Biden’s Debt Bomb Threatens America

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” – St. John Paul II

Debt Bomb: Biden and virtually EVERY Democrat is attempting to launch a huge debt bomb…at EVERY working American household. It’s fiscal insanity. NO working American household would act this way with their credit.

Biden and the Democrats are using YOUR credit card to charge a whole bunch of “feel good” things that YOU can’t afford and then are going to walk away and leave YOU with the bill.

Their theory, if you rob Peter to pay Paul, you’ll be able to count on Paul’s support. But, to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, eventually even the government runs out of other people’s money. The question is, are American voters that dumb?!?

Ask the tough questions. Call you member of Congress and your Senators. Raise your concern for you children and grandchildren getting stuck with this debt.

PLEASE read the story below entitled “Why Aren’t Americans Protesting in the Streets?”

Another Crazy Idea from Biden: A global minimum corporate tax?!? Why in the world would the United States give up its sovereignty and take a step close to a New World Order. Biden and his progressive left allies are all into globalization. Open our borders, let the Chinese influence foreign policy while America pays the bills.

This “tax treaty” with 135 countries is an affront to America’s independence and economic power. Congress should stand up to the globalist agenda and put America first…before it’s too late.

I Am A Domestic Terrorist: A friend Erik Levine wrote an essay that he gave me permission to share entitled “I Confess: I Am A Domestic Terrorist.”

It’s worth a read…please scroll down and check it out.

Saul Anuzis

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Dems own Biden failures – they’ll run but they can’t hide from policy fiascos

Almost everything administration touches spirals out of control: spending, inflation, COVID, crime.

As the natural consequences of bad public policy continue their inevitable assault on the American economy, Democrats with national ambitions are going to be increasingly reluctant to let voters pin Joe Biden’s tail on their donkey. This may help explain why the president is not getting a lot of help, even from his own inner circle.

We aren’t getting the plans we were promised. Instead, we’re getting thin smoke and faded mirrors that aren’t fooling anyone. Joe Biden may be aging and confused, but what’s the excuse for Vice President Harris’ failure to address the border crisis, Secretary Buttigieg’s failure to contain the shipping crisis, or Secretary Blinken’s failure to bring Americans home from a war zone?

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe last week said the quiet part out loud at a Virginia virtual campaign rally. “We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington. As you know, the president is unpopular today, unfortunately, here in Virginia, so we have got to plow through.”

No kidding. 

Almost everything this administration has touched has spiraled out of control: spending, inflation, the pandemic, crime, supply chains, terrorism – the list goes on. But the people Biden has chosen to oversee these problems are either AWOL or in full-on spin mode.

No one believes a bill with a $3.5 trillion price tag will cost them zero. No one believes the border is closed, that inflation is transitory, that taxes won’t go up, that border crossers are here for a temporary stay, or that climbing gas prices are a coincidence. Despite Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki’s prevarications, we all know there are thousands of helpless Americans and SIV holders trapped in Afghanistan, and that this administration has no plans to get them out.  

We’re expected to believe everything is going according to plan – and maybe it is, given the Christmas-list of far-left policies being pushed – but it’s not a plan that is likely to propel ambitious young Democrats to greater heights. We can’t afford to let Biden’s handpicked inner circle distance themselves from the disastrous presidency they enabled.

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Biden down to 36%, ‘sinking like the Titanic’

President Joe Biden’s crashing polling numbers appear to have no end as he fumbles with the border crisis, a 13-year high in inflation, and the threat of empty toy shelves on Christmas Eve.

In a new Zogby Poll just provided to Secrets, the first-year president has hit another job performance low, 36.4%.

“Our latest polling shows President Biden with a 36% positive job performance rating (excellent-15% and good-21% combined), while his negative rating is 61% (fair-19% and poor-42% combined),” pollster Jonathan Zogby of Zogby Analytics told us.

