Con-Job: Four Years and Obama Unemployment Rises to 7.9 %

Jim Martin, “President Obama had four years to fix our economy and create jobs. We’ve spent six trillion more in debt and unemployment is now higher. The results speak for themselves.”

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Association Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest and most effective conservative seniors organization with over 7 million supporters, issued the following statement this morning regarding the final jobs report prior to the presidential election, showing the national unemployment rate moving upward to 7.9%:

“Four years and six trillion dollars of added debt later, and we have the final results of what the Democrats’ vision of ‘hope and change’ look like.  After one full term in office, where he had every opportunity to implement his policies, the President heads into his re-election with unemployment increasing.  No single fact could make it more clear that his policies and his economic ideology are failures that only cause despair, pain and poverty for the American people.

“The President’s campaign has adopted the motto ‘Forward,’ but he should have adopted the motto ‘Upward,’ as this more accurately defines the prices Americans are paying to feed their families, fill their tanks and purchase healthcare.  ‘Upward’ is where he’s sending unemployment, and the number of Americans who’ve stopped looking for work, and given up hope.

“More Americans are looking for work, are in poverty, on food stamps, and the President says we’re making progress.  American families are taking home over $4,000 less in income and the President says we’re headed in the right direction.  None of his promises from 2008 have come close to being achieved.  He said he would create jobs, all he did was create one big con-job, giving us government-run healthcare and trillions in debt instead of economic recovery.

“Mr. President, you had your chance, and you totally, completely and utterly failed.  This Tuesday the American people will do to you what you did to millions of them, put you out of a job, so someone competent and honest can fix your mess and return America to the prosperity and opportunity we rightly deserve.”