Happy New Year – Maybe?!?

Happy New Year: All my best to all of you, even the misguided who think voting for Democrats will bring peace, prosperity, and good will to all.

New Year’s resolutions and hope:

Less Illegal Immigrants – if Democrats allow for border security and closing our borders

Less Crime – if Democrats will allow for the enforcement of laws and prison terms

Less Voter Fraud – if Democrats allow for elections to be run fairly, under the law

Less Cities Burning – if Democrats demand peaceful demonstration and enforce the law

Less Broken Windows – if Democrats allow for the protection of property and law & order

Less Blocked Streets – if Democrats allow for enforcement of laws and not protecting criminals

Less Foreign Corruption – if Democrats prosecute the Biden Crime Family

Less School Beatings – if Democrats stop treating problem children as less privileged

Less Men in Girls Sports – if Democrats would just follow the science

Less Child Slave Labor – if Democrats demand the Green New Deal not include child labor

Less Shoplifting – if Democrats prosecute criminals and stop encouraging ‘petty’ theft

Less Anti-Semitism – if Democrats would stop playing politics with discrimination

Less Child Mutilation – if Democrats would treat children as children and not social experiments

Less Racism – if Democrats stop playing the race card at every politically convenient moment

Less Californication – use California as an example of what failed policies look like

We just need LESS of what the Democrats have given us…and a lot of HOPE and CHANGE!

The Politics of Abortion: Many of us think abortion is bad, others don’t. The Supreme Court turned that decision over to the states as it relates to law.

The results…15 states restrict abortion on demand while 35 states and the District of Columbia allow abortion, in many cases up the point of birth.

IF you want an abortion, it’s available to EVERY woman across the country. In many cases where states restrict abortion, employers and the federal government (see military) pay for women to travel to abortion clinics nationwide to have abortion.

“Democratic strategists see the abortion issue as their best talking point in the battle to keep the Senate and White House and take over the House, and are pointing to other cases and ballot initiatives that should keep the topic in the headlines right up until Election Day.”

Its all about politics for the Democrats. Scare voters into believing that Republicans are trying to create a national ban on abortions and/or restrict a woman’s ability to get an abortion…its just NOT true.

IF the only or primary reason you vote for Democrats (whose policies are disastrous) is because of the issue of abortion, you’re buying into the Democrats political manipulation.

–        The Supreme Court turned abortion laws over to the states, it’s a local decision

–        There are NOT 60 votes in the Senate to implement any kind of abortion laws

–        Abortions are available across the country, and in many cases up to the moment of birth

This is a deeply personal and, in many cases, a religious decision that has a profound impact on a potential mother and child. There are NO easy answers, and my intent is NOT to debate the merits of abortion, rather to point out the politicization of the abortion issue when the rest of the Democrat’s agenda is clearly failing America and pissing off voters.

Abortion is an important issue to many if not most voters, one way or the other. But don’t get hoodwinked into the rhetoric of the progressive left Democrats who have NOTHING to run on other than disastrous policies from open borders, to crime, inflation, corruption, etc.

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Biden loses ground with young voters and minority voting groups

President Joe Biden is experiencing a decline in support from key demographics going into the election year, including young voters and voters from the black and Hispanic communities.

A new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll released this week shows former President Donald Trump is leading Biden by 2 percentage points overall. Among Hispanic voters, Trump is polling at 39%, compared to Biden at 34%. Biden holds the lead at 63% among black voters, around 24 points less than he did in 2020 — and 1 out of 5 black voters surveyed said they would support a third-party candidate in November.

The election in 2020 had the largest voter turnout of the 21st century, and young voters were a key group that helped deliver Biden to the White House. In the last presidential election, the turnout among voters under 35 was 57%, according to the Census Bureau, an increase of about 8 points from the same group in 2016.

However, the president is seeing a drop-off in the age group that typically skews toward Democrats, as Trump holds 37% of the support among voters under 35, compared to Biden’s 33%.

Young voters have been disappointed with Biden’s response to the Israel-Hamas war, with their outrage aimed at the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, recent polling shows.

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Ballot Cleansing: Democrats are Moving to Bar Republicans from Ballots Nationwide

Below is my column in the New York Post on the expansion of the 14th Amendment theory to attempt to remove Republican candidates for Congress from the ballots. Dozens of Democratic members have already called for the disqualification of up to 126 Republican colleagues under the same sweeping theory. These efforts show how this theory could place this country on a slippery slope to political chaos if not clearly and finally rejected by the Supreme Court.

Here is the column:

As the decisions disqualifying former President Donald Trump from the 2024 election work their way through the courts, a new filing in Pennsylvania seeks the same “ballot cleansing” by barring Republican Rep. Scott Perry.

It’s only the latest effort targeting congressional candidates as Democrats seek to bar opponents as “insurrectionists” for questioning the election of President Biden.

We have become a nation of Madame Defarges — eagerly knitting names of those to be subject to arbitrary justice.

Former congressional candidate Gene Stilp, who’s previously made headlines by burning MAGA flags with swastikas outside courthouses, filed the challenge.

Using the 14th Amendment to disqualify candidates like Perry is consistent with Stilp’s signature flag-burning stunts.

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The High Cost of Unlimited Illegal Immigration

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has had a change of heart over the immigration crisis on her state’s southern border with Mexico.

Hobbs, a Democrat, recently reversed a decision not to deploy the National Guard. She sent over 200 troops from the Tucson sector and committed up to $5 million in Arizona taxpayers’ money to deploy troops to the Lukeville port of entry.

