Georgia IS #1 – Please Help -AND- Appoint a New Special Counsel

Post-Election Analysis: About 74 MILLLION pissed off Americans who are disappointed, mad and upset with the process and lack of transparency in the presidential election “counting” while frustrated with the liberal progressive agenda promised by the Democrats… and yet NOT one city around them has burned?!? No looting, no riots, no broken windows or destroyed police cars?

Just saying.

Why Georgia Senate races so important? If Democrats control the Senate, they aim to:

  • Break the Filibuster
  • Pack the Supreme Court
  • Slash Military Spending
  • Defund the Police
  • “Evolve” Medicare
  • Send Taxes Soaring
  • Confirm Hard-left Judges and Nominees
  • Attack Your Second Amendment rights

Fraud, Process & Procedures: All of these questions are NOT good for our system of electing our officials. Regardless of who one supports, we need to clean up this system and the process of counting votes to restore trust in our democracy.

State legislators in many of these key states need to pass laws to “clean up” the process and make sure we don’t have these questions and challenges going further. What can be done…well some easy steps include:

  • Require valid ID for voting
  • Verify signatures/witnesses for Absentee Ballots and Mail-In Ballots
  • Allow bi-partisan poll watcher/challengers with specific procedures
  • Forbid any counting without bipartisan poll watchers/challengers being present
  • Ban voter “harvesting” to protect the “chain of custody” for ballots to reduce the potential for fraud
  • Allow early, confidential counting of early and AV ballots before election day
  • Remove dead people from voting roles within 30 days of state/county death certification
  • Secure, test and verify vote counting software regularly
  • Prosecute voter fraud making it an unacceptable act against our democratic foundation

These are just some of the most basic reforms that should be easily adopted on a bipartisan basis. Everyone claims they want to have fair and honest elections, so let’s make sure this never happens again.

We Need A Special Counsel to Investigate the Elections: With the lack of transparency, contempt for the process and credible allegations of potential computer manipulation compounding by the day, the American people deserve a special counsel investigation to set the record straight. We need to restore confidence in the process.

This is too important to ignore and write off as some “conspiracy theory.” There are some excellent discussions below worth considering…for the good of our country.

Hispanic Voter Opportunities: Why Republicans performed better than expected among Hispanic voters in 2020…

…Two reasons. First, many Hispanics probably decided that other issues were equally or more important. Second, most Hispanics do not support open borders or attacks on U.S. law enforcement. Just ask Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, a South Texas Democrat who won his district (TX-15) by 21 points in 2018 but then squeaked to victory by only 3 points in 2020.

“Defund police, open borders, socialism — it’s killing us,” Gonzalez tells the New York Times. “I had to fight to explain all that.”

…Bottom line: Demography is not always electoral destiny. Joe Biden may be the projected presidential winner, but the GOP should feel encouraged by its better-than-expected performance among Hispanics. Whether these gains will prove durable remains to be seen.”

See more below…important for the party to realize and institutionalize their growing support.

Georgia U.S. Senate Races: Nothing is more important. Both the Democrats are out of the mainstream leftist progressives, who support the radical positions on the far left. The only “check” on a run-away left wing progressive agenda is to have a check on the Executive Branch and Congress…hence a Republican controlled Senate that would require moderation and compromise.

Give, volunteer and help in any way you can. Our way of life may truly depend on it.

Saul Anuzis

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Links to the articles discussed in the video:

Conservatives Must Focus On Winning The Georgia Senate Races

The battle to certify President Trump as the rightful winner of the 2020 election has moved to the judicial and legislative branches of government and patriots are rightly working on lawsuits to establish the universe of legal votes cast and educating state legislators on the constitutional role they have in seating members of the Electoral College.

But all those efforts will be for naught if Democrats win the two runoff elections in Georgia and take control of the U.S. Senate.

And here’s what’s at stake if Democrats have constructive control of the U.S. Senate, because this is what they’ve said they will do:

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The 10 swing state counties that tell the story of the 2020 election

Results of this election and the changes from past elections say an enormous amount about where the country is and is going.

Looking at the results of the 2020 election at the more granular level of counties and precincts, it can mostly be defined by one thing: stasis. But beneath that stasis the results of this election and the changes from previous elections say an enormous amount about where the country is and is going. The counties that swung the most mostly fall into two categories: Latino areas swinging strongly towards Trump, and white-majority suburban areas swinging towards Biden. These 10 swing state counties were crucial to the final results, and help tell the story of what happened in 2020.

