Reaction To Rejection Of Repeal Of The Death Tax Today In The Senate

In a town where con jobs are a daily occurrence, the biggest con job of all is the Democrats’ canard that repeal of the Death Tax is a ‘windfall for the wealthy.’ They say it is a ‘tax cut for the rich’ because it affects less than 2% of those who die. Then why is it that nearly 80% of the public favors repeal? It’s because the public cites the unfairness of a tax imposed solely on after-tax assets.”The biggest fable of all is that only about 3,000 super rich families get this tax break. The truth is that most of these set up trusts and foundations to protect their assets and who can blame them.

Seniors Group Forms Traveling Truth Squad To Combat Social Security Scare Tactics

The 60 Plus Association, a national, non-partisan senior citizens organization, today announced formation of a traveling truth squad to counter election year Social Security scare tactics. 60 Plus President Jim Martin said he was actively enlisting experts from all fields; academia, economists, public policy groups, senior citizens, minorities, Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers and union members.

Conservative ‘Truth Squad’ Battles Dem Attack Plan On Social Security

A conservative seniors group Thursday launched a political pre-emptive attack against the Democratic Party and its strategists who are mapping out ways to damage Republicans on the issues of Social Security and Medicare.”60 Plus pledges to send traveling ‘truth squad’ members, especially from the African American and Hispanic American communities … into the battle in every congressional district and every state in America to set the record straight,” said 60 Plus President Jim Martin.

Kudos To Pfizer; Now Fix Medicare

As President Bush noted in his State of the Union address, the economic stimulus plan is not the only unfinished business facing Washington. Congress also needs to find a way to provide Medicare recipients with prescription drug coverage. But the President was right to insist that Congress not tackle the problem in isolation, but as part of a broader effort to strengthen Medicare. We need “to give seniors a sound and modern Medicare system that includes coverage for prescription drugs,” he said — the emphasis on “sound and modern.”

National Security Issue

Bush Energy Policy Is Right For America Press Conference March 21, 2002 Statement by 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin: “My Friends in the Energy Stewardship Alliance and I are working hard to get a sane national energy bill passed by the Senate. We need a bill, similar to H.R. 4– which includes drilling in the tiny area of the huge Arctic refuge. Democrats and Republicans alike passed that bill in the House with a hefty margin because they knew it was the right thing to do.”

By A Wide Margin Americans Trust Bush Over Daschle To Reform Social Security

By a 51 to 34% margin, the American public trusts President Bush more than Senate Majority Leader Daschle to reform the Social Security system. A nationwide poll of 1200 adults, January 14-17, 2002, the 60 Plus Association conducted by Fabrizio Mclaughlin Associates showed that President Bush is trusted on this issue one and a half times more than Senate Majority Leader Daschle (D-S. Dakota).

60 Plus, Leading Senior Citizen Group, Praises Pfizer Prescription Drug Plan

The 60 Plus Association, a half million member senior citizen lobbying group, today called a new Pfizer prescription drug program to be offered at low cost to the 7 million seniors most in need a major step toward solving America’s prescription drug problem.

D For Demagogue Instead Of Democrat

The head of a national senior citizens group today declared that to equate the $1.3 trillion tax cut with the economic downturn is “ingenious at best, and dishonest at worst.” 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin issued a statement in response to a speech by Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) on the state of the economy. Martin, head of the nine year old seniors group charged that Daschle was “doing a disservice to seniors.”

Extend Medicare Cost Contracts

Currently 295,727 American seniors enjoy Medicare health plans called “cost contracts.” Under legislation introduced in the Senate, seniors will be able to continue utilizing these valued health plans.

Saving Social Security With Personal Retirement Accounts: The Wave Of The Future

“This is an exciting time not only for seniors but just as importantly for our children and grandchildren for they will benefit in the future from a new and improved Social Security system that will result from these options offered today by the bipartisan Commission to Strengthen Social Security. President Bush tasked the Commission with the responsibility to see that current and near retirees’ benefits are preserved, while allowing young workers to take more control of their own financial destiny with personal retirement accounts (PRA’s),” said Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association.