Doctors’ Lobby Betrays Seniors with Support of Medicare For All

ACP endorsement is “selfish and cynical”

60 Plus Association and American Association of Senior Citizens Founder and Chairman James Martin today issued the following statement on the endorsement of Medicare For All by the American College of Physicians.

“The American College of Physicians should be ashamed of its betrayal of seniors by endorsing Medicare For All. This ill-considered endorsement is a selfish and cynical effort to ultimately deprive seniors of the quality health care provided by the current Medicare system.

Medicare For All means Medicare for no one. It is a scheme to bring America socialized medicine, where big government can control the means of delivering health care. Because seniors typically require more frequent and more expensive health services, they are most likely to be denied quality care.

Many seniors have paid into Medicare for 40 or 50 years – or more – and Medicare For All would deny them the treatment they have earned.

The ACP should follow the compassionate lead of the American Medical Association and fight against this terrible idea.”