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5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms

Surely the journalist class should be intrigued by the historic implausibility of Joe Biden’s victory. That they are not is curious, to say the least.

In all the excitement among objective journalists for Joe Biden’s declared victory, reporters are missing how extraordinary the Democrat’s performance was in the 2020 election. It’s not just that the former vice president is on track to become the oldest president in American history, it’s what he managed to accomplish at the polls this year.

Candidate Joe Biden was so effective at animating voters in 2020 that he received a record number of votes, more than 15 million more than Barack Obama received in his re-election of 2012. Amazingly, he managed to secure victory while also losing in almost every bellwether county across the country. No presidential candidate has been capable of such electoral jujitsu until now.

While Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 totals in every urban county in the United States, he outperformed her in the metropolitan areas of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Even more surprising, the former VP put up a record haul of votes, despite Democrats’ general failures in local House and state legislative seats across the nation.

He accomplished all this after receiving a record low share of the primary vote compared to his Republican opponent heading into the general election. Clearly, these are tremendous and unexpected achievements that would normally receive sophisticated analysis from the journalist class but have somehow gone mostly unmentioned during the celebrations at news studios in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The massive national political realignment now taking place may be one source of these surprising upsets. Yet still, to have pulled so many rabbits out of his hat like this, nobody can deny that Biden is a first-rate campaigner and politician, the likes of which America has never before seen. Let’s break down just how unique his political voodoo has been in 2020.

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New Analysis Of Michigan Voter Data Reveals Hundreds Of Thousands Of Mail-in Ballots Flagged As Potentially Fraudulent, Leading Statisticians To Posit “strong Evidence” Exists That Results Were “manipulated By A Computer Algorithm.”

DATA: Michigan Analysis Suggests Absentee Votes ‘Manipulated By Computer’, Flags Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ballots

The “non-partisan effort by unpaid citizens and volunteer experts” and PhDs comes to the conclusion that an “audited recount” ought to be carried out in Michigan counties that returned voting results that were statistically unlikely, if not impossible.


The report also raises concerns about Michigan election official’s conduct regarding mail-in balloting. Of the 3,507,129 ballots requested, the report flags hundreds of thousands of ballots with qualities, such as “duplicate ballot IDs,” “missing ballot address,” or “year of birth before 1921.”

The report explains in detail the various red flags, such as “288,783 [ballots] that have the application sent and ballot received on the same day.”

The data also includes the voter’s year of birth. One is 170 years old, likely an error but their application was not rejected. In total, more than 1400 of these absentee voters are over 100 years old. These could well be nursing home patients. There are 217,271 applications without a recorded date (i.e. never received back). More interesting is the 288,783 that have the application sent and ballot received on the same day.


The fifth section of the report, “Irrational MI Absentee Ballots Findings” also posits there is “very strong evidence that the absentee voting counts in Michigan have been manipulated by a computer algorithm.”

“On the surface, it would seem that the tabulating equipment in each precinct has been programmed to shift a percentage of absentee votes from Trump to Biden,” the report continues.

The allegations are premised on the fact that the absentee voting trends of Michigan counties deviate from the nationwide norm and that “the percentage of Democratic absentee voters exceeds the percentage of Republican absentee voters in every precinct.”

Link to Full Article…

Google Shifted a ‘Minimum’ of 6 Million Votes in 2020 Election: Dr. Robert Epstein

Epstein told The Epoch Times this month that the software gave the project team the ability to see–with the agents’ permission—all election-related activities on the internet performed by the field agents, allowing the team to capture ephemeral content such as search results, reminders, search suggestions, and newsfeeds.

“We also found what seems to be a smoking gun,” Epstein continued. “That is, we found a period of days when the vote reminder on Google’s homepage was being sent only to liberals—not one of our conservative field agents received a vote reminder during those days.”

Link to Full Article…

The Democratic Party is often violent, divisive and hypocritical; if it doesn’t change, Trump will be back 

Democrats ask why millions of Americans repudiated their party in favor of repugnant and divisive Donald Trump. Could the answer be an equally divisive Democratic Party? Columnist Jonah Goldberg makes the point that, “alternating between parties that want to unify a vast and diverse country under ‘one best way’ is a recipe for perpetual strife.” The Democratic Party would do well to listen. The far-right wing requires eradication, and progressive reform requires broad support, but the path to that end is not through the left’s shortsighted alienation of moderate and conservative voters.