Worst of all, women are abandoning the president, followed by independents — voters critical to helping lobby for his $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending plan and $1.2 trillion infrastructure program.

“Women voters are abandoning ship. Biden needs to improve his polling numbers with women or Democratic leaders risk losing the 2022 midterm election,” said Zogby.

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Why Aren’t Americans Protesting in the Streets? Biden’s Debt Bomb.

No one seems to care that Democrats are walking us into a fiscal catastrophe.

Here’s a question for any American who is capable of thinking past next week: Why, in the ever-loving hell, are you not out in the streets, protesting peacefully against what the Democrats in Washington are trying to do to the federal budget?

Seriously, what is wrong with you? Why aren’t you calling for town halls? Why aren’t you forming committees? Why aren’t you calling Congress and demanding that it stop? Judging by its current behavior, the federal government has decided to completely give up on reality. But you haven’t, right?


What the Democrats are trying right now would be nothing short of a catastrophe. The president’s approval rating is around 43 percent — and dropping. His party holds a 50–50 Senate, it has a cushion of just three seats in the House of Representatives, and it enjoys no obvious mandate beyond “not being Donald Trump.” We are not in the middle of a recession, or a crisis, or a war. And, in the last 18 months alone, we have spent an extra $6 trillion on top of an already-bloated budget — a sum that, when adjusted for inflation, comes to more than one-and-a-half times what we spent on World War II…

… The United States is drunk. It is high on hallucinogens. It is sniffing glue until its hair stands on end. It is behaving like a man who, faced with filing for bankruptcy, instead heads straight out to Las Vegas. And it’s getting worse, rather than better. Ten years ago, our two political parties were at least willing to acknowledge that we had a spending problem. Now, they talk as if it’s 1998. But it’s not 1998; it’s 2021, and it’s time, I’m afraid, for some pain. There can be no more tax cuts that are supposed to magically pay for themselves. There can be no more spending binges that are justified with vague talk about what’s “fair.” There can be nothing but sobriety, and sobriety tends to require an intervention.

So, I’ll ask again: Where is that intervention? Where are the levelheaded types who can see more than a week into the future? Where are the parents looking out for their children? Where are the people who, unlike our government, remain capable of elementary arithmetic? Do they have something better to do? To read the accounts of the current infighting among congressional Democrats is to suspect that many within the party know deep down that the plan they are being asked to support is preposterous in the extreme. Where are the people helping them to see sense? Have they all just given up, too?

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Restoring fortitude

Freedom is a worthwhile goal, most would agree. Crucially and more specifically, freedom with responsibility is a worthwhile goal. A libertine society where anything goes and consequences are ignored is less American-style freedom and more a scene from an antifa-led autonomous zone. The American founding is based on ordered liberty. Our sense of liberty is based on the idea that was so well communicated by St. John Paul II: “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.”

Once you start talking about the need for responsibility as a critical part of freedom, you lose some people. Responsibility is hard. If freedom means charting your own way, taking care of yourself, and living with the consequences of your actions, then freedom is indeed risky. With the possibility of great reward comes great risk, after all.

Many people are simply not up for the challenge of responsibility and therefore true freedom. This is why it is so easy for politicians like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to manipulate the meaning of the word, and claim that you cannot be “free” unless you are given affordable housing, healthcare, and a decent wage. According to Sanders, to be free is to be able to live off of the services of others.

Thus, the promise of Utopian socialism: Your basic needs will be met, and you can therefore pursue your dreams. Who meets these basic needs, and how are they incentivized to do so? Socialists never really figured that one out. Many millions died as a result.

Personal responsibility is more than just a conservative value, it is a foundation for a free society. If you are not responsible for yourself or your actions, then by definition you believe someone else must be responsible for you — and you will demand of your politicians that other, more productive people are forced to take on that additional responsibility so that you may take on less and less. Some might even label this “social justice.”

