Goodbye John Kerry and China Coddling. Hello PROVE IT Act and China Accountability.

By Saul Anuzis, President American Association of Senior Citizens

Originally published on here

The resignation of John Kerry from his role as climate czar signals more than a change in personnel; it underscores a fundamental shift in America’s stance on environmental and foreign policy. Kerry’s tenure, characterized by a zealous attempt to cozy up to Beijing, starkly contrasts with the America First ethos. His approach, marked by bending over backward to accommodate China, left American businesses in the lurch, as they grappled with the fallout from China’s environmental negligence and economic manipulation. Serendipitously, Republicans in the Senate made this contrast abundantly clear as they moved the anti-China PROVE IT Act through a committee vote.

Designed based on ideas championed by influential MAGA figures like Bob Lighthizer, Trump’s Trade Representative, PROVE IT is a vital effort towards holding nations accountable for their environmental shortcuts that undercut U.S. industries. This exemplifies the stark contrast between the MAGA vision of robust economic and environmental policy and the Uniparty’s capitulation to international, especially Chinese, interests. 

Contrary to the narrative peddled by skeptics in the Davos crowd, taking a firm stance against these injustices will not spell doom for the American economy. We know this because under President Trump, we had the best economy in my lifetime, built with America First policies and leadership. 

The PROVE IT Act paves the way for an economic resurgence, ensuring fair play in international trade and fostering a landscape where American industries can thrive without the threat of foreign exploitation. The true beneficiaries of this bold move will be American workers, who have long deserved a level playing field. 

You can tell this will boost domestic industry just from the Senators who voted for it, too: Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), Kevin Cramer (R-ND), Lindsay Graham (R-SC), and John Boozman (R-AR). All of these folks are serious conservatives, and even more importantly, represent states with massive energy and manufacturing industries. They understand how important it is to protect those businesses and the jobs they create, and they’re using the Trump playbook to do it. Kerry is likely seething over this, and that seems like a sign this is a great development.

This effort by Republicans to reinforce the difference between their unwavering America First approach and the Democrats’ appeasement policy went perfectly. The former is about securing American interests, ensuring that environmental standards are not a one-way street to disadvantage U.S. industries. The latter, unfortunately, has been about concessions, about letting foreign powers dictate the terms, often at the expense of American jobs and environmental integrity.

Regular Americans are so deeply tired of being told what to do under the guise of environmental concerns. Being admonished for their lifestyles by elites who seem to hate them is infuriating. We are told to eat less meat, drive electric cars, give up our gas stoves and a litany of other requirements by a class of people for whom those rules will never apply. 

By tapping into this frustration by going on offense against them, rather than just complaining, there is immense opportunity to leverage it for policies that put America First and bring more everyday Americans into our movement. Let’s get that done by actually doing what the MAGA base wants: throw up a middle finger to Kerry and his crew of private-jet flying “environmentalists” and stick it to the Chinese Communist Party. PROVE IT is a great place to start.

Saul Anuzis is president of the 60 Plus Association