High Energy Costs Are Hurting Our Seniors

The Biden administration has erected burdensome regulatory barriers to oil and natural gas infrastructure. Increased red tape, longer government reviews & approval processes, and unnecessary litigation have increased energy prices for Seniors across the country.


Oil and natural gas are the backbone of America’s strength, providing convenience, technology and global influence. Geopolitical tensions highlight the critical role of reliable energy for national security. Short-sighted federal policies, which prioritize still-developing energy systems over proven ones, risk weakening our energy advantage, threatening jobs and national security.

There’s a better way.

  • An all-of-American-energy approach, embracing abundant resources, ensures a future of affordable, reliable and cleaner energy.
  • Policymakers must promote diverse energy resources, including oil and natural gas; protect consumer choice; and prioritize affordability, reliability and sustainability.
  • To do this, Washington must turn its focus to energy access, national security and American infrastructure.


Without key infrastructure projects, the U.S. energy system is less able to manage the impacts of major events, such as natural disasters, or relatively minor occurrences like cold snaps – which can disrupt supply lines and cause price spikes.

The challenges extend to all energy sources:

  • Average environmental impact statement processes under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) take more than four years to complete and exceed 600 pages.
  • A 2017 study found that $157 billion in energy investment was stuck in the NEPA pipeline – projects that could be meeting American’s energy needs.

Pending LNG projects should be reviewed and approved in a timely way, and domestic natural gas production supported, to strengthen America’s ability to assist others around the world.

Let’s keep the lights on with smart regulations that unleash America’s innovation instead of erecting regulatory and other barriers.

America needs more roads, bridges, airports, pipelines and other kinds of energy infrastructure – all negatively impacted by permitting delays and bad policies.

Smart regulation:

  • Fixes a broken federal permitting system that needlessly delays infrastructure, affecting all kinds of projects.
  • Incorporates API’s standards that are adopted and used around the world for safety and operational excellence – more than 800 in total.
  • Fosters innovation in infrastructure, providing the best benefits to Americans at the lowest possible cost.