Is the American Dream Dead?

Is Justice Blind: The House Oversight Committee publicly, openly, and convincingly raised some legitimate concerns about the Biden’s “pay for play” mode of operating. DOJ and the FBI have jumped on Republicans and conservatives for various accusations, not to mention the seemingly never-ending attacks on former President Trump.

The reason Americans question the mainstream media and deep state include:

–         Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

–         Bill Clinton’s rape accusations

–         Joe Biden and Tara Reade’s rape is not “me too” enough

–         The Russian Hoax

–         Epstein’s secret “black book” and “suicide”

–         Various election improprieties and the issue of “rigged” rules

–         Open borders

–         Hunter’s laptop and selfie videos clearly breaking the law

–         Hunter’s lying on his concealed weapon’s application

–         Abandoning parent’s rights for progressive indoctrination and mutilation

–         ANTIFA and BLM rioting and selective prosecution/persecution

–         Empowering lawlessness, illegal immigration, WOKEness, etc.

This list of double standards and seemingly politically motivated actions by ‘our’ government is troubling and disappointing.

The one issue that has consistently set America apart from every other nation in the world is our respect for the law and our best efforts to depoliticize government institutions and actions designed to defend the rule of law and order.

We have a chance to fix much of this…but it all starts at the ballot box. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Extremes have grown to dominate the right and the left. We need to come together for the survival of our parent’s American Dream.

Jacobin America: A must read. A commonsense summary of where America’s average working class citizen is being pushed to.

A revolution at the ballot box is critical and Victor Davis Hanson lays it out like few others in a must-read article in this week’s clips.

Happy Mother’s Day: “To the world, you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world.” —Unknown

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Bidens Made Millions Exchanging Political Favors For Foreign Money, Then Tried To Cover It Up: Oversight Report

President Joe Biden is at the center of a political favor-selling scheme and subsequent coverup, Republicans say.

resident Joe Biden and his family are at the center of an influence-peddling scheme in which they traded the patriarch’s decades of time in political offices to line their own pockets and then tried to cover up their profiteering with a myriad of complicated transactions and accounts, the House Oversight Committee confirmed during a press conference on Wednesday.

With the help of whistleblowers and congressional subpoenas, Republicans are confidently reporting that the Bidens received at least $10 million worth of diluted payments from foreign companies during and after the president’s time in the Obama White House.

These payments were diced up and transferred to a spread of Biden bank accounts within weeks of significant political action by the then-vice president in the country of the transactions’ origins.

“These complicated and seemingly unnecessary financial transactions appear to be a concerted effort to conceal the source and total amount received from the foreign companies,” the Oversight Committee’s latest memo warns.

At least nine Biden family members including the president’s son Hunter Biden, his brother James Biden, James’s wife, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend who is also his brother Beau Biden’s widow, Hunter’s ex-wife, Hunter’s current wife, and at least one grandchild and a couple of nieces and/or nephews profited from the funneling of funds.

“That’s odd,” Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said. “Most people that work hard everyday’s grandchild doesn’t get a wire from a foreign national or anything like that.”

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Nothing to see here: Dems ignore new evidence the Biden family cashed in during Obama years

Democrats were at one time laser-focused on public corruption allegations that involved former President Donald Trump — but not when it comes to President Biden.

Now that Mr. Biden occupies the Oval Office, their interest in fighting corruption has disappeared despite new evidence suggesting the Biden family was engaged in a multimillion dollar influence peddling scheme.

Democrats quickly dismissed charges made by a team of House GOP lawmakers whose analysis of thousands of pages of bank documents uncovered evidence that Biden family members and business associates received $10 million from foreign business deals, much of it during Mr. Biden’s time as vice president in the Obama administration.

House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer said the deals suggest corruption because they involved locations where Mr. Biden was “leading the United States’s effort in these countries.”

Mr. Comer criticized Mr. Biden’s actions after taking office to end a policy meant to stop Chinese intellectual property theft on college campuses as evidence he has been influenced by his family’s business deals with China.

But Democrats say Mr. Comer has no specific proof anyone in the Biden family, including President Biden, has done anything wrong.

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The Impending Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America

At peak woke, our reign of terror is beginning to lose momentum because its continuation would destroy all the work of 247 years of American progress and sacrifice.

We are swept up in similarly scary revolutionary times, after the perfect storm of the 2020 rioting, the COVID destructive lockdowns, and a radical socialist takeover of the old Democratic Party.

