Music Legend Pat Boone Sings Praises Of Andrew Clyde

Legendary entertainer Pat Boone, National Spokesman for the 60 Plus Association, announced today that Georgia’s Ninth District Republican candidate Andrew Clyde has earned the Association’s Guardian of Seniors’ Rights award. Clyde won the GOP primary to take the seat of Rep. Doug Collins who is running for the U.S. Senate.  

In a statement released by 60 Plus, Boone remarked, “I’m still singing at concerts, but today I’m singing the praises of Andrew Clyde, a strong defender of our beloved Constitution.”

Boone is familiar as a star of music, film, and television with three Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He had 38 Top-Ten hits since his recording career began in the 1950s, and, according to Billboard magazine, holds the record for the most consecutive weeks (220) on the charts by any performer. He and Elvis Presley were the top recording stars in that era. 

On behalf of the American Association of Senior Citizens, 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin and President Saul Anuzis were on hand in the Nation’s Capital to present the award at a Georgia Roundtable event.  

Martin said the Guardian award is given in appreciation to “those who work tirelessly for seniors. Andrew Clyde is a strong supporter of our military and he’s a tax cutter. 60 Plus is a leading advocate for burying the death tax. Benjamin Franklin famously said there were two certainties in life, taxes and death. But now, because of the estate tax there’s a third certainty—taxes after death. This terrible tax is a hindrance to job creation and liberals mislabel our efforts to repeal it as a gift to the rich,” Martin said.

To which Anuzis forcefully added: “Let’s be clear. Repeal is not a break for the rich. Nonsense. The wealthy have finances to create trusts and foundations to protect their assets. It’s farmers, land rich but cash poor, and it’s small businesses who suffer the most, especially first generation, newly-emerging, minority-owned, small family run businesses,” Anuzis concluded.