Exposing The Phony Race Card

By Jim Martin

I’ve just finished the Tea Party Express III bus tour where I started in Search Light, Nevada on March 27 throughout Arizona and I rejoined the bus tour three days ago in Albany, New York to Boston and ending in Washington, DC.  I would like to address the race issue.  The ugly race card issue that has been raised by the usual suspects, the Democrats in Congress, specifically the  white boy from Tennessee (Congressman Steve Cohen) who has shamelessly pandered to the African Americans in his congressional district by charging the Tea Party folks with being ‘racist.’

Republican I am, Racist I’m not. And I resent with all my strength the accusation.  The ugly race card gets played by our intolerant friends on the left.

Here they go again, dredging up the Voting Rights Act from the 60s following JFK’s tragic assassination.  As a newspaper reporter from that era I remind these revisionists that LBJ called on Republican Leader, Senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois, to help round up GOP votes.

Why? Because LBJ’s Democrat(ic) Senators from the South refused to vote for the bill. A Senate building is named after one of them. Others included Democrats from Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina….do I make my point?  Oh and I left out the senior Democrat still serving from West Virginia, who wore a KKK hood before election and just recently used the “N” word on TV.  Course he’s a Democrat so the libs look the other way.