Decades of successful and legitimate efforts to ensure equality of opportunity, a safety net for the poor, and increased civil liberties have transmogrified into an “equity” agenda, or state-mandated equality of result—or else!

“Diversity” is now an Orwellian word for racial essentialism to the one-drop degree. Jim Crow racism was not eliminated permanently. It now has resurfaced as woke or “good” segregation. Racially separate facilities and events are apparent “reparatory justice.” Black activists are calling for $800 billion in reparations from San Francisco, a city that is melting down as we speak.

The old precivilizational tribalism and monotony of thought are now deemed “diverse.” “Inclusion” means replacing one racial hierarchy of the 1950s with a newer one of the 2020s. Woke leftists prove “inclusive” by excluding as “haters” and “denialists” any who disagree and cannot be easily refuted…

…A counterrevolution is building, not just because people are angry at what has become of their country, but because they now are learning that if they do nothing, they will have no country—and soon.

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Biden’s completely expected border crisis

Tens of thousands of migrants are massing at the southern border , waiting for next Friday when President Joe Biden has promised to end the Title 42 health policy that has been used to deny migrants entrance into the country.

Even before Title 42 expires, the border is being flooded with migrants from around the world , and a vast additional reservoir is gathering in Mexico, waiting for the dam to burst. Biden’s policy will be to release them into the country where they will be allowed to stay as long as they want on condition that they claim they are afraid to return home.

In anticipation of this humanitarian crisis, Biden has ordered an additional 1,500 active-duty troops to the border where, according to legal limitations, they will act as bureaucrats rather than police. They are to assist the 2,500 National Guard troops who are already there helping U.S. Customs and Border Protection to process migrants into the country as quickly as possible.

The new troops won’t be enough. Biden could send a million men and women to the border, and the crisis would still only get worse. What is about to happen isn’t due to a lack of manpower but bad policy. As long as this president lets migrants who claim asylum into the country indefinitely, more will come.

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We Must Defend Self-Defense

There’s a war going on against our sacred right to self-defense, and we need to defend that right, ruthlessly and vigorously against the communists who want us living in fear. And they do want us living in fear – sheep are easier to shear than sheepdogs. If you look what happened in New York City, where some mutant bum decided to threaten a bunch of people on a subway car, and then some heroes subdued him, and then he vapor-locked, and then the usual cast of liars and race-pimps screeched, you can see what they are doing – not merely trying to disarm us but trying to make us fear to defend ourselves at all. They want you terrified and impotent in the face of their unofficial militia, the criminals. The right to keep and bear arms means nothing if you are going to get jammed up whenever you have to use hot lead to stop the latest trans shooter, or junkie with a knife, or carjacker, or schizo hobo, or whatever. Which is the idea.

So, it is the guys defending the citizens on the train who are being treated as criminals and the terminated criminal who is being treated as a hero. The message is clear – accept that you must accept abuse. Understand that this moral inversion is all a lie – the stiff was a scumbag who was a fugitive for attacking a 67-year-old woman; they just want to exploit his justified death. This is happening all over the country in the blue cities thanks to the Soros prosecutor conspiracy – and if you don’t like me criticizing Soros, shove it. Time to stop this madness, at least where we can at the moment. Time to clearly side with the normals over the criminals who the ruling caste is using as tyrannical catspaws.

Their wicked plan is perfectly obvious – to criminalize normal people and normalize criminals. Thieves, bums, losers, junkies, whores, and other trash – they are the heroes in this morally bankrupt morality play, and we normals are the villains. The first step to fighting back is to see the truth, and the truth is right there. You just have to be hard enough to accept it and to not allow them to leverage your empathy or compassion into tolerating having to be afraid as some sort of price you owe for the crime of not being a lowlife. They want us, quiet, complacent, and obedient. They want a society where we live in fear. Not them, though – this subway vermin did not invade the Met Gala last week. Hell, he would never get anywhere near the princes and princesses and princexxs strutting around in their zillion dollar gowns. Rubbing shoulders with social detritus is for you little people forced to ride public transportation – just wait until we ban your cars and trucks and you have no escape! The costs of the bourgeoisie’s moral posturing is to be paid by you and me, and not by the preeners.

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How the White Working Class Could Sink the Democrats…Again

With Trump running again and looking like he could easily be the 2024 Republican nominee, it’s a good time to cast your mind back to the first Trump shock of 2016. At the time, almost no one thought he could win.

