Biden Plans Bode Ill For Seniors

From energy to Medicare, Joe Biden’s proposals are “catastrophic”

60 Plus Association President Saul Anuzis and Founder and Chairman Jim Martin issued a joint statement the following statement following the final presidential debate:

“America saw Joe Biden’s prickly side Thursday night when he was forced to defend his past statements on banning fracking. While denying his past promises to ban fracking, Joe Biden doubled-down and is now threatening to close the entire oil industry. 

If seniors on a fixed income think they’re paying a lot to heat or cool their homes now, just wait until Joe Biden and Kamala Harris shut down the oil industry. Getting rid of affordable, reliable energy would crush seniors by stretching thin household budgets to the breaking point. 

Even more frightening, Americans last night got their first glimpse of ‘BidenCare’, which appears to be nothing more than a re-branded Medicare For All plan promoted by Bernie Sanders. Call it whatever you want but socializing health care means Medicare For None. 

Seniors have paid into Medicare their entire working lives and rely upon it for their health. Expanding the program to the entire nation would destroy it. Seniors should be very concerned about what Joe Biden is promising. His proposals are worrisome at the very least and catastrophic at worst.”