And if personal responsibility is a critical prerequisite for freedom, then fortitude is a critical prerequisite for personal responsibility. Courage, strength, resilience — all are increasingly missing from a society that now celebrates victimhood as a virtue. Victimhood has become so celebrated, in fact, that famous and privileged people (looking at you, Jussie Smollett and Elizabeth Warren) are willing to lie about being victims. Not exactly the Greatest Generation anymore.

It is time to restore fortitude in citizens before it is too late. At present, our country is strong and resilient despite the doomsday predictions of many. Truthfully, this is still the best place to be in the world, with an abundance of strong people: men willing to fight our wars, entrepreneurs willing to invest and create jobs, inventors working on the next breakthrough, and families willing to raise their children to be strong and successful. Much of this is based on a sense of duty that is deeply imbued in the American spirit, the duty to be better than you were yesterday, the duty to pursue challenge, the duty to contribute. But much of it is also due to incentives and the simple knowledge that your hard work will indeed pay off.

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Reject Biden’s Global Tax Cartel

One-hundred-and-thirty-five countries agreed today to the global tax deal that Joe Biden and Janet Yellen have long wanted. The arrangement would establish a global minimum corporate-tax rate of 15 percent and reduce the sovereignty of countries to make their own tax policy. That includes the sovereignty of the United States, and Congress should do everything in its power to scuttle this deal.

For a long time, many on the left have decried the “race to the bottom” in corporate taxes. The argument goes like this: One country cuts its corporate tax rate to lure businesses to its shores, then another country undercuts the first country, then another, and so on. Businesses chase these lower rates all around the world, and the countries that choose not to play along wind up with no revenue.

The problem with that argument is that it hasn’t happened. What has been derided as a race to the bottom in reality has been more of a slow glide to the middle. Over the past 40 years, corporate tax rates have slowly declined across the board, and the worldwide average in the past ten years has settled right around 25 percent. The distribution has also become less variable over that span: The most common statutory rates globally are between 20 and 25 percent.

The United States used to be far above the global average. The federal statutory corporate-tax rate was 35 percent until the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduced it to 21 percent, where it currently stands. The domestic political agenda behind Biden and Yellen’s global antics is obvious. Democrats want to raise the federal corporate rate back above the global average again, to 26.5 percent. Since states also levy corporate taxes, the average corporate-tax rate for the U.S. would be 30.9 percent, which would be third-highest in the OECD, trailing only Colombia and Portugal. The Biden administration has made great play of the importance it attaches to competition when it is agitating for an aggressive antitrust policy, but that enthusiasm mysteriously wanes when it comes to taxation.

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Americans aren’t that tired of war, in fact

If there’s one article of faith on American foreign policy these days, it might be that our electorate has become significantly more isolationist — or at least noninterventionist.

In an Associated Press-NORC poll in August, majorities of both the Republican and Democratic parties said the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq had not been worth fighting. Our country, polls have shown, was pretty united on withdrawing from Afghanistan (even after the withdrawal itself went poorly).

But a new poll suggests this isn’t necessarily a philosophical shift as much as an issue-specific one.

The Washington Post’s Ishaan Tharoor on Monday spotlighted a recent poll from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that found that, despite what you might think, Americans are actually more in favor of intervention if China invades Taiwan than in the nearly four decades the institution had polled this question…

… Defending Taiwan from a Chinese invasion? It was supported by 28 percent in 2015, before Donald Trump supposedly made noninterventionism a GOP value, too. But today it’s at 52 percent — nearly double.

Defending South Korea from an invasion by North Korea? It went from 47 percent in 2015 to 63 percent today.

Defending Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia if Russia invaded? From 44 percent in 2014 to 59 percent today.

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Taliban Say They Won’t Work with US to Contain Islamic State

The Taliban on Saturday ruled out cooperation with the U.S. to contain extremist groups in Afghanistan, staking out an uncompromising position on a key issue ahead of the first direct talks between the former foes since America withdrew from the country in August.