And yet he did. While there were a lot of moving parts to Trump’s victory, the key development was a surge of white working-class voters into his column. This was true all over the country but particularly in competitive, but heavily white working-class, states like Iowa (23 point white working-class margin swing away from the Democrats), Ohio (16 point swing), Wisconsin (13 points), Michigan (11 points) and Pennsylvania (9 points).

While it’s still not widely-appreciated, a crucial factor in Biden’s 2020 victory over Trump was his ability to stop the bleeding among white working-class voters. These voters were the dog that didn’t bark in the 2020 election. Biden even managed a slight improvement among the white working class, moving them in the direction of the Democrats by 2 points nationally and by similar amounts in key states.

Given Biden’s relative success in 2020, we couldn’t possibly see a repeat of 2016 in 2024 could we? Never again, etc., etc.

Or could we? Consider that in 2022, this same group of voters moved 8 points toward the Republicans in the national House vote. What if this same shift relative to 2020 happened in 2024? States of Change simulations show that, all else equal, the five states that Biden took from Trump’s coalition—Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—would wind up back in Trump’s (or another Republican candidate’s) column. And with that, the unthinkable just might happen.

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Black voters backing Biden, but not with 2020 enthusiasm

LaJoia Broughton, a 41-year-old small-business owner, considers herself a fan of President Joe Biden.

He’s provided opportunities for Black-owned business while bringing integrity to the White House, she said. Her decision for 2024 is not in doubt.

“Biden has proven himself in the last few years, and I’ll be voting for him in the next election,” said Broughton, who owns a lobbying and public affairs firm in Columbia, South Carolina’s capital city.

Destiny Humphreys is less enthusiastic. The 22-year-old senior at South Carolina State University, the state’s only public historically Black college or university, or HBCU, said she’s disappointed in the president, feeling his accomplishments have so far not lived up to his promises.

“Honestly, I feel like right now America is in a state of emergency. We need some real change,” said Humphreys, who remains unsure about her vote in next year’s election.

After a dismal start to his 2020 presidential campaign, Black voters in South Carolina rallied behind Biden, reviving his White House ambitions by driving his Democratic rivals from the race and ultimately putting him on a path to defeating then-President Donald Trump. But at the outset of Biden’s reelection bid, the conflicting views among the same voters provide an early warning sign of the challenges he faces as he aims to revive the diverse coalition that proved so crucial to him before.

Black voters formed the heart of Biden’s base of support and any dip in support could prove consequential in some of the most fiercely competitive states, such as Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. Well aware of the challenge, the Biden campaign says it’s confident in its message and is planning to highlight how the president has prioritized issues that are important to Black Americans.

“The progress made in the first two years — whether it’s the historically low black unemployment rate, unprecedented funding to HBCUs, or halving the black poverty rate in half — is all at stake in 2024,” campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz said in an emailed statement. “The campaign will work hard to earn every vote, and expand on its winning 2020 coalition.”

Yet there are some early signs that Biden will have work to do to generate enthusiasm among Black voters for another run.

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Trump Can Win

The final RealClearPolitics polling average for the 2016 race showed Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump by 3.2 points. As of May 1, 2023, the same polling average shows Trump ahead of Joe Biden by 1 point.

Of course, Trump can’t win. Any Republican would do better. Every pundit says so. And when have they ever been wrong?

Trump didn’t enter the 2016 race until June 2015, so a direct comparison between his current polling numbers and those of the last cycle isn’t possible. But those who remember the 2016 race will remember that for most of the cycle, Trump trailed Clinton by rather more than the 3.2 points—as shown in the final RCP average. And of course, Trump won. The press underestimated his appeal.

Even in 2020, Trump significantly outperformed his polling. The final RCP average in that race showed a 7.2 point lead for Biden. His actual lead wound up being 4.5 points.

If not for all the experts saying otherwise, one would think that Trump has an excellent chance of winning the 2024 election. If the polls now are as far off as they were in 2016 and 2020, Trump will win.

But what about last year’s midterms? Didn’t they prove that Trump is a spent force?

Conservatives would have to be extremely stupid not to notice that, long before Trump came along, the Republican establishment and the mainstream media had a consensus about how to interpret elections.

Any time a right-wing candidate lost, it was always proof that the Right was unelectable and that candidate was a millstone around the Republican Party’s neck. But any time an establishment candidate lost—like John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012—nobody argued the party was too centrist or that establishment candidates were lead balloons.

