‘Julia’ Dies While Waiting for Routine Medical Care

May 3, 2042

Americans blame policies of former President Obama for killing Medicare and his policy of rationing medicine that denied Julia the care she needed.

(Alexandria, Virginia) – The woman simply known as ‘Julia,’ whose future was highlighted by the re-election campaign of Barack Obama in 2012, has died while waiting for routine medical treatment for a heart ailment.  Julia’s heart condition was brought on and exacerbated by the stress caused by a life of hard work that left her broke after paying most of her income in taxes to pay for the health care system that ultimately failed her and millions of her generation.

Julia’s death was seen as likely and predictable at the time by opponents of Obama’s health care legislation passed in 2010.  Known as Obamacare, the law slashed a half a trillion dollars out of  Medicare, rationed medical care with an unelected board of bureaucrats, and failed to address the impending bankruptcy of Medicare, which occurred in 2024, just as the board of Medicare actuaries predicted during Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

Said one opponent of Obamacare at the time, 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, “I pity this poor young woman and all workers of her generation.  She is facing a future of a government-run health care system that will put every decision concerning her health in the hands of bureaucrats in Washington.  It is going to cost trillions of dollars, which she and others will have to pay for with massive new taxes and fees, and she’ll be subjected to long waits as government bean counters approve every procedure by a dwindling number of doctors.

“And she can forget about any help from Medicare when she gets older,” continued Martin.  “Mr. Obama is ending Medicare as we know it through his severe cuts and failure to address the reforms the program so desperately needs.  The trustees have underscored how in 12 years services will be cut by 26% and taxes will need to be raised by 47% just to keep the program afloat.  That’s just in 12 years, it will only get worse after that.

“It is a shame that Julia and her peers are being failed so miserably by Obama, who is using Medicare and health care as a political issue and is willing to let Americans perish as he destroys the medical system of our nation.”  Sadly for Julia, all of Mr. Martin’s forecasts proved true.