Senior Taliban officials and U.S. representatives are to meet Saturday and Sunday in Doha, the capital of the Persian Gulf state of Qatar. Officials from both sides have said issues include reining in extremist groups and the evacuation of foreign citizens and Afghans from the country. The Taliban have signaled flexibility on evacuations.

Taliban political spokesman Suhail Shaheen told The Associated Press there would be no cooperation with Washington on going after the increasingly active Islamic State group affiliate in Afghanistan. IS has taken responsibility for a number of attacks, including a suicide bombing that killed 46 minority Shiite Muslims and wounded dozens as they prayed in a mosque.

“We are able to tackle Daesh independently,” Shaheen said, when asked whether the Taliban would work with the U.S. to contain the Islamic State affiliate. He used an Arabic acronym for IS.

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Big Tech is anything like what happened to Big Tobacco ?

Lawmakers See Path to Rein In Tech, but It Isn’t Smooth

“Facebook and Big Tech are facing a Big Tobacco moment,” Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, said this week when a whistle-blower testified about how the social media company’s products harmed teenagers.

“I think that that’s an appropriate analogy,” Senator Cynthia Lummis, Republican of Wyoming, added later.

The whistle-blower’s testimony, and the thousands of internal documents she shared with lawmakers, generated unusual bipartisan bonhomie in a divided Washington. Senators said it was time for Congress to coalesce around new regulations to rein in the company and perhaps the technology industry as a whole.

But if what faces Big Tech is anything like what happened to Big Tobacco — a reckoning over the industry’s harms to society, and children in particular — what lies ahead is likely to be a yearslong, complicated path toward new rules and regulations, with no guaranteed result.

Washington is weighing numerous proposals to curtail the industry and hold it more accountable. Some lawmakers have urged reworking a law that shields tech companies from lawsuits, changing it so that the firms could be held responsible if their software amplifies harmful speech. Another idea would force social media companies to share far more insight about their software, which is often a black box, and data on how people interact with their services.

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Biden’s radical spending – he promised moderation but we got Sanders socialism

Biden claims that his Build Back Better agenda costs ‘zero dollars.’ This is a cynical, bald-faced lie.

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden sought to paint himself as a moderate. The American people are “looking for results, not a revolution,” he said at a Democrat debate last year, distancing himself from self-described socialist Bernie Sanders. 

But turns out Biden is the revolutionary he claimed he wasn’t – and Americans struggling to make ends meet will be worse off as a result.

Biden has already spent trillions on his left-wing laundry list. Now he’s looking to spend $3.5 trillion more. That’s the equivalent of $27,000 in new spending for every single household in America.

It’s telling that some of the most radical members in Congress are the biggest cheerleaders of this bill.

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Good Analysis: Democrats Can’t Just Give the People What They Want

Over the 20-year period from 1970 to 1990, whites, especially those without college degrees, defected en masse from the Democratic Party. In those years, the percentage of white working class voters who identified with the Democratic Party fell to 40 percent from 60, Lane Kenworthy, a sociologist at the University of California-San Diego, wrote in “The Democrats and Working-Class Whites.”

Now, three decades later, the Democratic Party continues to struggle to maintain not just a biracial but a multiracial and multiethnic coalition — keeping in mind that Democrats have not won a majority of white voters in a presidential election since Lyndon Johnson’s landslide victory in 1964.

There have been seven Democratic and seven Republican presidents since the end of World War II. Obstacles notwithstanding, the Democratic coalition has adapted from its former incarnation as an overwhelmingly white party with a powerful southern segregationist wing to its current incarnation: roughly 59 percent white, 19 percent Black, 13 percent Hispanic, and 8 percent Asian American and other groups.

William Julius Wilson, a sociologist at Harvard, put the liberal case for the importance of a such a political alliance eloquently in “Rising Inequality and the Case for Coalition Politics”:

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Rand Paul Slams National Debt Crisis, Inflation, and Socialism in Memorable Senate Speech

‘If we’re not careful, we’re going to spend this country into oblivion,’ the senator concluded.  

