IRS Target 60 Plus Association: Steve Miller Testimony ‘Shameful’

Jim Martin: “The IRS has ‘customers’ the way the guillotine operator has ‘customers.'”

(Alexandria, Virginia) — 60 Plus Association Chairman and Founder Jim Martin issued the following statement today concerning the sworn Congressional testimony of outgoing IRS chief Steve Miller .  As reported in Wednesday’s edition of Investor’s Business Daily, The 60 Plus Association is one of a dozen conservative organizations specifically targeted by House and Senate Democrats for special scrutiny by the IRS.

 “Today’s hearing on IRS abuse is about as shameful an event as I’ve witnessed in my more than 50 years in Washington.  Blaming the systematic abuse and harassment of conservative organizations on “horrible customer service” is simply disgraceful.  Had this been a courtroom Mr. Miller would have been held in contempt for such a flimsy and glib response.

 “Saying the IRS has customers is like saying the executioner has customers, and twists the reality that exists between the public and this abusive bureaucracy.  His characterization is both laughable, and frightening.  If Mr. Miller meant to say that the IRS customers in question were the Democrats on Capitol Hill who demanded the agency harass political opponents, then it seems the IRS provided excellent customer service.

“Most frightening of all to Americans is Mr. Miller’s assertion that targeting political groups for their viewpoints is not illegal.  Would targeting groups based on their gender, age or ethnicity also not be illegal?  This testimony raises more questions than it answers and demonstrates again why the IRS needs a thorough audit and is wholly unacceptable as an agency to oversee America’s healthcare, as they are currently charged under Obamacare.

“Today is the 40th anniversary of the start of the Watergate hearings that unraveled an entire Presidency, and America is witnessing eerie parallels as government arrogance, falsehoods and cover-ups take center stage. A debt of gratitude is owed to the Congressmen in committee who stood up to this IRS bully.  Especially heroic, besides Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI), were Reps. Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Mike Kelly (R-PA). Americans are relieved to know that this disgraceful episode will be fully investigated before the watchful eyes of the public and the full truth will come out.”