When conservatives lost, it meant conservatives were losers. But when less conservative candidates lost, it was not a sign that less conservative candidates were losers. On the contrary: the reliable diagnosis from mainstream pundits and DC professionals was that the establishment Republican’s fatal vulnerability was whatever smidgen of conservatism might have crept into his campaign. The establishment, the dead center, was never to blame.

Conservative Republicans who noticed how that worked before the Trump era should recognize that a very similar pattern obtains today. The only difference is that now the liberal pundits and DC campaign consultants are joined by the professional conservative media in applying the same storyline to Trump.

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The Lesson Of Jordan Neely: Your Courage And Sacrifice Will Be Punished

Young American men will be taught the hard way that selflessness, courage, and their masculine instincts will get them 20 to life in prison.

his week, a brave Marine acted when no one else would to restrain a deranged homeless schizophrenic on a New York City F train who was, by all accounts, terrorizing people and shouting “I’ll hurt anyone on this train.”

“‘I don’t mind going to jail and getting life in prison,’ screamed the 30-year-old Jordan Neely, who had 44 arrests under his belt and an outstanding warrant for felony assault (he punched an old woman in the face), as he flailed around throwing items of his clothing. ‘I’m ready to die!’ In response, a 24-year-old Marine Corps veteran put Neely in a chokehold, incapacitating him and releasing him after he stopped struggling and passed out,” Inez Stepman wrote.

When Neely died at the hospital, all hell broke loose.

This is not the first time a courageous man minding his own business has put himself in danger to protect others. It’s happened many times, in fact. Toxic masculinity has saved more lives than penicillin.

But in this case, the erratic lunatic was black, the courageous restrainer was not just white but blond and handsome, and worst of all: the lunatic shuffled off this mortal coil when he arrived at the hospital. 

Inevitably, the left’s muscle memory of how politically lucrative George Floyd’s 2020 death was for them kicked in. The Floyd Playbook could be run!

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Transgender athletes’ bogus wins in women’s sports shows lack of common sense

I’m going to throw in with the lunatics, especially given they receive so much political and legislative support, attention and even funding, from the White House to Albany to City Hall.

In order to avoid escalating Real Estate taxes, I will now identify as a 6-year-old. The mere claim that I’m 6 should carry the day. I know my rights! Besides, let’s see the IRS toss a 6-year-old in jail for tax evasion. Hey, Turn-key! You call this chocolate milk!?

Those of us who relied upon common sense and fair play to win the day — or at least break even — are now holding losing tickets.

I thought we’d bottomed out six years ago when Fox and ESPN, both MLB partner networks, hired just-retired Alex Rodriguez — a twice-busted, drug-cheating, chronic liar — as the name and face of nationally televised baseball.

That not a word of dissent came from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told us all we needed to know about him.

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Reasonable vs Radical Environmental Policy

Leave it to uber liberal climate hypocrite John Kerry to say working with global polluters China and Russia is key to tackling climate change. This is the guy who travels the world on private jets all the while telling everyone else we have to radically change our livelihoods because of climate change. 

The fact John Kerry thinks the United States should be working with a known enemy of freedom, China, to address climate change shows he is not serious about this issue. 

Radical environmentalists seeking to eradicate climate change are supporting policies like the “Green New Deal,” which would eradicate the free market and exchange our Republic for a bigger government, which is already accumulating more power and control over our lives and businesses. Free-market conservatives are right to push back against these flawed ideas, but also need to come forward with real solutions to protect our environment.  

Offering ideas, in addition to opposition, would help push back on the liberals’ argument that conservatives do not care about the environment. Yes, Republicans and conservatives support efforts to protect and clean up our environment. It’s just that we want to do it in a way that protects U.S. manufacturers, the economy as a whole and American families from increased energy costs. 

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Newt’s World – 545: The Case for Nukes

Newt talks with Dr. Robert Zubrin, about his new book, “The Case for Nukes: How We Can Beat Global Warming and Create a Free, Open, and Magnificent Future.”

In his new book, “The Case for Nukes: How We Can Beat Global Warming and Create a Free, Open, and Magnificent Future,” Dr. Robert Zubrin makes a very strong case that we already have the technology to provide human civilization with unlimited and clean energy. Newt’s guest is Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of Pioneer Astronautics, Founder of the Mars Society, and a former staff engineer at Lockheed Martin.

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