Most of the politicians in Washington, DC are focused on a push to spend trillions of more taxpayer dollars on President Biden’s agenda. But Senator Rand Paul is raising the alarm about all the money the federal government has already spent—that it doesn’t have.  

“We’re rapidly approaching a milestone in our country, and it’s not a good one: $30 trillion in debt,” Paul noted in a fiery Senate speech on Thursday. He said that the federal government is accumulating “$2 million per minute” in new debt.  

Why is the fiscal situation so out of control? The senator blamed the “bait and switch” politics of big government spending and the welfare state.  

“People are saying we’re going to give you free college, free cars, free cell phones, free this, free that,” Paul said. “Everything in life will be free, you won’t have to work anymore. The problem is there are ramifications. Money doesn’t grow on trees… money’s got to come from somewhere.” 

“Either we borrow it… we tax people for it, or we simply print the money,” he continued. “When the Federal Reserve prints the money, as we increase the money supply, the money we already have becomes worth less and less. It loses its purchasing power. This is the insidious tax of inflation. Inflation is a regressive tax… it affects the working class, lower income people, and those on fixed incomes, much worse.” 

Paul’s arguments come amid data showing that consumer prices have risen at the highest annual rates in 30 years. The senator blamed, in part, policy decisions and reckless spending at all levels of government for this harmful trend.

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Americans Revert to Favoring Reduced Government Role

Americans have shifted back to favoring a more hands-off approach for government in addressing the nation’s problems after a rare endorsement of a more active role last year. Currently, 52% say the government is doing too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses, while 43% want the government to do more to solve the country’s problems. In contrast, a record-high 54% of U.S. adults last year said the government should do more to solve problems.

Gallup’s question on the proper government role is asked as part of its annual Governance survey, conducted Sept. 1-17 this year. The shift toward favoring a more active government role in 2020 was seen among Democrats and independents but not Republicans — likely a response to the coronavirus pandemic and in particular to then-President Donald Trump’s approach to handling it. Trump generally opposed government efforts designed to slow the spread of the virus, such as face mask requirements and business and school closures.

Last year marked only the second time in Gallup’s 29-year trend that at least half of Americans endorsed an active role for the government on this item. The other pro-government response came in the weeks after the 9/11 terror attacks amid heightened concern about terrorism and a surge in trust in government.

All party groups are less likely now than a year ago to favor a more active government role, but independents’ opinions have changed the most. In 2020, 56% of independents wanted the government to do more to solve problems, compared with 38% now. Independents are even less inclined to want a more active government role today than they were in 2019 before the pandemic began, when 45% held that view. The same is true of Republicans, whose opinions did not show meaningful change last year.

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Democratic Party now going ‘off the deep end’

The Democratic Party appears to be evolving into something unrecognizable, according to one longtime GOP observer.

“Where are the moderates?” asks Saul Anuzis, former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and now president of 60Plus, a nonpartisan organization addressing concerns of senior citizens.

“Two moderates out of 50 Democrats in the U.S. Senate, a few more out of over 200 in the House? Today’s Democratic Party is run by a bunch of left-wing progressives who want to flip America on its head and create a socialist state — one that has never survived, thrived or existed in the world,” he notes in a statement shared with Inside the Beltway.

There has been some meaningful conversation about that idea, and from a very knowledgeable source.

“I know that some people in the U.S. associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism. Therefore, I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy,” Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen told an audience at Harvard University in 2015.

Since then, Mr. Rasmussen’s remarks have been cited by multiple news organizations in recent years — along with Anthony B. Kim, a research fellow and editor of the Heritage Foundation’s “Index of Economic Freedom,” which gauges the positive impact of free and open trade in 186 countries.

Meanwhile, Mr. Anuzis still has much to say on the state of the Democratic Party, moving on to the situation at the White House.