Democrats must stop:

Claiming the moral imperative. Historically, one side defining good for its own purposes and assigning evil to the opposition has led to social violence. The inflexible “right makes might” of Dems minimizes opportunity for compromise.

Ignoring the Constitution. When Trump won, leftists rampaged the streets, randomly destroying innocent citizens’ property. Democrats began impeachment immediately. They touted eliminating the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court and Senate. If leftists resort to violence whenever unhappy with electoral results, and if the Democratic Party alters timeworn American institutions to guarantee its own political supremacy, citizens who respect peace and democracy will resist.

Being divisive, elitist, and hypocritical. The right didn’t elect Donald Trump, the left did. Hillary Clinton called millions of voters “deplorables.” Democrats everywhere cheered her statement. Conservatives were callously called Trumpies. Some were intimidated in the workplace, even fired. Moderates perceive such leftist tactics as threatening, humiliating, and arrogant toward those with differing viewpoints, leaving them resentful of the party and its agenda.

Link to Full Article…

Infographic: The 4-Year-Long Campaign Against Trump

The post-election push to pressure President Donald Trump to concede, despite numerous credible allegations of voter fraud and ongoing legal challenges, is not an isolated incident.

It is the culmination of a four-year-long campaign against him, which started during his first run for president in 2016 when the FBI launched a politically motivated investigation of his campaign. During his subsequent four years in office, there have been consistent efforts to remove him from office, first through the Russia-collusion narrative and then through impeachment.

The Epoch Times here provides an overview of some of the main efforts made against the sitting president of the United States.

This is an issue that transcends party lines, as it is not only an assault on Trump, but an assault on the office of the presidency, and with it, an assault on the foundation of America.

Politically Motivated Investigation

The FBI under the Obama administration in 2016 launched a politically motivated investigation of the Trump campaign. Based on publicly available information, we know the investigation was initiated based on the thinnest of evidence: remarks made by a junior Trump campaign adviser to the Australian ambassador in London. In reality, the investigation primarily relied on the discredited “Steele dossier,” produced by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Link to Full Article…

Demography Is Not Always Electoral Destiny

Why Republicans performed better than expected among Hispanic voters in 2020.

For years now, analysts have predicted that America’s changing demographics — most notably, the declining white population share and the rising Hispanic share — would usher in a permanent Democratic majority. Over the long term, demographic trends do indeed pose a sizable challenge to Republicans. But the 2020 election reminds us that political sympathies and party identification are not set in stone.

While we should treat this year’s exit polls with caution, it appears that Donald Trump won around 47 percent of Hispanic voters in Florida, up from 35 percent in 2016, and roughly 41 percent in Texas, up from 34 percent. Even in Nevada, a state that Trump lost, he increased his share of the Hispanic vote from 29 percent to 35 percent.

Cuban Americans in the Miami area have long been famous for their Republican leanings, so the outcome in Florida should not have shocked anyone, especially given Cubans’ aversion to the “democratic socialism” espoused by Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other progressives.

However, the outcome in the heavily Mexican-American Rio Grande Valley of South Texas really was shocking. Take Starr County, which borders the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. At 96 percent, it has the highest Hispanic population share of any county in America. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won Starr County by 60 points. In 2020, Joe Biden won it by only 5 points. This represented “the largest swing to Mr. Trump of any county in the U.S.,” writes Wall Street Journal correspondent Elizabeth Findell.

We also saw a major swing in next-door Zapata County, which is 95 percent Hispanic. After backing Hillary by 33 points in 2016, Zapata went for Trump by more than 5 points in 2020.

Link to Full Article…

Election Fraud Is Too Important To Be Left To Conspiracy Theorists

On Friday, Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell told The Blaze’s Glenn Beck “our forces” have confiscated a voting company server in Germany linked to alleged pro-Joe Biden fraud committed by Dominion Voting Systems. Both the military and the voting company in question have denied this claim.

On Saturday, Powell said Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and his secretary of state are “in on the Dominion scam” and they ought to be investigated for “financial benefit received about that time.”

On Sunday, President Donald Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis released an official statement disassociating Powell from the campaign’s efforts. This came as news to every single person watching, including those still involved in Trump’s re-election campaign.

