Cruz Earns Legislator of the Month Award

Sen. Ted Cruz introduces the “Retirement Freedom Act”

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (June 23, 2021) – On behalf of more than five million senior supporters of the 60 Plus Association, the American Association of Senior Citizens, we applaud Ted Cruz’s legislation, the Retirement Freedom Act, S. 275.

At an event on Capitol Hill where Senator Cruz received the award 60 Plus President Saul Anuzis said, “On behalf of more than five million senior citizen supporters we applaud Senator Cruz for introducing S. 275, the Retirement Freedom Act that will allow individuals to choose to opt out of the Medicare part A benefit.

“Seniors will not have to fear the government cutting their Social Security benefits they’ve earned through their lifetime of paying payroll taxes. This legislation is long overdue and would give seniors peace of mind knowing they are able to opt out of the Medicare Part A benefit and give them greater control over their own health care needs.”

60 Plus Founder/Chairman s stated, “We are grateful for your leadership and your efforts to stand up for retirees who are supposed to be enjoying their golden years and not having them forced by federal government to choose between the right health care that fits their needs and receiving their Social Security benefits. This is just plain wrong.

“We believe in the principles of personal choice, free markets, and competition, not expensive regulations that will result in more and more resources spent on compliance costs.  These are seniors with individual needs and a one-size fit all scenario will not work and they deserve better,” said Anuzis.

“Sen. Cruz deserves credit for recognizing the need for this legislation that will provide seniors the freedom of choice over their healthcare and we are delighted to award him Lawmaker of the month, “Martin concluded.