“President Biden, he lied. He said he would govern as a moderate, bring together both sides, and create a bipartisan environment. But he hasn’t. He lied and isn’t even trying. He and his handlers now have created a border crisis, a debt bomb, a disastrous Afghanistan retreat, armed our enemies and continue to put critical race theory, masking our children and weaponizing the Justice Department against parents who speak out at school board meetings,” Mr. Anuzis continued.

“This is not my parents’ Democratic Party. It has gone off the deep end,” he concluded.

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School officials covered up his daughter’s rape. Now NSBA wants to make him a ‘domestic terrorist’

As far as injustices in the world go, the story of a Loudon, Virginia, man who became the poster child for “domestic terrorism” after his daughter was raped is pretty high on the list.

Scott Smith was arrested on June 22 at a school board meeting that was deemed an “unlawful assembly” after attendees voiced opposition to a proposed policy expanding special protections to transgender students. Smith was dragged from the event in handcuffs, his pants falling down, his lip bleeding. He was charged later with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Smith’s arrest soon became a national story. The small business owner became the avatar of anti-school board protests, representing the unruly and ignorant anti-mask, anti-critical race theory, and anti-transgender parents in their crusade against the progressive, put-upon school officials.

What few knew until now is that Smith attended the June 22 hearing to confront school board members over his daughter’s alleged rape in a school bathroom by a “gender-fluid” boy.

The details apparently don’t matter to the National School Boards Association. In a letter to the White House this month, it actually highlighted Smith’s arrest as an example of why federal law enforcement agencies need to investigate and prosecute parents who oppose mask mandates and the teaching of critical race theory.

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The January 6 Insurrection Hoax

Notwithstanding all the hysterical rhetoric surrounding the events of January 6, 2021, two critical things stand out. The first is that what happened was much more hoax than insurrection. In fact, in my judgment, it wasn’t an insurrection at all.

An “insurrection,” as the dictionary will tell you, is a violent uprising against a government or other established authority. Unlike the violent riots that swept the country in the summer of 2020—riots that caused some $2 billion in property damage and claimed more than 20 lives—the January 6 protest at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. lasted a few hours, caused minimal damage, and the only person directly killed was an unarmed female Trump supporter who was shot by a Capitol Police officer. It was, as Tucker Carlson said shortly after the event, a political protest that “got out of hand.”

At the rally preceding the events in question, Donald Trump had suggested that people march to the Capitol “peacefully and patriotically”—these were his exact words—in order to make their voices heard. He did not incite a riot; he stirred up a crowd. Was that, given the circumstances, imprudent? Probably. Was it an effort to overthrow the government? Hardly.

I know this is not the narrative that we have all been instructed to parrot. Indeed, to listen to the establishment media and our political masters, the January 6 protest was a dire threat to the very fabric of our nation: the worst assault on “our democracy” since 9/11, since Pearl Harbor, and even—according to Joe Biden last April—since the Civil War! 

Note that phrase “our democracy”: Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and various talking heads have repeated it ad nauseam. But you do not need an advanced degree in hermeneutics to understand that what they mean by “our democracy” is their oligarchy. Similarly, when Pelosi talks about “the people’s house,” she doesn’t mean a house that welcomes riff-raff like you and me.

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I Confess : I Am A Domestic Terrorist  (shared from a friend, Eric Levine)

Not only do I support the right of parents around the country to challenge the teaching of Critical Race Theory to their school age children, I agree with them substantively that their children should be taught to read, write, do math and love their country. I agree with them that schools should not be teaching our children to feel guilty about themselves simply because they were born into a particular race or the lies of CRT that their country is evil and systemically racist. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has sided with the Progressives and is dispatching the FBI to confront these “domestic terrorists.” This shocking development is more reminiscent of Josef Stalin’s deployment of the KGB to deal with “enemies of the Soviet state” than the traditional role of the FBI to investigate crimes and protect the Homeland. Allowing the FBI to be used to advance any political agenda is disgraceful and Attorney General, Merrick Garland and FBI Director, Christopher Wray should resign either in protest or for violating their oath to uphold the Constitution.  

