In Aftermath of Election, Seniors Remain Committed to the Values that Will Fix America

Jim Martin, “Tuesday’s results gave us a few more gray hairs, but seniors will remain a vocal force in politics, and will continue to sacrifice to make our nation better for future generations. “

(Alexandria, Virginia) – 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, leader of the nation’s largest conservative seniors advocacy group with over 7 million supporters, says that despite Tuesday’s election results, seniors will remain just as engaged in the political process and continue fighting for such things as opposing President Obama’s deep cuts to Medicare, replacing Obamacare, and will remain committed as ever to balancing the budget, fixing the economy and energy independence.

Said Martin, “Though Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan did not prevail on Tuesday, they did win the votes of an overwhelming majority of elderly voters.  The GOP ticket spoke on behalf of the issues that matter to seniors most, which includes getting serious about saving Medicare and Social Security, and taking action on the Mt. Everest of debt that threatens to sink our country and shackle every generation yet to be born.

“Let’s be clear this is not a failure of our message, as the first debate showed, when not put through a media filter the people are strongly with us on the issues.  While in the end we didn’t get enough votes, the silver lining in the dark cloud of Tuesday’s results is that our ideas and values still enjoy broad support across our nation.

“But the Democrats have to know the election didn’t solve anything; America still faces the same problems we had before the election, and Obama has no one left to blame.  He asked for mantle of leadership to fix America, now he has to deliver.  This means addressing our debt crisis, finding a solution to the pending insolvency of Social Security and Medicare, creating an economic climate that produces jobs, true energy independence, and ending his policies which are causing healthcare costs to head in the wrong direction.

“Seniors are not going away, in fact we will continue to speak and our voices will be louder.  We helped build this nation, and we are not going to sit idly by as it is dismantled and liquidated under ruinous policies.  But the time for talk is over, the time is now for President Obama to deliver, to start fixing this nation as he promised.  We are watching, and we will be there holding his feet to the fire with every step he takes.”