New 60 Plus Ad Features Voices of Concerned Local Seniors

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Contact:  Tom Kise
September 10, 2010                                                                                  
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PLYMOUTH, IND. – The 60 Plus Association, nationally recognized as the conservative alternative to the liberal AARP, today launched new television and web ads in Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District.  The organization will spend nearly $200,000 in the district on issue ads that spotlight Rep. Joe Donnelly’s record.

“Washington has ignored the voices of Indiana’s seniors,” said Jim Martin, Chairman of 60 Plus.  “Throughout his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Donnelly voted the Democratic Party line rather than adhering to the will of the people.  As a result of his alliance with Pelosi on health care reform, Donnelly cut $500 billion from Medicare, forcing seniors into a one-size-fits-all plan the Greatest Generation doesn’t want.  If given another term, I have no doubt Donnelly will continue to ignore seniors’ voices and be one more vote for Pelosi’s liberal agenda.”

Featuring voices from Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District, the 30-second TV ad will air across the district beginning on September 10.   Local seniors speak out in the ad, explaining Rep. Donnelly’s history of ignoring seniors while serving in the House of Representatives.

A full transcript of the television ad can be found below or a video of the ad can be found by clicking here.


Joe Donnelly betrayed Indiana’s seniors.

Instead of protecting us , he supported Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda.

Donnelly voted for Pelosi’s health care bill, which cuts $500 billion from Medicare.

These cuts will hurt the quality of our care.

We thought Joe Donnelly was looking out for us…

But instead, he ended up voting with Pelosi.

He voted against us – now it’s time for us to vote against him.

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The 60 Plus Association is an 18-year-old nonpartisan organization working for death tax repeal, saving Social Security, affordable prescription drugs, lowering energy costs and other issues featuring a less government, less taxes approach as well as a strict adherence to the Constitution.  60 Plus calls on support from nearly 5.5 million citizen activists.  60 Plus publishes a magazine, SENIOR VOICE, and a Scorecard, bestowing awards on lawmakers of both parties who vote “pro-senior.”   60 Plus has been called, “an increasingly influential senior citizen’s group” and since 1992 “the conservative alternative to the AARP.”