Congress Urged to Keep Lid on Food Prices

House Bill Would Help Fixed-Income Seniors Through Stabilized Food Prices

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (October 31, 2017) – 60 Plus Founder and Chairman James Martin Wednesday issued the following statement in support of lower, more stable food prices for senior citizens.

“Nothing scares seniors on a fixed-income like rising food prices. Older Americans can make tradeoffs on almost anything but the grocery store is one place where the only solution is to eat less. That’s why keeping food prices low is so important.

“We salute Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) for his efforts to provide stability to food prices with his Zero for Zero proposal, now being reviewed in Congress. Starting by ending taxpayer subsidies for sugar, Rep. Yoho’s bill takes a big step toward bringing balance to the global market for this necessary staple food. It also provides a model for keeping other critical commodity prices in check.

“When the price of sugar and other commodities rise, so do the prices of hundreds of grocery items. Checking out at the grocery store can become a frightening thing for low-income seniors and those on fixed incomes when food prices begin to creep up and Rep. Yoho’s bill can help prevent that from happening.

“By working with our global trade partners to remove all subsidies, the Zero for Zero bill keeps prices in check by stabilizing the market. That’s good news for all Americans but it’s particularly important to low-income families, including seniors. Stable prices will also help preserve jobs in rural areas where sustainable employment is so critically important, particularly for family farms.

“By supporting Rep. Yoho’s bill, Congress supports low-income and fixed-income families across the nation.”