When Frank Luntz, a TV gadfly and Republican pollster, pointed out how difficult it is to accept this late-in-the-game distancing, Ellis accused him of having a “micro penis.”

There’s a problem here, and it’s more than the tens of millions of dollars hopeful Americans have poured into a legal fight they feel is necessary to securing the future of our elections. The problem is this battle is far too important to be buried by conspiracy-theory accusations from the left and its media, which means it’s far too important to be left to conspiracy theorists.

Link to Full Article…

America Needs A Special Counsel To Investigate Election Integrity, Stat

With credible allegations of fraud compounding by the day, the American people deserve a special counsel investigation to set the record straight.

Well, it’s been decided. The powers that be have declared that Joe Biden is the next president of the United States, signaling an end of discussion for all right-thinking members of polite society. The election is over, Biden won, and it was legitimate. They’re sure of it. And no, they’re not taking any questions.

Everyone of goodwill in the country is now supposed to accept on faith that those overseeing the election process are reasonable and honorable people, bound by morality and our nation’s venerable norms. The political environment of this election has led elites to plot coups in the case of a Donald Trump victory, call for dissidents’ executions, and systematically suppress the distribution of evidence indicating blatant Biden family corruption.

Now, Democratic operatives are building watch lists and promising retribution in perpetuity for those who dared to support Trump. Nevertheless, we are supposed to believe that, in this climate, there would exist no motivation on the left for drastic measures to oust the supposed fascist.

We are also supposed to believe that election fraud has already been proven to be impossible, and that allegations of it therefore deserve little to no investigation. Social scientists declare ex cathedra that since election fraud has rarely been caught in other elections, it is impossible that any occurred in this one. The media additionally points out that there are a number of ballot-integrity measures in place, most of which they oppose, and many of which were done away with, which nevertheless ensure that it is impossible to conduct election fraud on anything but a negligible scale.

Forgive us for insisting that they prove it. With credible allegations of fraud compounding by the day, the American people deserve a special counsel investigation to set the record straight. That’s because, as of now, there are plenty of reasons for concern.

Governments threw ballots out into the ether en masse since it would be too dangerous to go to the polls, creating a situation uniquely ripe for fraud, before turning around and urging voters to go to their polling locations even if they were currently infected with COVID-19. Courts and commissions also threw out many ballot-integrity measures that were in place.

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The Silenced Majority — Can America still afford democracy?

Concern about American democracy is often expressed as a parable of the Thirties: We must prevent another Hitler. The word “fascism” has appeared frequently in denunciations of Donald Trump; many have accused him of a führer-like contempt for the American system. But it is time to ask whether the system itself is not thereby too conveniently excused. Mass political participation has come only recently and reluctantly to America; voter suppression is the more traditional American way. And for reasons that have nothing to do with fascism, even that partial efflorescence may be coming to an end. Trump’s baleful theatrics have distracted us, in fact, from the broader disintegration of the twentieth-century interregnum, of which he is only a symptom. That process has much further to go, and will produce dangers greater than he.

Hitler’s moment differed vastly from our own: with total industrialization, the Western working masses manufactured the world’s most valuable products, and were essential to global economic growth. The defeat of Great Power fascism established democracy as the dominant political technology in the capitalist world and relegated totalitarian economic organization to the other side of the Iron Curtain. Western democracy then flourished during the postwar era of fast-growing national economies, when Western populations were much wealthier than those of other countries. But these conditions have changed. One of the most significant processes of our own moment is the re-exclusion of the Western masses from the center of world affairs—a position they occupied for less than two centuries. And while the economic aspects of this development are much discussed (the demise, not only of public subsidies, but, most importantly for the Western psyche, of salaries greatly inflated compared with those of the rest of the world), the resultant political unwinding will be even more traumatic.

Democracy—in its twentieth-century Western guise—is not compatible with just any economic arrangement. Eighteenth-century Europe could neither afford nor tolerate it, and democratic talk was sternly forbidden. A delicate and unusual set of circumstances brought democratic change. But those circumstances did not occur much outside the West. And now they are disappearing here too.