Hobbs also demanded that the federal government reimburse Arizona for $512.5 million spent on “migrant transportation, drug interdiction and law enforcement” under the Biden administration. She promised to seek reimbursement “regularly” from the feds for mitigation of Arizona’s border crisis.

What sparked the flurry of activity from our heretofore passive chief? Finally, the direct expenses to Arizona could no longer be ignored. They’re affecting Arizona’s budget and future financial viability.

For Hobbs and many fellow Democrat mayors, governors, and other elected officials, compassionate sympathy with the plight of illegal immigrants was a good image so long as the expense was borne elsewhere.

These elected officials formed hundreds of sanctuary cities, counties, and states. Mayors in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other big cities basked in assuring that theirs was an open, caring place.

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GOP faces abortion landmines in battle for Senate

A ruling by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday that federal regulations do not require emergency rooms to perform life-saving abortions if doing so would violate state law is the latest state-level development to fire up Democrats on the issue of abortion.

Democratic strategists see the abortion issue as their best talking point in the battle to keep the Senate and White House and take over the House, and are pointing to other cases and ballot initiatives that should keep the topic in the headlines right up until Election Day…

… Senate Republican strategists say GOP candidates can insulate themselves from attacks by clearly stating their opposition to implementing a nationwide abortion ban.  

“The NRSC is encouraging Republicans to clearly state their opposition to a national abortion ban and their support for reasonable limits on late-term abortions when babies can feel pain with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother,” said a source familiar with National Republican Senatorial Committee strategy.   

Senate Republican strategists are encouraging candidates to paint the Democrats as favoring the use of taxpayer funds to facilitate abortion, pointing to the Biden Defense Department’s policy of reimbursing the travel costs of service members who cross state lines to obtain abortions.

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Abortion Is a Looming Disaster for the GOP in 2024. Here’s How We Fix It 

The recent legislative elections and ballot amendments in states like Ohio and Virginia are wake-up calls for the Republican Party, highlighting the need to recalibrate our communication strategies surrounding cultural battles and the MAGA brand ahead of November’s elections.

Our challenges are multi-faceted. Last November’s 57 percent vote to enshrine abortion rights in Ohio’s state constitution casts a spotlight on the GOP’s difficulties following the Dobbs decision. This outcome, particularly in a traditionally conservative state, underscores a notable shift in public sentiment.

The electoral landscape was mixed in Virginia, where the Republican Party’s unified messaging bore fruit in legislative races within districts President Biden won by 8 points or less in 2020. However, the party encountered significant resistance around women’s issues and allegations of political radicalism in suburbs that closely mirror pivotal 2024 regions. The results in Virginia and Ohio highlight a wider strategic challenge for Republicans that demands immediate attention.

The first step in addressing the public perceptions of Republicans’ stance on abortion restrictions is to get a handle on the basics: Americans generally favor some limits on abortion. As an October 2022 WPA Intelligence poll found, by a two-to-one margin, voters see no restrictions on abortion as “more extreme” than limiting it with exceptions for rape, incest, and the mother’s life.

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Biden’s war on American energy keeps hurting people’s bank accounts

As a candidate for president in 2020, Joe Biden’s campaign slogan was “Build Back Better.” This platform included a dramatic shift away from the pro-American energy policies of the Trump administration. It was a process that started during Biden’s first week. However, after three years in office, absolutely nothing is better, and the only thing that seems built is the debt people have accumulated because of soaring energy prices resulting from Biden’s policies.

In 2021, Time reported how the significant rise in energy costs has negatively affected people. It represented the harsh reality of the burdens people would have to face because of the Biden administration’s political platform. For example, approximately 17% of the country’s population (55.3 million) reportedly struggled to pay their energy bills. Among the groups most affected by Biden’s high energy costs were racial minorities and low-income wage earners.

In 2022, the Department of Energy reported that “nearly 1 in 4 households nationwide” experienced “high energy burdens.” As a result of these soaring energy costs, “more than 20% fell behind on their energy bills in 2022.” Additionally, between October 2022 and October 2023, nearly 1 out of every 3 people (32.3%) admitted to having to “cut back or skip necessary expenses at least once to pay for utilities.” Moreover, more than 1 in 5 people (21.2%) have said they have been “unable to pay part or all of their energy bill in the same period.”

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Conservative group FreedomWorks releases video explaining how bills become laws

A new video from a conservative advocacy group aims to educate the public on the complicated process of bills becoming laws.

The video, titled “The Breakdown: How a Bill REALLY Becomes a Law,” was released by the group FreedomWorks and was published on YouTube early Thursday afternoon. The video is based on interviews with several congressional staffers and explains how simple ideas go through the process to become laws in the United States.

“The legislative process is complicated,” a statement from the group said. “But it doesn’t have to be a mystery. FreedomWorks seeks to restore common sense and competence to public policy — and when Americans better understand how the sausage gets made, they can better understand where and how their voices can be heard.”

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Grandparents Make

You’ll want to avoid these missteps to build strong, healthy relationships with your grandchildren and their parents.

We tend to think of grandparenting as easy and filled with joy compared to the long slog of parenting your own children. And it’s true that being a grandparent may allow you to participate in fun and festive occasions without having to sacrifice your financial security or uninterrupted sleep.

But there are a number of ways that being a grandparent can cause stress as well as amplify any tension with your adult children. If you’re hoping to nourish strong relationships and minimize conflict with your grandchildren and their parents, here are a few missteps experts suggest you avoid, as well as what you can do to repair the damage when you do something you regret.

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