Farmers, Ranchers Cheer USMCA

Beginning of US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement Promises to Boost Farm Economies

60 Plus Founder and Chairman Jim Martin issued the following statement on the occasion of the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement entering into force July 1:

“60 Plus has long supported America’s farmers and ranchers, both in terms of fighting the Death Tax and in advocating trade policies that help rural areas. 

With the USMCA taking effect today, families that make their living off the land finally have the long awaited leg-up they need to compete in a global economy. The USMCA expands access to agriculture markets in Canada and Mexico, and places more stringent controls on Canadian dairy products coming into the United States. 

These and other aspects of the USMCA not only help individual farm and ranch families, they boost entire rural economies. From the communities surrounding dairy farms of upstate New York and Wisconsin to the cattle ranchers of Montana and beyond, President Trump and his bipartisan allies in Congress are to be commended for taking speedy and effective action to correct trade imbalances across North America.