Instead of seeking lessons from twentieth-century Germany, we should look back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries of the Anglo-American complex. That will remind us that most of the phenomena we label fascist—nationalist fictions of ethnic supremacy, mass disenfranchisement, censorship—are fully compatible with free-market capitalism…

…The neoliberal revolution aimed to restore the supremacy of capital after its twentieth-century subjugation by nation-states, and it has succeeded to an astonishing degree. As states compete and collude with gargantuan new private powers, a new political world arises. The principle of labor, which dominated the twentieth century—producing the industrious, democratic society we have come to regard, erroneously, as the norm—is once again being supplanted by a principle of property, the implications and consequences of which we know only too well from our history books.

The real political battle in America today is not between a “liberal” left and a “fascist” right. It is between the people and a grandiose private system of social, economic, and political management that has the power to bring to an end the democratic certainties on which Americans have come to rely.

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Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling (Two Perspectives of this past election – worth reading both!!! -Saul) 

f only cranks find the tabulations strange, put me down as a crank.

To say out-loud that you find the results of the 2020 presidential election odd is to invite derision. You must be a crank or a conspiracy theorist. Mark me down as a crank, then. I am a pollster and I find this election to be deeply puzzling. I also think that the Trump campaign is still well within its rights to contest the tabulations. Something very strange happened in America’s democracy in the early hours of Wednesday November 4 and the days that followed. It’s reasonable for a lot of Americans to want to find out exactly what.

First, consider some facts. President Trump received more votes than any previous incumbent seeking reelection. He got 11 million more votes than in 2016, the third largest rise in support ever for an incumbent. By way of comparison, President Obama was comfortably reelected in 2012 with 3.5 million fewer votes than he received in 2008.

Trump’s vote increased so much because, according to exit polls, he performed far better with many key demographic groups. Ninety-five percent of Republicans voted for him. Catholics also supported Trump in higher numbers. He did extraordinarily well with rural male working-class whites.

He earned the highest share of all minority votes for a Republican since 1960. Trump grew his support among black voters by 50 percent over 2016. Nationally, Joe Biden’s black support fell well below 90 percent, the level below which Democratic presidential candidates usually lose.

Trump increased his share of the national Hispanic vote by two-thirds to more than four-in-ten. With 60 percent or less of the national Hispanic vote, it is arithmetically impossible for a Democratic presidential candidate to win Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Bellwether states swung further in Trump’s direction than in 2016. Florida, Ohio and Iowa each defied America’s media polls with huge wins for Trump. Since 1852, only Richard Nixon has lost the electoral college after winning this trio, and that 1960 defeat to John F. Kennedy is still the subject of great suspicion.

Midwestern states Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin always swing in the same direction as Ohio and Iowa, their regional peers. Ohio likewise swings with Florida. Current tallies show that, outside of a few cities, the Rust Belt swung in Trump’s direction. Yet, Biden leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin because of an apparent avalanche of black votes in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. Biden’s ‘winning’ margin was derived almost entirely from such voters in these cities, as coincidentally his black vote spiked only in exactly the locations necessary to secure victory. He did not receive comparable levels of support among comparable demographic groups in comparable states, which is highly unusual for the presidential victor.

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Biden’s victory came from the suburbs

In the 2016 election, rural and nonmetropolitan America gave Donald Trump enough of a margin to beat Hillary Clinton in seven key states. Ahead of the 2020 election, Republicans worried that Trump would lose his rural edge, in light of reduced support there in the 2018 midterm elections. But this was not the case. Instead, Trump’s loss to Joe Biden was due mostly to voters in large metropolitan suburbs, especially in important battleground states.

That is the primary conclusion from this analysis of 2020 presidential votes using a Brookings Institution classification of U.S. counties by urban status. It shows that suburban counties and smaller metropolitan areas strongly contributed to Biden’s victories in the key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, as well as his competitive showing in Georgia. Nonmetropolitan counties did not move far, if at all, from their strong 2016 support of Trump.


America’s suburbs have always been highly contested, given the historically strong Democratic support in big cities and Republican support in rural areas. In recent presidential elections, suburban and small metropolitan areas have tended to show a net advantage to Republicans. The issue for Democratic candidates became how far they could cut into the Republican vote margins in rural, small metropolitan, and, especially, suburban areas.

Figure 1 depicts Democratic minus Republican (D-R) vote margins in recent presidential elections for counties classed by urban status.* (The D-R vote margin is defined as the percent voting Democratic minus percent voting Republican, where a positive value shows a net Democratic advantage and a negative value shows a net Republican advantage.)

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