwick this highest endorsement…how? Unanimously!

He is also a courageous Iraq War veteran. In 2003, the Judge volunteered to serve in Iraq with the Mississippi National Guard. At age 54, his unit went to Iraq where the Judge served until age 56. Well, this old Marine and head of a national seniors organization both acknowledges and salutes Judge Southwick’s service to his country; his willingness to volunteer and go into harm’s way at that somewhat advanced age is an indication of his strong character and patriotism.

There’s been plenty of time to study his record; his credentials are sterling. It’s high time for the Senate to vote, up or down. He’s earned it.”