Dan Maffei’s Record Challenged in New 60 Plus Ad

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The 60 Plus Association, nationally recognized as the conservative alternative to the liberal AARP, today launched a new ad campaign in New York’s 24th Congressional District that targets Dan Maffei’s record of deficit spending.  The $150,000 ad campaign will begin on October 31 and run through Election Day.

“Dan Maffei has been a loyal supporter of Washington’s deficit spending, failing to stop the federal government from borrowing billions of dollars from China,” said Jim Martin, Chairman and Founder of 60 Plus.  “In voting for Obama’s $1.7 trillion healthcare legislation, Maffei supported one of the largest expansions of the federal government in U.S. history and stole $716 billion from Medicare to help fund other big-government programs.  Dan Maffei’s big-government agenda broke his promise to seniors and forced our national debt past $16 trillion.  There is a reason New Yorkers fired Dan Maffei two years ago, he just didn’t get the job done.”

To view a copy of the ad, please click here.


Dan Maffei told the Post-Standard that he was a ‘very, very good congressman.’

What did Maffei do that was so good?

Did he cut spending to stop us from hitting a $16 trillion debt?

Did he stop our government from borrowing billions a day – a lot of it from China?

No.  He didn’t do any of that.

That’s why we fired him in 2010.

Maffei thinks he was a ‘very, very good congressman.’

Do you?

Vote against Dan Maffei on November 6.

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