Because I am willing to say this publicly, it follows that Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and their Progressive allies consider me a “domestic terrorist.”  Perhaps I should fear that knock on my front door in the middle of the night because I not only side with these parents on the education issue, I support a whole range of ideas that are antithetical to their world view. Therefore, I have concluded that there is only one thing to do: As with the Soviet show trials of the 1950s, I must confess my “crimes” publicly to avert the most sever punishment. Below is just a partial list of “crimes” of “domestic terrorism” to which I am confessing.


I am a white male heterosexual Jew. I cannot imagine anything worse than this offense.

I live in a single family home in the New York City suburb of Chappaqua, 4 miles from Bill and Hillary Clinton.  

I have three children who are all contributing members to society of which I am enormously proud, including one son who is a Marine and who led a mortar platoon in Syria to fight ISIS.  

I have an American flag and a flag of the United States Marine Corps flying from my front porch.  



I believe the United States of America is the greatest country in the history of the World. 

I believe that the United States is the freest country on earth.  

I believe that the Constitution of the United States is the single most important political document ever drafted and the institutions it established must be protected from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  

I believe that equal protection under the law and that the guarantee of equal opportunity for all is the gold standard.  

I admit that I have no idea what diversity, inclusion and equity (“DIE”) mean other than being a talking point to mean whatever is convenient at any given moment to advance the Progressive’s socialist agenda.  

I believe that racism exists in America but that the characterization of America as systemically racist is a lie. How can I live with myself?

I believe that political disputes must be resolved through debate by a free exchange of ideas and that everyone gets to speak no matter how repugnant the point of view.

I believe that individual and religious liberty are crucial to our way of life.  

I believe that government intimidation to squash speech is the tactic of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes and betray what America is all about.  



I believe that capitalism and free markets are the single greatest wealth and job creators in the history of the world and that socialism has failed everywhere and every time it has been tried.  

I am a successful lawyer and my business employees 28 people and supports those 28 families.  

I believe that I pay too much in taxes and that I pay more than my “fair share.” Oh the shame I feel!

I admit that I do not know what “fair share” means except that it is a talking point to mean whatever is convenient at any given moment to advance the Progressive’s socialist agenda. . 

I believe that hard work should be rewarded and that a job gives someone purpose and dignity.  

     I believe that paying people not to work demeans them and begins a cycle of dependency that may never be broken. 

     I believe that public employee unions are the single greatest enemy of fiscal sanity in cities and states governed by Democratic Governors and Mayors.  



I believe that the United States is a force for good around the world and that when America leaves a vacuum, evil fills the void.  

     I believe that peace through strength is not just the best way to secure America, it is the only way.  

     I believe that diplomacy is a wonderful thing but only works if the United States has overwhelming military superiority and our adversaries believe we are willing to use it.

I believe that appeasement is a failed strategy and that just as it failed us in 20th century, it will fail us in the 21st century.

I believe that the Chinese Communist Party, Russia and Iran are enemies of the United States that must be confronted and not appeased.  

     I believe it is important to publicly blame China for the COVID crisis because it is a fact that the world must deal with.

I believe that that United Nations as structured has outlived its usefulness and is a rat infested American hating and Israel bashing sewer that empowers thugs, criminals, terrorists and authoritarian regimes. I feel better getting this off my chest!



I believe that the American/Israeli alliance is critical to the national security interest of the United States.  

I believe that there is a moral imperative to support Israel.  

     I believe Iran is an enemy of the United States and that Israel is among America’s closest and most important allies and it should be treated accordingly. What was I thinking?

I believe the reason there is no peace between Israel and the Palestinians is because since 1948 Palestinian leadership (Fatah, Hamas and the PA) is unwilling to accept the existence of a Jewish State living in peace within defined borders and until that leadership dies off there is no possibility for peace and to believe otherwise is delusional.

I believe that opposition to the American/Israeli relationship is primarily rooted in anti-Semitism.  

I believe that the greatest threat of anti-Semitism in 1939 came from the right and the Nazis and that today, the greatest threat of anti-Semitism is from the American Progressive left because it is being mainstreamed into the American political system and “moderates” like Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are too gutless to confront them.  



     I believe that criminals should be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated. Oh the horror!

     I believe that law enforcement needs to be supported not vilified and that the insane policy of defunding the police disproportionately harms communities of color.  

     I believe that Bernie Sanders opposes defunding the police because as a classic Marxist he believes that only the State can steal from its citizens.  

     I believe that the only black lives that matter to the Black Lives Matter movement are blacks who are killed by law enforcement.  

     I believe that I care more about the dozens of blacks who are shot and killed each weekend in Chicago than does the Black Lives Matter movement because it does not advance their narrative.

I believe that the majority of people who support the Black Lives Matter movement are either ignorant of its Marxist ideology or are more interested in feeling good about themselves than helping the communities they claim to want to help.  

I believe that people who claim America is “systemically racist” merely use the trope as a talking point to mean whatever is convenient at any given moment to advance the Progressive’s socialist agenda.  



     I believe that Neo-Marxists want to teach critical race theory in our schools because they view it as a way to undermine our country by teaching our children to hate America.  

     I believe that our public schools are failing our children.

     I believe that Teachers’ Unions are the single greatest impediment to educating our children.  

     I believe that school choice is the civil rights issue of our times and is an imperative primarily for our minority communities who are most victimized by our failing public school systems.  



     I believe that America is a country built on immigration and we should never forget that.

     I believe that America is a country of laws and illegal immigration is a crime that should be punished not rewarded.

I believe that DACA children who were brought here illegally as young children by their parents and have known no other country (particularly those who served in the military) should be allowed to become citizens without delay.  

I believe that the parents of DACA children should not be allowed to become citizens nor be given the right to vote and that they must pay their “fair share” of back taxes.

I believe that border security is a national security issue and that every necessary resource should be expended to secure our borders. Thank goodness that is off my chest!

I believe that the Progressive’s open border policy is designed intentionally to undermine our Democracy and that the inane worn-out trope of “you were once a stranger in a strange land” is paraded out by Progressives and virtue signaling supporters to advance the Progressive’s socialist agenda.  



     I believe that the climate is changing and that we need to make accommodations to meet the challenges it poses.

     I believe that the degree to which man contributes to climate change remains an open question.  

     I believe that bankrupting America to meet the challenges of Climate Change is just plain stupid.  

I believe that the Green New Deal has little or nothing to do with confronting climate change but is merely the Progressive’s manifesto to take over the American economy and transform it into socialist economy that has failed everywhere and every time it has been tried.

     I believe that even the strongest proponents of the Paris Climate Accords know that it will accomplish nothing and is simply a virtue signaling exercise.  

I believe that free markets, entrepreneurship and American ingenuity will develop the best solutions to climate change more quickly and efficiently than the top down Socialist approach advocated by the Progressives. I know this is heresy!

     I believe that energy independence is critical for the American economy and for our national security.

I believe that limiting American production of fossil fuels does not just harm our economy and our nation’s security but, it is a boost to our enemies like Russia and Iran who depend almost exclusively on oil and natural gas for their economic survival.  



What will I tell my inquisitors when they knock on my door to present me with their bill of particulars? What penalty will be imposed? Stalin used to exile his “dissidents” to Siberia. Perhaps I could point to my public confessions and beg for mercy. Then in terms of exile, I will suggest to them there is no greater punishment than that which has already been foisted upon me. After all, I am living in New York.  

I encourage all of you to publicly confess your crimes. Only in that way will the Progressive left know they have a real fight on their hands. If advocating for our children makes us domestic terrorists, terrorize away.

Eric R. Levine